How Minerals Impact Your Immunity

Medically reviewed by Kristina Cole
Medically reviewed by Kristina Cole on April 21, 2020
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Wellness Educator
Updated on April 21st, 2020
minerals on immune system

We’ve been in quarantine for some time now, and the plane has certainly been flooded with information. When our lifeline of communication becomes through virtual media, information overload is going to be a side-effect.

Nowadays, people seem quite angry on social media, and It is believed that it’s a combination of feeling isolated, having no control, and information overload. There is a lot of fear, fear of the virus, job, and business concerns what the “new normal” is going to look like when society begins to reintegrate.

Fear has a terrible impact on our immune system, creating a high cortisol reaction throughout the day and sleepless nights. Oxidative stress is what the medical world calls chronic stress that impacts our hormones, immune system, and the gut microbiome.

The typical western lifestyle leads to chronic stress and health issues that, left unaddressed, lead to chronic health conditions and autoimmune challenges. This pandemic has increased the stress levels tremendously.

What can you do to improve your ability to handle stress and improve your immunity?

The first recommendation is deep breathing. We are a shallow breathing society, and setting a periodic reminder to take some deep breaths helps regulate our stress and lower those cortisol surges.

How Do Vitamins & Minerals Work Together?

Vitamin D3 most closely resembles what we naturally generate in our skin from sun exposure. Vitamin C has been shown to fight viral infections and cancer exceptionally well. Zinc activates our T-cells. Minerals are an integral part of the activation and absorption ability. Unfortunately, it is frequently unaddressed.

Vitamin D is converted in the liver to 25(OH) D3, and it is further converted to calcitriol, the active hormone, by the kidneys. For these conversions to be made, we need adequate magnesium(1). We need bioavailable copper, which means we can actively use the copper in our body, for energy production.

Many of us suffer from hidden copper toxicity, which is either a lack of copper(2) and more often unusable copper in the body.

When we have chronic stress, particularly emotional stress, the body will help numb the emotional pain by pulling calcium from the teeth and bones and depositing in soft tissues, like the brain and joints. This is called a calcium shell, and it makes our ability to absorb and convert nutrients extremely difficult.

That is why some people take a lot of supplements but don’t feel any better, and their blood chemistry results only show minimal improvement.

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Why Mineral Balancing?

Mineral balancing is a crucial way to identify how your vitamins and minerals are interacting together, and where you need support to improve your ability to absorb nutrients and genuinely boost your immunity.

Balanced minerals help the body function optimally, which can lead to hormones leveling out, thyroid function improvement, and better sleep. Your immune system will be available to fight off colds and flu more readily, versus having to work hard every day to keep you functioning. You can learn more about mineral balancing from a short video

Meditation & Movement

Daily movement and incorporating meditation are beneficial ways to release pent up energy and settle emotions. There are a lot of online classes available, both free and low cost. If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of computer exercises that open the chest, feel good, and are essential for posture support. Pilates Anytime(4) has a series of mat exercise classes that improve alignment, concentrate on breathing, and opening up the tight front body developed from sitting.

Insight Timer(5) is my go-to meditation app. They have a free and paid version, along with series you can try, guided meditations, timers, and music. Really something that fits any preference.

In a time when we feel like we have no control, these tips can help you take control of lifestyle choices and improve your immunity and reduce the impact of stress.

About Author:

Kristina Cole

Kristina Cole

Kristina Cole, is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner ( FDN-P ) is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and wellness educator who teaches how to slow down, observe what is happening in our body and how our choices impact how we feel.

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