Prostate Massage Benefits You Should Be Aware of!

Updated on March 19th, 2020
prostate massage benefits

Prostate massage techniques range across Asian prostate massage categories such as Japanese prostate massage. This therapy focuses on massaging the male prostate for medical or therapeutic benefits.

Conditions in which prostate massage techniques can counter range across erectile dysfunction (ED) and chronic prostatitis. Prostate massage therapy is a useful technique for combating prostate cancer and may help in resolving impotence in men. Let’s find out the benefits, risks, and applications of this therapy.

Why Try Prostate Massage Therapy: Prostate Massage Benefits

Prostate massage clears the prostatic duct. Prostate massage for cancer prevention is just one of the benefits of this therapy. This pipeline or conduit runs between the prostate and the remaining sections of the urinary and reproductive system. It produces spontaneous fluid secretion.

Such a flow helps to clear the duct of fluids and eliminate symptoms experienced. Medical research that has concentrated on the benefits of prostate massage therapy only focuses on small case studies(1). Prostate massage benefits are that the therapy may clear the prostatic duct, and excess fluid reduction can reduce/relieve symptoms.

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Numerous studies have looked at prostate massage benefits, but these have been indecisive(2). However, this type of massage may help men benefit in terms of symptomatic relief:

1. Pain-Causing Ejaculations

Prostate massage benefits health in multiple ways. Prostate massage for premature ejaculation or painful ejaculation is beneficial. Massage therapy can ease fluid blockages in the reproductive system. Such issues can cause discomfort or pain during ejaculation. Massage can end these problems.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is another issue where massage therapy and prostate stimulation can be used to treat the condition. Men can use it along with other ED treatments or even on its own. Mainstream ED treatments range across pumps, implants, and medicines.

3. Flow of Urine

The prostate is adjacent to the urethra or the tube connecting the bladder. As prostate pain and inflammation rise, the prostate can interfere with or cut off the urinary flow. If prostate massage therapy can eliminate swelling, urine flow can improve.

4. Prostatitis

Before antibiotics and specialized treatments, the primary treatment for prostatitis is massage therapy. Medications have become specialized, as doctors understand the conditions which make up the diagnosis.

The prostate is a tiny, minute gland about the size of a golf ball between the penile and the rectum base. It makes the fluid called semen that enables sperm to travel and survive. Prostatitis is an inflammation or a swelling of the prostate gland.

It leads to symptoms like painful peeing and pain around the pelvic region and the groin. A doctor can test the fluid from the organ to see the problem. While NSAIDs and antibiotics are an option, prostate massage therapy can also be used.

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5. Medical Exam

Medical Exam

Sometimes, the doctor may do a prostate massage during a physical examination. The purpose is to get fluid to examine below the microscope and discover signs of problems or infections.

6. Reproductive Health

While ED treatments include pumps, shots, implants, and medicines, lifestyle changes can help in boosting treatment. Pelvic floor exercises or a healthy diet apart, prostate massage benefits reproductive health and sexual wellness.

How to Give a Prostate Massage

A prostate massage is like a DRE or digital rectal exam. Urologists perform DREs to check the prostate for lumps, signs of cancer, infections, prostatitis, or other diseases. During a prostate massage, the doctor or therapist inserts a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum.

Then, they press the prostate gland for several minutes. If the massage is painful, alert the therapist at once. Prostate massage therapy has some amount of discomfort, but no pain.

As prostate massage therapy is not practiced so much in medical circles, finding a licensed or qualified therapist can be hard. Ask your doctor for a recommendation. You can also use the outreach office of the local hospital. Most offices keep certified medical practitioners. Medical insurance may also cover the cost of this treatment if a doctor administers it.

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Risks Linked to Prostate Massage Therapy

Massaging the prostate too hard can increase symptoms, rather than curtailing the issues. Electronic prostate massagers should not be used sans formal training. While the medical community does not support prostate massage, it is generally an excellent complementary therapy along with antibiotics. Those performing prostate massage therapy without formal training can seriously harm sexual health.

Additionally, massaging with too much pressure or vigor can not only increase symptoms but trigger new issues, as well. Electronic prostate massages in the absence of training and instruction from medical professionals can be harmful. Automatic massages marketed as sex toys are also available. But care should be taken regarding the use of such devices.

Thus, prostate gland massage therapy is beneficial for men facing conditions such as ejaculation issues or ED. It can also help with medical conditions like prostatitis or chronic disorders like cancer.

Mostly, this form of therapy is recommended for complementing essential treatment using antibiotics or prescribed medicines. Prostate massage techniques can be a good option for those seeking to diagnose prostate conditions or treat symptoms holistically.

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