Acupuncture for Acne: An Expert Treatment for Your Skincare

Updated on May 26th, 2020
acupuncture for acne

You are all decked in a gorgeous dress and sassy hairstyle for your evening party. Before leaving for the party, you have a close look in the mirror. You look party-ready except for the face which has acne on the cheeks and which show no signs of vanishing even after trying expensive products to treat it. Moreover, your makeup tricks too failed miserably to hide them, right? Don’t be disheartened! Acupuncture for acne is the need of the hour for you. Now if you are wondering how can acupuncture help acne then continue reading this informative article about acupuncture for acne.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), it’s not just teens that are prone to acne. An increasing number of women in the age group of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and above too are struggling to deal with this skin condition.

50% of adult women and 25% of adult men are affected by adult acne at least once during their adult years. And adult acne can lead to depression and anxiety in them just like the acne does in a teenager.

    1. Types of Acupuncture
    2. How does it work
    3. Acupuncture Points for Acne
    4. Safety Tips
    5. Side Effects

Why is Acupuncture for Hormonal Acne Recommended?

There is always an underlying health complication or an energy imbalance for an acne breakout. Unlike other drugs and cosmetics, acupuncture therapy takes a shot at ushering the body into a decent, less stressed out state, and this is critical in treating skin inflammation and acne.

By focusing on the underlying reason for why the patient is suffering from acne, rather than merely treating it topically, acupuncture can have all the more enduring outcomes, unlike generic drugs and medicines whose effects fade out after some time.

Acupuncture treatment for acne centers around the root of the issue in comparison to the over-the-counter anti-acne drugs. It works by allowing the body to work on mending and discharging any development or stagnation of poisons that make the skin produce acne.

Types of Acupuncture for Acne Therapy

Apart from the basic acupuncture technique involving the insertion of needles, there are two variations in acupuncture therapy.

  • Acupuncture Cupping:

acne facial cupping therapy

The method of cupping is an elective technique for acupuncture for acne that does not include needles. Instead, the acupuncturist will utilize glass mugs to procure suction at specific points of acupuncture on the body. Cupping is possible in two diverse ways. There is “fire cupping” where a cotton ball on fire is embedded into the glass to absorb and eliminate the oxygen and create a vacuum.

The glass mug is immediately put against the acupuncture point where it will make suction and suck the skin upward and into the glass cup or mug. This suction builds the blood flow, slackens the fascia, and evacuates sogginess and heat on the surface.

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  • Electroacupuncture:

Electroacupuncture is fundamentally the same as conventional acupuncture therapy. Both the methods involve the use of needles, and similar acupuncture points are invigorated. Here lies the distinction. After the needles are embedded a gadget joins them with the help of little clasps and an electric pulse is administered. Needles are put in sets to make the electric pulse flow smoothly from one needle to the next. This electrical pulse can proceed for half an hour.

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How does Acupuncture Cure Acne

acupuncture remedy for acne

Acupuncture therapy is remarkable for the treatment of acne breakouts. In a randomized-regulated research survey in the Beijing Daxing Hospital, it got resolved that acupuncture produces noteworthy results for skin breakout in patients. Acupuncture therapy showed a 94.17% treatment viability rate for patients with acne which is vast as compared to the results of the patients subjected to conventional drug therapy(1).

Research from the Beijing Daxing Hospital records that acupuncture therapy for acne treatment trumps regular medication for the inhibition of acne vulgaris.

Acupuncture for acne scars and acne not only directs the meridian framework but works to cure acne of the root. When the needles get applied on the skin, the action of the follicle at that point of the skin can likewise get controlled. The follicle produces less sebum and oil, and the acne consequently disappears.

Acupuncture Points for Acne

acupuncture treatment for acne

The treatment convention of acupuncture is as per the following protocol. The patient is made to rest in a parallel position. A use-and-throw acupuncture needle of 1– 1.5 inches gets inserted to each acupoint(2). The acupuncturist will purify every acupoint locality on the skin with 75% concentration of ethanol.

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The needle maintenance time is about half an hour for every acupuncture therapy session for acne. One course is conducted in every alternate day until ten sessions of treatment are complete. Some of the essential points of face acupuncture include the following:

  • LI11 (Quchi)

It is in the large intestinal part of the Yang Ming meridian. The Yang-ming meridian contains more blood and qi as compared to the different meridians. In this way, stimulation of the LI11 (Quchi) disperses wind and warm energy which results in the decline of acne breakouts.

  • LI4 (Hegu)

It has a place with the digestive organ meridian and is an acupoint of the Yuan zone. Upon stimulation of this point through acupuncture for treating acne, the heat energy expels, and manages the lung Qi. The large intestinal meridian interfaces with the meridian of the lung, so utilizing the decreasing regulation methods on LI4 (HeGu) evacuates heat energy from the lungs that flow through the blood to reach the facial skin and cause acne.

  • ST25 (Tianshu)

It is in the stomach foot region of the meridian of the Yang-ming. It is likewise a Mu acupoint of the large intestines. Acupuncturing this point lessens the amount of heat in the lungs and intestinal region. The SP10 point or the Xuehai can aid in cleansing the system of the temperature and toxicity. The CV6 acupoint or the Qihai, which indeed implies the ocean of qi, is for the tonification control for the stimulation of the blood and qi (3).

  • LR3 (Taichong)

It is in the meridian of the liver and is an acupoint of the Shu zone as well as of the Yuan zone. Subsequently, the acupoint contains plenty of blood and qi. When lessening control technique is applied to the point, the heat energy in the liver gets substantially diminished. At the end when there is no excess of warmth in the liver and lungs, the acne breakout heals completely.

  • ST (Foot Yang Ming)

The meridian of the foot Yangming stomach goes across the face. The application of the acupuncture needles in this part of the skin can initiate blood and qi. This stimulation helps the skin to get rid of toxins, warmth, and unhealthy moisture.

When Can You See Results from Acupuncture Treatment for Acne?

The acupuncture results for acne relies upon the kind of acne. Acne breakout is generally an outer indication of an imbalance inside, and an exhaustive appraisal of the cause that is causing the acne. It occurs in the phase of Initial Consultation.

When utilizing acupuncture and acne scars, the results are frequent. The patients report positive changes in acne within about 1 – 2 weeks. The inflammation of the skin gets diminished, and recurrence of acne breakouts is rare. The patient acquires clear skin within a month or two. Everybody reacts distinctively to medicines and the healing time may change from patient to another.

Safety Tips to be Considered When Having Acupuncture for Acne

  • Due to the slight danger of bleeding, patients with bleeding issues, for example, hemophilia, or individuals on blood clotting medication or anticoagulants, will most likely be unable to have acupuncture for hormonal acne therapy.
  • If the patient has a bleeding disorder or is taking anticoagulants, talk with your specialist before opting for acupuncture for curing acne scars.
  • Acupuncture for acne scars is additionally not recommended if the patient suffers from metal hypersensitivity or has an infection at or near the acupuncture points on the face
  • Before treatment, your acupuncture specialist needs to note down every information about any fundamental conditions you have or medications you are taking, as these may influence the acupuncture treatment.
  • Acupuncture is usually safe for pregnant women. Notwithstanding, you should inform your acupuncturist in regarding whether you are pregnant because specific acupuncture therapy cannot be utilized securely during the pregnancy period.

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Possible Side Effects of the Therapy of Acupuncture for Acne Scars and Acne

Acupuncture therapy is perfectly safe and painless when a certified acupuncturist directs it. The mild and short-term risks and side effects of acupuncture include the following.

  • Pain and bruising at the points where the needles enter the skin
  • Bleeding or wounding where the needles cut the skin
  • Exhaustion and sleepiness
  • Feeling sick and faint
  • Feeling lightheaded or having a sudden blackout
  • The appearance of more acne

Genuine inconveniences from treatment, for example, contamination or harm to tissue, are almost negligible. They typically happen as the aftereffect of bad or quack practice at the hands of illegitimate acupuncturists.

Acupuncture has been in use since ancient times. The logical reasons as to why it is so useful like enhancing the blood circulation which solves the health issue from the root cause. In spite of everything, acupuncture therapy is worth a shot for the elimination of acne. Merely ensure that you visit an authorized acupuncturist who is an expert in his profession. So ditch the toxic chemicals and drugs and embrace the holistic benefits of acupuncture for acne.

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