How to Manage COVID-19 Anxiety During Pregnancy

Updated on April 16th, 2020
COVID-19 Anxiety During Pregnancy

COVID-19 is proving to be one of the most stressful and anxious situations that we humans have come across in the recent past. It can be even more challenging for pregnant women. Because they may already have issues with anxiety and stress, and this situation may further fuel it.

With restrictions on outdoors, socializing, and physical distancing, there are very few options for pregnant women to deal with anxiety. Consultations can also be difficult during these times.

But do not worry. Postponing or canceling baby showers, skipping labor or delivery classes, and a potential shortage of supplies can be scary when imagined. However, there are ways to overcome the panic or anxieties associated with these situations. There are options in hands-reach that can be highly effective when used correctly.

Tips for Dealing With COVID-19 Anxieties During Pregnancy

Manage COVID-19 Anxiety During Pregnancy

Below listed are some of the simple tips that anyone can follow at home to manage anxiety during pregnancy.

1. Engage in Stress-Busters

Bursting out the stress is one of the primary ways to deal with anxieties or other psychological burdens during pregnancy. There are various ways to deal with it. Of the many such methods, meditation and massage therapies are some of the conventional techniques that you can get at home.


It is one of the highly and most commonly recommended techniques by physicians and health experts. It can help you in enriching the coping abilities to deal with various physical and mental stress. Besides, it also reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and promotes peace of mind. Meditation is also known to be effective in treating or even preventing anxieties, depression, and other associated disorders(1).

There is no need to do active meditations or putting extra effort into it. You can also do meditation just by listening to calm instrumentals, nature sounds, or even just sitting idle and breathing.

For more details on how to mediate, read: Best Guided Meditation for Anxiety.


Massage is one of the best ways to relax muscles, nervous system, and also promote blood circulation. Do not go into a massage that involves advanced techniques or extra pressure.

Just let your husband or family members perform gentle rub or massage on your scalp, hands, feet, and shoulders. Make sure that they use hands and do very gentle massages.

Do not let them massage on your stomach or other regions, which may complicate childbirth.

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Physical Activities

Physical activities such as walking even inside your home for five to ten minutes are also highly beneficial during these situations.

Talk to your doctor or expert about other aerobic exercises or yoga poses that you can perform at home. Such physical activities can help your body in releasing endorphins, natural pain killers, and also other essential feel-good hormones.

Talk it out

If you are feeling anxious or stressed, talk it out with your family, friends, or doctors. It can make you understand that the situation is not that difficult, and you can overcome it. Even if you are feeling angry, agitated, or frustrated, be vocal about it with your closed ones. It reduces the volume of your emotions and can make you feel better.

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2. Stay Connected

Maintain physical distance but have social connectivity. You may cancel get-togethers or baby showers, but you can always stay connected with your family members via phone or the internet.

Use it to talk to your friends, family members, and even your therapists or doctors. You can schedule lunch or other breaks and join them via video chats. It gives you a positive affirmation, and also you can share any of your problems, which can help in alleviating the situation.

Joining online forums, especially mom forums or your interested fields, can be beneficial. It can keep you away from the worry of pregnancy or COVID-19. Following a routine of it can reduce anxiety or even mitigate the stress associated with the situation.

However, if you have a medical situation, talk to your doctor or professional expert for the solution. The internet is fun and entertaining but cannot be the correct advisor for medical conditions.

3. Rest

Insomnia is a common thing which many women experience during pregnancy. Read a book or watch some soothing videos or listen to calm music that will help you relax. If possible, try taking short naps anytime you feel the urge. Because there is no better natural way to kill anxiety or stress than a proper rest.

Here is an excellent article that helps you in understanding the best ways to treat insomnia during pregnancy.

anxiety symptoms

4. Keep Your Doctor on Your Dial List

It may be difficult for you to travel or visit your doctor during this situation of COVID-19. So, keeping in touch with them via phone or the internet is essential. Have devices that monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and other health measures. Keep your doctors informed about it.

Check with your doctor and keep them informed about your blood pressure and other health marks. They are highly essential as your doctor can help you regulate any abnormalities that you may be suffering.

5. Limit News or Online Information

With the lockdown, the internet became our primary source of information. The nature of the COVID-19 situation can make us curious to have a constant check on what is happening in society.

But, fueling our curiosity with this dire information can make us more anxious, especially pregnant women. So, make sure that you limit the amount of news that you read or watch every day.

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Bottom Line:

COVID-19 is a dreadful situation that the world has witnessed in the recent past. We all agree that it can be much more challenging for pregnant women or those with chronic health conditions. But, know that the situation does not last forever.

The world has overcome many such cases, and we can overcome this too. It is just a passing cloud. Following protocols and keeping a check on our physical and mental health can help us in facing this challenge at ease. You are not alone; we are all in this war against the COVID-19. Give yourself a positive affirmation that we are going to win over this deadly virus in no time.

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