Can Vitamins Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Updated on November 22nd, 2019
vitamins for ed

Nowadays, often, people have erectile dysfunction that makes them and their partner unhappy during sexual intercourse, and their sex life also gets disturbed. Medications such as sildenafil or Viagra and vardenafil or Levitra, Staxyn are often prescribed to those who are suffering from this problem.

But many times, people also tend to have some herbal supplement, and researchers think that it is something that you should not do because these supplements have not proven to be fruitful in any clinical research.

Instead, doctors or the experts recommend you to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet because they believe that balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and Vitamins for ED, actually helps you to quickly get rid of this problem without the use of any herbal supplement or medicine.

Vitamins for ED

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1. Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is an essential Vitamin for ED because it helps in the production of nitric oxide. In one of the researches, it has been proved that the men suffering from severe to medium erectile dysfunction have folic acid or Vitamin B12 deficiency. Thus, they were given a Vitamin B12 supplement for erectile dysfunction, which helps them to recover from this condition.

Foods that contain Vitamin B12 and that you can have for Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Well, often healthy foods turn out to be those that we hate to eat but here such is not the case.

Foods such as leafy green vegetables, orange, cereals, bread, grains, rice, beans, and pasta are the foods those reach in Vitamin B12, and most of the time they are quite tasty, so you do not have any problem having it.

However, even though you know that clinically it has been proven that Vitamin B12 for Erectile Dysfunction(1) is quite helpful, it is always better to consult a physician or your family doctor or an expert before you start having Vitamin B12 supplements.

We recommend you to go for foods rich in Vitamin B12 because in that you will get all the other nutrients along with Vitamin B12 and at the same time you will also be saved from the side effects those are associated with the supplements.

2. Vitamin D


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 40% of the adult Americans have erectile dysfunction because of Vitamin D deficiency. However, the brighter side of this particular fact is that Vitamin D deficiency could be cured with moderate exposure to sunlight, with some dietary and lifestyle changes and also with the help of the Vitamin supplements that you can have but after consulting your physician.

Adults should have around 800 international units (IU) of Vitamin D to get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction. It has been clinically proven that Vitamin D deficiency could help in combating erectile dysfunction. However, there is a warning that you should have in your mind, and that is you should have less than 4000 IU Vitamin D intake daily, else it will affect your body.

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3. Vitamin C

vitamin c benefits

Vitamin C is regarded as suitable for treating erectile dysfunction because it increases the blood flow. The lack of blood flow often results in erectile dysfunction; hence; deficiency of Vitamin C causes this problem.

However, you should remember that our body cannot store Vitamin C. Accordingly, this you need always to eat foods rich in Vitamin C. Experts, however, opine that one should take both Vitamin C and E for ED.

Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Well, citrus food is a rich source of Vitamin C, along with several other essential foods and include berries, melons, papaya, pineapple, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach.

4. Vitamin B3

Niacin or Vitamin B3 provides you relief from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Thus, providing you pleasure in your sexual life.

Foods Rich in Vitamin B

The best part of niacin(2) is that you can easily find this particular Vitamin in foods like turkey and avocado and also in peanuts that are yum to eat. However, if you are not very keen towards eating any of these then going for B vitamin complex is a good option. But even then you should remember using the supplement after consulting the physician or the doctor.

5. Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is another crucial Vitamin for improving erectile dysfunction. The deficiency of Vitamin B9 could result in erectile dysfunction.

Foods Rich in Vitamin B9

Drinks such as milk and orange juice and vegetables such as spinach are good for erectile dysfunction and could help you if you are suffering from Vitamin B9 deficiency. You can also have B vitamin supplement in case you have a gap if there is too much of Vitamin B9 deficiency, then going for a blood test followed by doctor’s checkup is advisable.

Everyone wants to have a happy sexual life. So, try having foods that are rich in Vitamins. Instead of opting for supplements if you indulge yourself in eating Vitamin-rich foods, then that will help you a lot, also maintain a healthy lifestyle for a happy sexual life.

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1. What are the Best Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction?

Clinically two Vitamins have proven to be quite helpful for improving the problem of erectile dysfunction, and this includes Vitamin D, and the next essential Vitamin here include, Vitamin B12.

2. What Vitamins are Right for Erectile Dysfunction?

Vitamin D, B12, C, B3, B9 and E are good for erectile dysfunction, and you could have it if you are suffering from this problem.

3. What is the Vitamin B12 Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction?

Vitamin B12 is easily found in the food you eat, but if you are suffering from its deficiency, you should consult your doctors and the dosage that you need to increase the Vitamin B12 level in your body.

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