Heard About Reiki? Here Are The Benefits That Will Drive You Towards It

Updated on April 16th, 2020
reiki benefits

Reiki is a technique that originated in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 20th Century. Reiki therapy requires a practitioner who is trained to perform Reiki benefits to help others cope smoothly with health conditions that otherwise would impact their regular lifestyle. 

It brings the best out in everybody and has many positive benefits in the well-being of the body. The research studies show effective results. Reiki is an additional therapy and must not be treated as a primary health plan for any disease.

Facts about Reiki

  • Dr. Mikao Usui underwent his training course for 21 days in Mount Kurama that changed his life forever, and Reiki was discovered.
  • Reiki is a healing therapy that focuses on releasing the energies which allow the body to heal.
  • Reiki involves holding the palms together. This allows the energy or heat to pass through them.
  • Reiki implies attunement, which signifies offering or spiritual blessing.
  • Reiki treatment is for free; however, reiki training is chargeable.

Reiki, a method for alternate healing, helps in treating various ailments. The practitioners, through certain symbols, improve energy flow that enables relaxation of the body, reduce pain, and speed the healing process.

Health Benefits of Reiki

1. Reiki for Pain Management

Reiki reduces the symptoms of pain and anxiety caused by incidents in daily life.

A few trials that have been conducted on Reiki healing have stated that practicing Reiki as an alternate mode of treatment helps to reduce pain, fatigue, and anxiety

A study was conducted in 20115 on a patient who had cancer. The participants were given a 30-minute session for five days. It was revealed that people who were given distant Reiki while undergoing chemotherapy suffered from lesser pain and fatigue. Their levels of anxiety were also deficient compared to the ones who didn’t receive Reiki. 

Another study in 2018 was conducted to compare the physiotherapy and Reiki for lower back pain for people suffering from herniated disks(1). While both helped in lowering symptoms, Reiki was faster in providing relief and more cost-effective.

2. Treats Depression


Reiki can treat depression without any side-effects like anti-depressants.

Listening to reiki meditation music while healing as an alternate method of treatment for depression helps in improving their overall symptoms, mood, and well-being. It also calms your mind and makes you feel more relaxed.

3. Gives a Better Quality of Life

Reiki helps in achieving a better quality of life as it primarily improves your well being.

A research conducted in 2016 over a small group where reiki treatment  helped improve the quality of life in those who have cancer. The group receiving reiki energy had better sleep patterns, more self-confidence, and reduced levels of depression. They had a better sense of inner peace, calm, and relaxation.

4. Relieves Anxiety and Fatigue

It improves your mood. It relieves anxiety and tiredness of the body. According to a study, people who practiced Reiki or resorted to Reiki as a method of treatment felt better than those who didn’t participate in Reiki.

5. Helps Maintain Harmony and Balance

It works by restoring balance in all levels and focuses on the problem rather than just by relieving its symptoms. Balance here means emotional and mental balance, the right and left brain, negative or positive, etc.

6. Helps Boost Mood

Boost Your Mood

Reiki focuses on training the mind and body to shift into a self-healing mode or parasympathetic nervous system(2).

It helps to sleep better and improves the digestive system as well. Reiki keeps your body in this space and keeps you more active and productive without being more burnt out, stressed, and exhausted.

7. Cures Insomnia

Practicing Reiki or listening to Reiki healing music before bedtime helps promote a better quality of sleep. The most significant outcome of Reiki is it relaxes you. When the body is relaxed, it improves the quality of sleep too. It helps you sleep better, think more carefully, and allows the body to heal.

Often the participants in a Reiki session enter a state of deep relaxation that helps in getting deep sleep as well.

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What Happens During a Reiki Session?

  • You can attend a Reiki session by going to a Reiki practitioner or indulge in a self-practice if you are trained.
  • Distance Reiki also can be performed, which requires the healer to know the name and birth details of the person receiving it.

A session usually lasts from 20-90 minutes. The practitioner will guide you about how the therapy proceeds, and the number of sessions required. You are required to explain the symptoms for which you have resorted to Reiki therapy.

You may be required to lay down wherein the practitioner will move the hand around and above your body.

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Any Risks involved?

If conventional care for a disease is replaced by Reiki, you may suffer more from the existing disease. Thus, consult a physician before substituting with reiki.

There are no risks, but some may experience anxiety, giddiness, and fatigue.


  • Wear loose-fitting clothes during a Reiki session.
  • If you have benefitted from Reiki, you can also learn to give Reiki but only by undergoing training under a Reiki Master.
  • Be calm during the treatment and don’t attach meaning to visualizations of color, pictures, or memories if they appear.
  • Always undergo treatment under a certified reiki practitioner for better healing.


1. How Long Do the Reiki Benefits Last?

It differs for every individual. It also depends upon what you require it for and the amount of healing needed. For some, it may even last up to a month. For those undergoing depression or agonizing pain, you may require several sessions.

2. Can I Give Reiki to Myself?

Yes, you can! Reiki for beginners requires training under a Reiki Master to learn the techniques and methods of performing Reiki.

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