Levels of Immunity: Protection in Times of Trouble

Medically reviewed by Adriene Nicastro
Medically reviewed by Adriene Nicastro on April 16, 2020
Adriene Nicastro-Santos, Healer & Psycho-Spiritual Therapist
Updated on April 17th, 2020
Levels of Immunity

Immunity, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is: “The quality or state of being immune; a condition of being able to resist a particular disease, especially through preventing the development of a pathogenic microorganism or by counteracting the effects of its products.”

Levels of Immunity

Immunity can be explored at the level we examine it. Being in a physical form, that typically involves thinking of the body and our ability therein to stay healthy. If, however, we intend to view this from the highest truth, we must start on a spiritual level, which naturally flows to the layers below as mind, feelings, and, lastly, the body.

This is the direction of creation – the first spirit, always. 

1. Spiritual Immunity

Spiritual immunity is resting in the knowingness and ever-present awareness of Source, God, All-That-Is as energy within us, around us, and in all things. Nothing can exist without spirit; most importantly, you, Mother Earth, and living things.  

You are, first and foremost, a spiritual being having an earth adventure. A sacred creation who’s divine inheritance is perfect health, which surrounds you at all times. Your all-encompassing immunity rests in holiness, remembered by knowing… Nothing is greater than God. 

2. Mental Immunity

Mental Immunity
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Thoughts are things. The next level of truth, as the lineage flows, is a vibration slower than pure spirit on the mental plane. Higher mental energy is life-affirming, uplifting, and always for the highest good. As we bring the energy down, we alter what is pure and create harmful, negative states.

All we create in our life flows from our use of spiritual energy at a mental energy level or as we see it through thought. To practice mental immunity is to affirm perfect health and keep our thoughts in alignment with our highest good, which rests in the benevolent power of the Universe.

Using the most potent statement, we affirm through the “I am” of us to call forth our divine center and manifest our best self.

  • I am whole.
  • I am lovable.
  • I am in perfect health. 

Whatever we use to complete an “I am” statement is what we call to us, so be mindful of what you think and say. When not aligned with our highest self, it’s better to say, “I feel…”. This makes our state transient as an energy that is passing through us. 

So, on a mental energy level, consider the following to maintain immunity:

  1. Practice loving and uplifting thoughts;
  2. Remove yourself from negative conversations and media; and
  3. Be aware of fear thoughts and stop them in their tracks.

This brings me to emotions and feelings, the punch behind all thoughts.

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3. Emotional Immunity

Our emotions and feelings give the power of our thoughts. Without emotion or feeling behind them, thoughts just float by. Now, you may be confused about why I’ve distinguished between emotions and feelings. Emotions(1) are lower vibrational rates of our pure feeling states. 

“Energy has specific “qualities” depending on how our intent influences it. If our intent comes from hostile, angry, jealous, competitive, and/or vengeful emotions, the energy becomes heavy, sticky, and negative. But if our intent is loving, compassionate, and/or generous, it results in smooth and slippery positive energy.

o simplify, we can look at energetic manifestations on a continuum from most heavy and sticky to slippery and smooth.”

Emotions and feelings are a response or reaction to thoughts. As part of our belief systems, they are either aligned with our holy and divine self or are lowered in vibration when our ego/personality self pollutes our pure loving energy.

To be emotionally immune, we must come from love and rest in the wellspring of that energy. AND as we navigate lessons to shed limiting beliefs, we explore our emotions to allow them to pass through us while we learn from them. They are there to show us all we are working on our path.

Everything in our life follows the same…a guide to show us what’s internally held.

Suggestions for emotional immunity…

  1. Feel our union with others, Source, and nature to inoculate us;
  2. Meditate often;
  3. Pray with faith, not fear;
  4. Go out in the woods to take in Mother Nature’s gifts.;
  5. Read uplifting books, poems, literature, and lessons, and
  6. Remember your attitude is your most important possession. Guard it well!

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4. Physical Immunity

Physical Immunity
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This is the most simple of all. Keeping our thoughts/ emotions in check and uplifting creates physical health. So as you practice immunity on all the other levels, your body’s health flows naturally as a state of grace. 

To manage physical immunity, consider this…

  1. Work with your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to increasingly move into and stay aligned in love;
  2. Manage your stress;
  3. Remember that worry never solved anything;
  4. Keep yourself occupied with hobbies that feed your soul;
  5. Stay as active as possible for your energy level;
  6. Get plenty of rest;
  7. Eat healthy foods;
  8. Diet regularly from the media, especially the news; and
  9. Journal your thoughts and emotions to process what you’re experiencing

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Special Notes for Empaths

If you’re reading this as an empath or energy sensitive, you may feel very overwhelmed with the mass consciousness energy in the ethers. Here are some suggestions to navigate and minimize what you’re feeling:

  1. Stay out of the news and social media;
  2. Remove yourself from negative conversations;
  3. Cleanse your aura routinely using sage and/or showers. You’ll find showering essential in these times;
  4. Use energetic protection – shield yourself in a bubble of white light; 
  5. Meditate, pray with faith, do centering and grounding exercises;
  6. Be aware of what energy is yours and what belongs to others;
  7. Journal, draw, paint, practice creative crafts to help you tap into the divine flow within you; and,
  8. Stop negative thoughts and emotions before you get caught in a loop. Whatever your practice will be a magnet for more of the same energy.

About the Author:

Adriene Nicastro-SantosAdriene Nicastro-Santos, Healer & Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

Motivated by a desire to help individuals overcome trauma, Adriene Nicastro began her work in 1991 at Hahnemann University through a graduate program in Group Psychotherapy and Group Process. Personal growth, embracing responsibility, finding peace, and living more wholeheartedly is what her endeavor to extend to others.

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