6 Prune Juice Benefits and Its Importance for Your Health

Updated on January 22nd, 2019
health benefits of prune Juice

The thick and dark prune juice is a great drink to stay hydrated and boost your health. Well, this super-delicious juice when added to your diet can give you some significant results. From combating constipation to preventing liver diseases, protecting your heart and improving blood circulation, there are numerous reasons as to why to why nutritionists recommend this juice. Add on the sweet flavor with slight tartness will leave a tangy taste satiating your tongue. Learn about the numerous prune juice benefits and make it your staple.

What is Prune Juice?

Prune juice is derived from prunes or dried plums. These have all the nutrients present in fresh plums along with an increased amount of sorbitol, an active ingredient and have a longer shelf life.

Prune Juice Nutrition

Prune juice is rich in a variety of nutrients. It is an antioxidant powerhouse and contains numerous minerals and vitamins that are essential to your body. It is rich in Vitamins A, K, C, and E along with Vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folate. The minerals found in the juice include sodium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Further, it has a high amount of fiber and does not cholesterol or fatty acids.

Thus, it is great for your overall health. Add to it, the juice serves as an excellent source of energy. 100 g of Prune juice provides you with 71kcal.

Prune Juice Calories

Prunes have higher calories concentration. One dried plum usually contains around 23 calories, and 100 grams of prune juice can provide you with 71 calories. Thus, one should consume it in moderation. It should be taken once in the breakfast and not much otherwise it can lead to an increase in your overall calorie intake for the day. Those trying to lose weight must not include it in their diet as it may increase their calorie consumption.

Health Benefits of Prune Juice

There are plenty of prune juice benefits that one should be aware of. It is a unique and healthy fruit that can help you in maintaining a healthy body through regular its consumption. The most important benefits that prune juice provides is active bowel movement and at the same time reduction in overall cholesterol level. It contains potassium, which is quite healthy for the body in various ways. Through regular consumption of Prune juice, pregnancy constipation can get reduced.

The multiple benefits of prune juice are as follows:

1. Prune juice is good for skin

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Prune juice benefits are enormous. It contains high fiber and various vitamins as well as minerals that are essential for skin growth. It is also free from any harmful ingredients. Due to today’s changing unhealthy lifestyle acne and pimples have become the most common problems for the current generation.

Prune juice has colon cleansing properties and is very helpful in reducing these skin problems to a great extent. It is a must add in for your daily diet. Its consumption on a regular basis has various sorts of benefits in the longer run.

2. Prune juice benefits to prevent aging

Prune juice is an excellent source of antioxidants. It contains various kinds of minerals as well as vitamins, that helps in preventing the signs of aging on the body like wrinkles, fine lines, etc. Thus, it can turn out to be beneficial for your body along with helping you to look younger. Prune juice diet makes you feel fresh and energetic, and you will feel the difference over a period.

3. Prune juice benefits hair growth

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Prune juice is a vibrant source of essential vitamins needed for hair growth and development. These ingredients present in prune juice benefits and effectively strengthen hair follicles and help in preventing breakage or damage of hairs.

4. Prune juice prevents constipation

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A fast-paced and junky lifestyle is leading to higher consumption of junk foods. It leads to constipation and indigestion within the body. Prune juice benefits the bowel movement as it contains a lot of fiber which helps in effectively digesting the food.

Fiber provides a kind of bulk to the waste material, and thus it becomes easier for stool to pass effectively. This process helps in effectively relieving constipation. Prune Juice for constipation is consumed worldwide and is quite famous.

5. Prune juice benefits in lowering blood sugar

The soluble fiber that is there in prune juice normalizes the blood sugar levels by reducing the overall rate at which our food leaves the stomach and also absorbing the glucose. These soluble fibers also help in increasing insulin sensitivity and thus ultimately lead to the prevention of diabetes.

6. Prune juice maintains cholesterol balance

The fiber present in prune juice act as food for healthy bacteria and thus allows it to produce propionic acid within the body. It ultimately reduces the activity of various enzymes responsible for increasing the production of cholesterol within the body.

Recipe of Prune Juice

Prune juice is easy to make and can be made at home also. Prune juice for babies can also be beneficial as it contains various vitamins and minerals that are essential for their growth and development. Follow this simple process:

  • Removal of all the pits from prunes
  • Boil some water and then add the same in a container along with prunes. The container shall get filled until prunes are submerged, let the prunes soak the water for around 24 hours
  • Blend the prunes with water till its smooth
  • Push the mixture into a one-liter container with the help of the sieve. All the solid pieces shall get removed as well
  • Put more boiled water in the one-liter container and fill it. Now stir and chill
  • This juice will remain good for about one week in the refrigerator

Prune Juice Side Effects

Prune Juice has various side effects as well that shall be kept in mind. These side effects do not override the benefits of prune juice though. But it shall be kept in mind. These side effects are as follows:

1. Prune juice may cause allergy

Prune juice does not contain histamine. Therefore, there are chances that its regular consumption may cause allergy. In this situation, it is advisable that you consult with a physician.

2. Prune juice is not good for weight loss

Prune juice is high in calories. A 100 gram of prunes consists of around 240 calories. It can harm your dieting plan if you are on a weight loss schedule or thinking to lose weight. Therefore, it shall not be consumed in higher quantity as it can make you fat. So, prune juice in weight loss can be a bad idea.


Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that prune juice benefits have numerous effects for your body and its regular consumption can increase your health as well as well being in an effective manner.

It is helpful in reducing cholesterol level, suitable for sugar patients and pregnant women. The essential benefit includes relief from constipation. It contains side effects as well, but the same is negligible. Organic prune juice can be added to your diet for a better and healthy body over a more extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is prune juice effective during pregnancy constipation?

Yes. Prune juice contains soluble fiber which can help pregnant women in removing constipation from the body. The fiber makes it easier for stool to pass and thus relieving the person from constipation. Prune juice can improve the overall bowel movement of pregnant women,and hence issues like constipation can be removed at the earliest through regular consumption of same in an effective manner.

2. Can prune juice get made at home?

Yes. With a few simple steps, healthy and fresh prune juice can be prepared at home as well. It does not require many efforts as well as money to prepare prune juice. Prunes can be easily made available from the market and can get made at home. Prune juice is much healthier when cooked at home instead of buying the same from the market.

3. Are prunes are good for muscle and bones growth?

Yes. Prunes are a very crucial source of mineral boron that helps in building strong bones as well as muscles. There are studies which suggest that muscle coordination also increases through regular consumption of prunes in the longer run. It fights bone density loss which is caused by radiation. Bone mass also increases and leads to higher growth.

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