Have you ever wondered what the regular green beans that you eat could be a powerhouse of benefits that you never knew? Yes, don’t get surprised, these regular green beans are a package of many benefits. They can cure many problems naturally. Some of these facts and benefits of green beans are listed below which you cannot refuse at any cost.

9 Benefits of Green Beans

  1. Heart
  2. Weight management
  3. Boosting the immune system
  4. Depression
  5. Bone health
  6. Free radical damage
  7. Detoxification
  8. Preventing infections
  9. Maintaining the body fluids

Origin of Green Beans

The origin of the green beans lies in central and southern America. However, there are also evidences that they have got cultivated in Peru and Mexico for thousands of years. Green beans have become an integral part of the diets of most of the people worldwide. They have been included in the diet as a side dish or sometimes as a main dish. However, not all are aware of the benefits of green beans.

Nutritional Facts of Green Beans

One cup of raw green beans contains-

Folate 33 mcg
Vitamin C 12.2 mg
Vitamin A 610 IU
Vitamin k 43 mcg
Thiamin 0.1mg
Niacin 0.7mg
Vitamin e 0.41mg
Calcium 37 mg
Iron 1.03mg
Magnesium 25mg
Phosphorus 38 mg
Potassium 211mg
Zinc 0.24 mg

9 Benefits of Green Beans

You can enjoy the green beans sautéed, blanched or even straight from the can. In any way, they have great nutritional value. Let us have a look at the top 9 benefits of green beans.

1. Benefits of green beans on heart

Heart Health benefits

Benefits of green beans are good for the heart, as they contain zero cholesterol. Though some amount of cholesterol is essential for the body, it is not right in large amounts. Green beans nutrition facts state that there is 4g of fiber in cooked green beans and 2.7 g of fiber in raw green beans. Soluble fiber may help in reducing LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol. Green beans also help in lowering the blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Benefits of green beans on weight management

Exercise Help Lose Weight

Green beans calories stats are also perfect. One cup of raw green beans has only 31 calories. They contain almost no fats and sugar hence making it a sure inclusion in your diet if you are looking for weight loss.

3. Green beans help in boosting the immune system

Protein is essential for a healthy immune system. Green beans are rich in protein. A specified amount of daily intake of protein adds up to the required protein consumption of the body. Though plant proteins are not complete proteins, they can be combined with other foods to make complete proteins and meet up the daily requirement.

4. Green beans aids in depression

The right amount of folate in green beans can help in tackling issues of depression. Folate is responsible for nerve health. Hence, it may be useful in treating depression. One of the ways to include folate is including green beans in the diet.

5. Benefits of green beans for bone health

As benefits of green beans are high on vitamin K, they activate osteocalcin, which is responsible for locking of calcium inside the bone. It strengthens the bones from within.

6. Green beans aid against free radical damage

Green beans are abundant in antioxidants. Anti-oxidants are essential in the prevention of free radical damage. Free radical damage can trigger heart problems and cancers in some cases. The benefits of when included in the diet can help prevent this from happening.

7.  Benefits of green beans in detoxification

Benefits of green beans cause a diuretic effect on the body. Thus, green beans can help in getting rid of the toxins from the body, creating the process of detoxification, which is highly beneficial for the body.

8. Benefits of green beans in preventing infections

Benefits of green beans are rich in vitamins like thiamine and niacin, which are a type of vitamin B. These vitamins can help prevent certain diseases in the body if they are present in adequate amounts.

9. Green beans help in maintaining the body fluids

Green beans are rich in potassium. This nutrient helps in balancing the body fluids and aids in cell production.

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How to use green beans?

Green Beans Recipes

Here are a few green beans recipes to give a twist to the regular methods.

Baked green beans

baked green beans

Crack Green Beans

Blanched Green Beans

Grilled Green Beans

Raw green beans

Freezing Green Beans

Do you enjoy fresh green beans, but can’t have them all year long? Do not worry. We are here to give you an excellent option of freezing green beans so that you can use them for the whole long year. Reap the incredible benefits of green beans in the offseason also.

Precautions and Side Effects While Using Green Beans

There are numerous benefits of green beans. However, there are also some precautions to be considered before consuming these.

Green beans are very popular as a side dish in various cuisines all over the world. They are a great source of multiple nutrients. Benefits of green beans are immense. However, they are lesser-known to people. Though green beans are not amongst the very first foods that come to the mind while planning a meal, including green beans to the diet can provide the body with the much-needed vitamins and minerals. But don’t forget to take necessary precautions while including them in your diet.


1. Are green beans good for weight loss?

Yes, green beans are immensely beneficial in weight loss, as green beans are very low on calories. However, one should not ultimately depend on any one food for weight loss. The diet should be balanced, and hence, green beans are to be combined with other foods to get optimum results.

2. Can one eat raw green beans?

Raw green beans are an incredibly healthy snack, as they are low on calories and very dense in various nutrients. Cooking green beans can rob them of some of the essential nutrients. However, some components like lectins, are not good for the body. And it is better to cook green beans to lower the content of lectin, especially in people with digestive problems.

3. What is the difference between green beans and string beans?

There is no difference between green beans and string beans. They are the same.

Incredible Health Facts And Benefits Of Green Beans | How To Cure

9 Magical Health Benefits of Green Beans

health benefits of green beans

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