Why Include Oat Bran into Your Diet?

Updated on March 12th, 2020
oat bran

As these are rich in crucial vitamins and minerals, Oats are the healthiest grains that you can eat. Which is better among oat bran and wheat bran? No one can deny the health benefits of Oat Bran, which helps in improving healthy bowel function, lowering blood sugar control, and cholesterol. Also, the wheat brain tastes like dry and chaff-like, that’s why Oat Bran is much preferred.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional facts Per one cup (219 grams) of cooked Oat Bran



Magnesium 21%
Fats 2 grams
Protein 7 grams
Carbs 25 grams
Fiber 6 grams

How is It Prepared?

Eating Oat Bran fiber is a great way which helps in increasing the amount of soluble fiber in your diet. There are some efficient ways to prepare Oat Bran.

  • Hot Oat Bran recipes can be churned out by heating two cups of liquid with one cup of whole Oat Bran. The liquid used can be water, milk, or any non-dairy product. It is one of the best morning cereals that you can opt for.
  • You can eat Oat Bran raw sprinkled over yogurt or by adding it to smoothies. You can even add Oat Bran on top of baked goods like cookies, bread before baking them.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Oat Bran

1. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

blood sugar levels
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People suffering from high blood sugar levels are more prone to heart attacks, blindness, and strokes. However, the intake of oat bran helps in controlling the blood sugar level with high efficiency.

It has found that oat bran contains soluble fiber, which is efficient for the proper functioning of our body. That is why; oat bran is a good source for reducing the level of blood sugar in the human body.

2. Supports Healthy Bowels

Constipation(1) has become one of the common issues among many people in today’s time. However, the intake of oat bran helps in supporting healthy bowels. Oat bran contains a high amount of soluble fiber, which helps in softening the stools. According to research, oat bran helps in relieving constipation.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels
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The amount of oat bran nutrition helps in reducing the low-density lipoprotein, that is, LDL. Research says that Oat bran contains the right amount of soluble fiber, which is beneficial for reducing the levels of cholesterol. If you want to maintain your health, then it is mandatory to eat nutritious food. That is why; oat bran is useful for human health.

4. Prevents Diseases

It helps in lowering the risk of diseases efficiently. It is rich in antioxidants and contains polyphenols. It has ample health benefits that lower down radical cell damage. According to research, the efficient consumption of Oat Bran helps in reducing the risk of diabetes by maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

5. Lowers the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

colon cancer

It contains several beneficial properties that help in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. Beta-glucan present in oat bran acts as useful food for healthy gut bacteria.

According to the famous animal studies, SCFAs helps in protecting against bowel cancer by inducing cancer cell death. That is why; oat bran is considered to be the best source of antioxidants(2), which helps in suppressing cancer growth.

6. Promotes Loss in Weight

It helps in suppressing your appetite as it is high in soluble fiber. It helps to feel fuller for a long time due to which you may not find cravings for food. Along with it, research says that oat bran has fewer calories and helps in reducing the level of hunger hormones due to which it is best for those who want to lose weight.

7. Promotes Gut Health

Oat Bran is highly soluble in fiber. It turns into a gel-like substance when dissolved in water. Eating Oat Bran regularly helps in reducing constipation and provides relief from such symptoms as IBS and Crohn’s diseases.

8. Reduces Heart Disease Risk Factors

Heart Diseases 

A nutritional diet is useful for keeping the heart healthier. Oat bran is full of nutrients and soluble fiber due to which it helps in reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other health-related risk factors. Along with it, oat bran promotes the consumption of bad lipoprotein, which helps keep a healthy heart.

9. Helps in High Fat Absorption

Once you intake Oat Bran, then the gel-like substance created by it passes through pancreatic juices. This helps it from getting mixed with fatty acids, elementary chains, amino acids, and glucose. This process not only helps in lowering sugar levels but helps in reducing the calories from the blood.

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Side-Effects of Oat Bran

Though it is safe to eat oat bran in right proportion still it is better to avoid under the following situations:

  • Disorders of the digestive system, including stomach-ache.
  • Difficulty in swallowing or chewing food.
  • During breastfeeding or pregnancy stage.

Take Away

Oat Bran, which is the outer layer of the oat groat, is packed with efficient health benefits. It is rich in high vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Carbs in oat bran help in weight loss and promote a healthy heart. Along with it, oat bran is easy to be included in the diet, which you can add in baked foods, standalone cereal, and many more.

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1. Is Oat Bran gluten-free?

It is not common to find gluten-free Oat Bran. However, you find gluten-free Oat Bran at the nutritional food stores.

2. How oat bran promotes more health than wheat bran?

Wheat bran contains a high amount of insoluble fiber in comparison to oat bran that contains the right amount of soluble fiber.

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