Ease Your Bowels by Practicing Acupressure for Constipation

Updated on December 13th, 2019
Acupressure for Constipation

Constipation may not be a significant health issue for many people, but the ones who suffer from constipation understand how complicated this problem is. Constipation does not allow you to lead a normal life wherein you can eat and enjoy whatever way you wish. Instead, in the case of constipation, one is continuously bothered about what to have and when to have.

Acupressure is a natural way of finding a solution to your major/minor health issues. Similarly, acupressure also helps you to relieve constipation faster and naturally without any side effects.

The acupressure points used in treating constipation stimulates the aspects related to the stomach and digestive system directly. By stimulating these pressure points, one directly targets the digestion system and thus helps in relieving constipation issues.

Acupressure is an efficient and cheaper substitute in comparison to expensive medical consultation and medications used across the world. On average, Americans spend over $725 million on laxatives that help them fight the problem of constipation. There are about 104 million visits paid to the doctors every year to consult about the issue of constipation, which costs around $10,816,000,000 each year.

    1. How Does Acupressure Work
    2. Acupressure Points for Constipation
    3. Acupressure Points for Digestion
    4. Beginners Guide

What is Acupressure and can it Help You Relieve Constipation?

Acupressure Point at Hand

Acupressure(1) is based on the belief that life energy is dependent on the meridians. Any obstructions caused in this can be treated through acupoints. When these acupoints are stimulated by pressurizing them, it releases the obstacles in the way which affect the smooth functioning of the body.

The most relevant pressure points for constipation in our body are elbow point, hand valley point, stomach point and below kneecap point. Since constipation is a problem related to an irregular bowel movement, usually thrice a day, when the pressure points are pressurized in acupressure, it regulates the bowel movement and helps in removing obstructions.

Along with this it also helps in cases like abdominal pain, bloating and gas. It has often been noticed that people who suffer from constipation also suffer from bloating and gas. However, acupressure helps you fight all such issues.

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How Does Acupressure Function and Believe Constipation?

Acupressure targets the body parts directly related to a bowel movement. Identifying the relevant points is essential. Acupressure points for constipation can be initially practiced under an expert and once you do that you can easily practice it at home.

The relevant points are to be pressurized twice a day for ten minutes each. Regular practice of acupressure may give you long term health benefits.

There are different techniques used for applying pressure like rubbing, pinching, etc. One can apply pressure through knuckles, fingers or hands. When the pressure is applied, it must be practiced to a point when mild pain is felt in the pressed areas.

However, if the pain is extreme, you must immediately stop. It is a safe option to use acupressure instead of any medication as it does not have any side effects.

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Benefits of Using Acupressure for Constipation Relief


Acupressure gives some excellent benefits when practiced regularly. If you are someone who has tried various medications for constipation but got no relief, acupressure may surely help. It is very economical and beneficial as compared to the other methods used in relieving constipation(2).

For fast and effective healing try acupressure on relevant body parts. This will stimulate the targeted area and effectively heal the problem of constipation. The stimulations will regulate the digestive system and improve the entire process of digestion.

By applying the pressure on acupressure points in the body, the excess heat in the body is removed. This helps in regulating the body functioning and making the digestive system smoother and better.

As per your requirement, knuckles, thumbs or fingers may relieve the knots formed in your body due to internal/external pressure. On targeting these points, they release the tension and ease the entire system.

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What are the Various Beneficial Acupressure Points for Constipation?

The four main points to regulate digestive systems and stomach. Let us discuss them in brief:

1. Elbow Point:

Elbow point is the essential acupressure point for constipation and first acupressure point. For this, you need to fold your hands from the elbow point. Hold the upper side of your elbow curve. Once you get into that position, put pressure towards the internal team. You may use your thumb to put pressure daily. This acupressure not just helps in constipation but also helps cure fever and other stomach related issues.

2. Hand Valley Point:

Acupressure Hand Point

Hand valley is the area between your thumb and the index finger on your hand. This hand valley area is the next acupressure point for you for constipation. Press the hand valley with your other hand, use the thumb to apply firm pressure. Keep holding/repeating this until you feel mild pain in your hand.

3. Stomach Point:

The stomach point is the third major point in your body which helps in acupressure for constipation. The accurate pressure point on your stomach is right beneath your navel. You may easily spot this and apply pressure in this area with your fingers. The burden should not be too extreme. It has to be mild. Repeating this every day will give you relief from constipation. It will also help you in case of gas/bloating issues.

The CV6 or Sea of Qi is located three finger distance beneath the navel. Press on that point up to one centimeter, not more than that. As you press, from the other hand attempt to peel something. Maintain this position for 20 seconds, breath normally and keep your eyes closed.

4. Below Kneecap Point:

This point is located approximately 3-4 centimeters below the knee. At this point, you will feel your muscles flex with the movement in your leg. Rub this area with your palm.  This point is also known as St36 or stomach 36 points. It helps in intestinal and stomach disorders strengthen the body and ease digestion. It is also helpful in case of depression, nervousness, and asthma.

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What are the Acupressure Points for Digestion?

Digestion is a common problem in people today. Because of unhealthy food habits and inactive lifestyle, many people are suffering from the problem of indigestion. Acupressure for digestion plays an essential role in relieving stomach related issues. Let us look at some of the points which help in digestion:

1. St36 or Stomach 36:

Acupressure Knee Point

This is the point 3-4 centimeters below the knee point. To locate it better, slightly bend your knees and feel the muscle flex below the knee. You may rub this area with the palm of your hand or with your fingers. Rub this area every day to beat the problem of indigestion and make your immune system better.

2. REN 12:

Ren is also called the “middle cavity.” It is the point at your stomach where all the ribs gather together. This point is the central point where the energy of your stomach gathers. This is an essential point of acupressure if you intend to have relief from the problem of digestion. It also helps when one is suffering from a lack of appetite.

3. ST 25 or Stomach 25:

This point is also known as heaven’s pivot and its where all the large intestine gathers. It is located almost three fingers away from the bellybutton point. It helps in relieving in case of all sorts of intestinal dysfunction.

The acupressure points mentioned above can be soothed with essential oils too. Massaging the oil regularly will provide long term benefits and freedom from digestive problems.

Beginners Guide for Acupressure

There is no doubt that acupressure does have many benefits to its credits. At the same time, we must be cautious of the fact that if the acupressure is not performed correctly, it will cause damage to your body. It may be physical or internal damage.

Let us look at some point every beginner should consider while practicing acupressure:

  • Pressure should be gradual and slow.
  • If you are a beginner, do not press for more than two minutes at one point.
  • Pressure should be avoided at the wounded.
  • Be sure you have taken medical advice for acupressure.
  • Breath slowly and deep
  • Make sure you advance in the practice step-by-step.

To sum up, acupressure has innumerable benefits to its credits. While finding a cure for one problem you may also provide a solution to the other health issues. Constipation, indigestion, bloating and gas are very common, but at the same time, these issues are hardly eradicated by any medication.

There are mostly short-term solutions to these problems. With regular practice of acupressure along with some degree of diet, control would help and benefit a lot. It is an economical and safe substitute for expensive medical consultations and medications for constipation. Acupressure would benefit you in case of indigestion and other health issues too.

Moreover, as you learn the technique and points properly and start making use of this knowledge; this practice makes you self-reliant. It makes you the master of your health. The most important thing is that proper technique and points must be known.

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