How Do These Top 5 Supplements Help with Brain Fog ?

Updated on November 13th, 2019
supplements for brain fog

Brain fog is a condition in which one faces difficulty in memorizing and is coupled with problems like concentrating and have a disabled, mental clarity. When you face trouble in thinking or feel a little cloudy, you could be experiencing brain fog.

Brain fog symptoms differ from person to person. People suffering from Brain fog may undergo depression, mild brain issues, poor memory, etc. However, the most common symptoms are a headache, physical and mental fatigue, insomnia, and edema.

The most noticeable sign is Cognitive impairment. Nearly about 80 percent of patients have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Brain fog-related symptoms affect 5 to 7 percent of adults annually. It may occur at any stage of our life, but generally, it starts at teenage.

There is a common symptom of depression called CD. A recent study has confirmed that 85 to 95 percent of people with brain fog had CD symptoms. Out of which near about 39 to 44 percent of them still had CD symptoms even after remission. Development of CD symptoms has a negative impact on the brain. It affects mood and intellect level as well.

A study has revealed that around 70 percent of our body consists of water. Therefore, a lack of water may be an excellent reason for causing a Brain fog.

Best Supplements for Brain fog

1. Curcumin


In the spice turmeric, there is a substance called Curcumin(1). This substance blocks the formation of Brain tumor. It has all the properties of pharmacologic in it. The function of Curcumin is to get through the blood-brain hurdle and deliver advantages result on the brain. This supplement is widely known for its quality as it has excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-microbial activities.

In turmeric, the content of Curcumin is not very high so that the dosage may exceed more than a gram. In a study on the herb, it is confirmed that the usage of 1 gram per day is preferable. Moreover, it is not easy to use the required level through your food. Therefore to gain the full effect of it, you may need to take supplements that consist of a significant amount of it. One can consume it with a fatty meal as it has fat-soluble.

One must take appropriate precautions while consuming the dosages. As Brain fog has specific side effects of some medications, one needs to be careful.

Even though it is an herbal supplement, the dosage of 500-200 mg per day can be useful. However, many studies use doses of 500-2000 mg per day, mostly in the form of an extract with a Curcumin concentration.

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2. Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps in the functioning of brain development and the formation of neurotransmitters. Researchers recommend this Vitamin B12 for the creation of red blood cells. In the operation of the body, B complex Vitamins are beneficial. This supplement aids our system to bring up the energy from the red blood cells.

Vitamin B1 is quite suitable for neuropathy and is considered as a therapeutic agent, whereas Vitamin B2 assists in converting food into energy. Vitamin B3 contributes to channelizing the function of other B Vitamins. Vitamin B4 inculcates the digestive system and healthy skin.

These Vitamins for brain fog can bring desired results for mental and emotional well-being. So the variety of foods that contain Vitamin B include:

  • Whole grains
  • Yogurt
  • Protein food
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Seafood
  • Milk
  • Lentils

However, the consumption of this supplement is of great significance. But, the high dosage can bring the worst results. If the Brain fog is severe, get a blood test, and consume the supplements as per the level of deficiency.

However, the type of deficiency matters in Vitamin B. It is necessary to consume the same kind of Vitamin, which is lacking in the body. For example, if the cause of Brain fog is B3 deficiency, you must intake the supplements of B3 Vitamin only. As the other may have reverse results.

3. Vitamin D

vitamin D Benefits

A report of meta-analysis and review reflects that deficiency in Vitamin D levels is connected with decreased cognitive function and symptoms of Brain Fog(2). Vitamin D for brain fog protects mental health in several ways:

  • Helps to regulate the immune system
  • Assists in regulating calcium levels
  • Enhances nerve conduction
  • Helps to get rid of toxins
  • Provides antioxidant
  • Reduces the risk of brain diseases

Vitamin D plays a significant role in mental health. Recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-control trials have confirmed this fact. As recommended earlier, a blood test is a must, to know the level of deficiency of Vitamin D.

You must be cautious before consuming this supplement as the deficiency of Vitamin D varies from person to person. If the condition of Brain fog is severe, you must consult a health expert before consuming any medication or supplements.

More than 40 ml of Vitamin D per day can be sufficient to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment. To attain effective results, most of the adults need to consume at least 2000 to 5000 units of cholecalciferol ( Vitamin D3) per day.

4. Bacopa

This supplement is also called as Andri and Bacopa Monniera. It is a lime green plant which can assist in counteracting Brain fog. It helps in curing brain fog as it is an Ayurvedic Adaptogenic Herb. Bacopa is suggested as a “mind tonic,” which delivers excellent results for mental health. As it helps to reduce anxiety, lowers stress levels, inculcates mental energy, and boosts intellect. It is also said to be an effective tonic for nerves. The supplements of Bacopa help in a strong memory and reduce the levels of anxiety.

However, one needs to be cautious in consuming this supplement. Before starting this supplement, one must consult a health expert. Even in case of switching to another supplement, one must consult a doctor or health advisor.

A study found out that the usage of 30mg didn’t work well. Apart from this, Bacopa extract contains 20 percent bacosides that is A and B. The researchers recommend the dosage of 200-450 mg per day. This dosage is ideal for adults but should not exceed its limit of 200-450 mg.

5. Omega 3s

omega 3 rich food
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In fish oil, there are Omega 3 fatty acids, which are quite essential for brain functioning and its development. It assists in the circulation as well.

Again the advice of health experts is a must in case of severe condition of brain fog. Many health organizations have given their suggestions about its dosage. Their opinions also vary as per the situation. So, consume this supplement with caution.

The dosage of omega-3 may be at least 250-500 mg per day. This supplement consists of EPA and DHA. In many cases of brain fog condition, one can increase the amount as per the deficiency of this supplement. However, specific doses of it cannot be determined as it varies from person to person.

For women, 1100 mg and for men 1600 mg oh Omega 3 is recommended (unless you are consuming 224 mg) of oily fish. However, researchers say that when you consume the suggested dosage of Omega-3, it is essential to check the quantity of both EPA and DHA  in Omega 3.

The usage of supplements, as mentioned above, can be a great help. It certainly helps to get relief from the condition of brain fog. Every supplement has a unique feature. Heath experts or health care organizations have also recommended them. We must always keep in mind that every mental health varies from person to person.

However, consuming balanced food with these supplements is essential. A food journal must be maintained to keep your mind healthy.


1. What Are the Top Supplements for Brain Fog?

Several nutritional supplements assist in boosting brain functioning. They are:

  • Gingko Biloba – It helps in improving the pace of brain. Also aids in the circulation of the mind and protects from neurological diseases.
  • Acetyl-carnitine – It is a useful supplement, which improves memory, mood, and learning.
  • Rosemary –  Sniffing this supplement is the best remedy for Brain fog. The fragrance promotes intellect and mood.

2. How Is Bacopa Helpful in Treating Brain Fog?

The traditional Ayurvedic experts have suggested the use of Bacopa for curing Brain fog, which is a lime green plant. It assists in the functioning of blood circulation, soothes the nerves, boosts mind, improves memory and mood, reduces stress levels, enhances learning, helps in concentration, and provides relief to neurological disorders.

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