Safe Sex: What You Need to Know About Condom Sizes

Updated on April 30th, 2020
condom size guide

As far as safe sex is concerned, condoms are an essential medical accessory. They protect individuals from undesirable pregnancies and STIs. Using condoms properly ensures the right condom fit.

Condoms remain an excellent method of protection, especially if you’re not too keen on non-hormonal contraceptives. There are many ways that condoms can help you avert the problem. Research very clearly points the way towards the efficacy of condoms.

Condoms are highly effective against STDs like HIV, which causes AIDS. They are also effective against pregnancy, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and other diseases.

Condoms should also be used if the aim is to lower the rate of cervical cancer, an HPV-linked illness. Sexually active individuals should ideally use a condom to protect their lives and health.

Condom Sizing: Know More

A wrong size condom can quickly fail. Free condoms can fall off, and tight ones can break. Condom sizes also impact pleasuring during sex. When it comes to condom size, you need to consider length and girth. Both should be measured when your penis is erect(1).

Successfully measuring your condom size is simply a matter of using these methods. The most effective way to know your condom size is to use a ruler or measuring tape. While other methods are also useful, avoid taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Length: for measuring the distance, use a ruler.

Girth: use a string or measuring tape. For this, measure the thickest part of the penis when erect. Use a combination of a thread and ruler if you don’t have a measuring tape that works well.

Size Calculator: There are condom size calculators that determine the best size for you. Online condom calculators also make it easier. They provide recommendations regarding the best fit.

Condom Size Chart: Use a condom size chart to measure if your size is above average, average, or below average.

  • A below-average penis is within below 4.7 inches in the erect pose. The minimum size for the condoms is around 6.3 inches, generally. So, use condoms without a reservoir tip and pinch half an inch of the condom’s suggestion to create the reservoir.
  • An average erect penis length is around 4.7 to 6.3 inches, and condoms that are regular fit are best for the size.
  • Above-average condoms are required when the erect penis measures between 7.5 to 8.5 inches. It is suitable for penises above average length.

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Other Condom Considerations

1. Material


Many condoms are composed of thin latex. If you and/or your partner are allergic to this, it can be a problem. Other materials condoms are made from include PU, lambskin, and polyisoprene.

Depending on your and your partner’s skin sensitivity, make sure you choose a condom that suits the skin type. After all, you don’t want to develop rashes, injuries or problems in

2. Lubrication

Some condoms come pre-lubricated. There are different types of lubricants, and these produce sensations like heat or cold. Avoid oil lubricants, if you’re using latex condoms(2) as this can trigger breakage.

Choose water-based, silicone lubricants instead. Oil can be a real problem, also because it makes the condom slippery, and this can impact the ease of engaging in intercourse.

3. Thickness, Texture, and Shape

Thinner condoms increase satisfaction from sex. Texturized condoms add to the pleasure. Remember that condom sizes and texture, depth, and shape vary across manufacturers.

Remember that the circumference refers to the distance around the penis, while the width is the diameter. The length is the entire size of the erect penis.

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How to Wear a Condom Correctly


Selecting the right size is irrelevant if you don’t know how to wear the condom correctly. After all, you need to ensure that you don’t face a problem with your partner during intercourse. To provide you don’t meet any issues, here’s what you need to do:

  • Check the expiration date
  • Look out for wear and tear
  • Open the wrapper carefully
  • Place the condom on the erect penis carefully.
  • Push out the air and leave a reservoir.
  • Roll the condom to the penis base, but ensure it is not inside out.
  • If the condom lacks lubrication, apply lube based on water to the condom. Avoid oil-based lubes if the condom breaks easily.
  • After ejaculating, hold the condom base while pulling out.
  • This prevents individual condoms from slipping off.
  • Remove the condom and tie the end knot.

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If the Condom is Big or Small, What Happens?

While wearing the right-sized condom, pregnancy and STIs need to be prevented. Most condoms fit average-sized penises, so if the penis is more significant than 5 inches when erect, a snug condom works fine.

Lengths are often the same across brands, types, girth, and width. A condom is too small in diameter feels tight and can break. A condom too loose around the base or tip can slip off.

Inside Condoms

Inside condoms offer the same protection as outside ones do. They are composed of synthetic latex and pre-lubricated with silicone-based lubes.

Unlike external condoms, inside condoms come in a size that fits most vaginal canals. Condoms can be picked up at most health clinics. They have online availability, too. Condoms can break off with excessive friction and slip off.

Bottom Line

So, choosing the right condom can be nerve-racking, confusing, and bewildering. But it does not have to be this way. A proper fitting condom is a key to actual intercourse, as pregnancy and disease transmission are the essential factors that come into play.

Sex has always been a taboo topic, and it is more so when condom sizes are concerned. Nothing could be more bothersome than shopping for a condom without knowing the right size. So, do choose condoms carefully, because a lot depends on it. Your condom is the essential protection against unwanted pregnancies or STIs.

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