Proven Benefits of Quinoa for Weight Loss

Updated on March 4th, 2020
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  • In weight loss, nearly 85% percent of the fat that is lost will turn into carbon dioxide and leave the body through the lungs
  • Did you know that technically, quinoa is not a grain? In fact, it is a protein-rich seed comes from a vegetable that belongs to a family of Swiss chard, spinach, and beets?

Easy to Make Recipes Using Quinoa That Help Help Shed Those Extra Pounds, Quickly!

Why is quinoa for weight loss good? Quinoa has gained much popularity for being healthy food and serves as one of the best alternatives for rice. Due to its healthy properties, many restaurants have also started serving quinoa. This superfood enjoys a dense nutrient profile as it is highly rich in protein, potassium, monounsaturated fats, phosphorus, zinc, copper, B6, vitamin E, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, iron and many other minerals that make quinoa for weight loss a useful food grain(1). This healthy food grain does not only help in losing weight but also is helpful to improve the health of your heart and digestion. This food grain is gluten-free, which makes it ideal for boosting one’s health. This is the reason doctors highly advise quinoa for breakfast or other meals instead of grain that is rich in carbohydrates(2).

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How to Use Quinoa for Weight Loss?

As healthy as it can get, quinoa has a rich nutrient profile which makes it practical for weight loss. This super grain is packed with several essential amino acids that help boost one’s health. We often tend to consider dietary foods as tasteless. However, quinoa is one of the healthiest diet foods that can be cooked deliciously, and that is the reason it enjoys a great fan following. One of the best quinoa recipes for weight loss is Quinoa Risotto with Mushrooms which is sure to make you lick their fingers. This is the best quinoa for weight loss.

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Quinoa Risotto with Mushrooms

Quinoa for Weightloss
Image: ShutterStock

Ingredients :

  • Quinoa 1 cup
  • Oil 2 tablespoon
  • Garlic paste 1 teaspoon
  • Wild mushrooms 4 pieces
  • Chopped thyme 1 teaspoon
  • Finely chopped Parsley 1 teaspoon
  • Water as per need
  • Finely chopped onion 3 tablespoon
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste

Now you are just a few steps away from the delicious recipe which helps you cut your belly fat.

How To Prepare:

  • On a high medium flame bring salted water to a nice boil and add quinoa
  • Boil quinoa until it is tender and the water reduces
  • In a pan add oil and fry onions until translucent
  • Add the garlic paste and fry for two minutes
  • Now add the mushrooms cut into small pieces
  • Sauté the mushrooms until they are cooked
  • Now add quinoa to the pan and mix thoroughly
  • At this stage, add thyme, parsley, salt, and black pepper
  • Cover the pan for two minutes, and here it is ready to be served

Another mouth-watering recipe that can be prepared within no time is Mandarin Quinoa Salad.

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Mandarin Quinoa Salad.

Mandarin Quinoa Salad.
Image: Shutterstock


  • Quinoa 1 cup
  • Mandarin orange Juice- 1 cup
  • Cup dried cranberries – ½   cup
  • Sunflower seeds – ½ cup
  • Honey – 2 tbsp
  • Virgin oil – 2 tbsps

How To Prepare:

  • Bring water to boil on a high flame and add a pinch of salt
  • Add ½ cup of quinoa to the boiling water and cook until tender
  • Take 1 cup of  liquid out of the mandarin oranges by draining them
  • Now add the boiled quinoa, mandarin oranges, ½ cup dried cranberries, and ½ cup sunflower seeds
  • Now gently toss the salad
  • To prepare the dressing for your salad, add mandarin orange as per your taste, add 2 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of virgin oil
  • Now pour the dressing over salad and toss it gently. Do not over mix
  • Keep the salad for one hour in the refrigerator before serving. Serve it cold!

Though quinoa is a protein-rich, gluten-free, and quite healthy food, some people are saponin allergic, which is a kind of quinoa intolerance. Therefore, it is always advisable to consume quinoa or make it a part of your daily life after doctor’s advice.

Quinoa is a superfood grain(3) which helps a great deal in cutting the belly fat. Many people are switching to this gluten-free and nutrient-rich grain to help lose weight. Being a weight-loss food, quinoa is anything but distasteful! It can be cooked deliciously and therefore, is liked by many people. Several restaurants have also started serving quinoa dishes.


1. Is Quinoa Good for Weight Loss?

Quinoa has gained wide popularity as the “weight-loss food” grain due to its high nutrient profile. This superfood grain is rich in several minerals, including protein, magnesium, zinc, B6, vitamin E, etc. This makes this food grain a healthy choice for people who wish to lose weight.

2. How to Use Quinoa for Weight Loss?

There are a number of delicious ways in which quinoa can be consumed daily. Recipes are given to cook this grain deliciously. Be it a burger or risotto quinoa tastes delicious after cooking.

3. Can a Person Be Quinoa Intolerant?

Yes, some people report allergy after consuming quinoa. This is the saponin allergy which is the intolerance of quinoa. Under such cases, consult a doctor before consuming quinoa.

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