Kratom – An Effective Remedy for Sound Sleep

Updated on December 6th, 2019
Kratom for sleep

Does Kratom help your sleep? Using Kratom for sleep therapy can have multiple benefits. Red Kratom a calm down your mind. It also reduces emotional stress. Additionally, it makes a person feel happy and relaxed.

All these factors help patients in sleeping. Sometimes, pain may be the reason for reduced sleep. Kratom can reduce pain. It works as an effective analgesic. However, patients must choose the right Kratom. There are three main strains: white, green, and red(1).

White Kratom may cause nerve stimulation. This stimulation may reduce sleep. Similarly, green Kratom may cause excitement and anxiety. Kratom may be used with guided sleep meditation. Lower strains of kratom increase focus and concentration.

This increased concentration help in guided sleep meditation for sleep. Moreover, Kratom can be highly sedative, which reduces stress. It also provides physical comfort due to the presence of 7hydroitragynine alkaloid present in it.

Bizarre Facts

  • Did you know that many manufacturers brand Kratom as unsafe for human consumption?
  • Did you know that on average, a human spends almost one-third of his/her life sleeping?

Kratom for Sound Sleep


It is essential to select the right type of Kratom. Some kratoms may aggravate insomnia. Here is a list of kratoms you might preferably use in insomnia treatment.

  1. Red Bali Kratom relaxes your body. It also reduces body pains. Moreover, it has an immediate effect. However, the Kratom may not last as long as the other alternatives.
  2. Red Borneo Kratom has the added benefit of treating depression. Depression can be a significant cause of sleeplessness. However, the strain does not have a lasting effect.
  3. Red Sumatra Kratom helps in inducing euphoria. This feeling of happiness helps the patient sleep well. New and high-quality Red Sumatra’s effects can last for up to 10 hours. It is an excellent choice for people who frequently wake up at night.

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There are multiple ways Kratom can be taken. You may brew a kratom tea at bed-time.

1. You MUST not use Kratom leaves for tea preparation. Leaves can result in the fatally high dosage. Instead,  it is recommended to use powder. Ideally, you may use one teaspoon of your preferred kratom powder. If you use kratom extract, the tea might become ineffective. Hot water can break down alkaloids.

Kratom Tea Recipe

  • Boil between two and four cups of water. Less water can strengthen the flavor. However, it is recommended to reduce dilution gradually.
  • Pour the boiling water on the kratom powder. Stir it until it is mixed well.
  • Add honey to sweeten the tea.
  • After the tea cools down, remove the kratom powder. Usually, it is settled at the bottom of the cup.
  • You may add ice cubes to dilute the flavor.

2. People may use the “toss and wash” method for immediate effect. Put the powder in your mouth. Use any liquid (preferably water) to swallow it. However, do not try to take a large amount of Kratom at once. It is incredibly dry. As a result, it might stick to your throat.

3. Another method is to mix Kratom with your regular good. Recommended recipes include mixing Kratom with applesauce or ice cream. You may combine it with chocolate protein powder.

4. Some people prefer to use chocolate almond milk instead. However, remember that Kratom has a strong flavor. Try smaller amounts to ensure you do not ruin the food’s taste.

5. Alcohol-free kratom cocktails can be made. These add Kratom to fruit cocktails. As a result, the strong flavor of Kratom is neutralized. Thick drinks make up for the rough texture of Kratom.

  • Fill a glass with a thick juice. Orange or mango juice are good options.
  • Add little amounts of kratom powder to the drink. Stir well to reduce clogging.
  • Drink the mixture slowly.
  • Make sure you remove any residue that remains in the mouth.

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However, Kratom(2) may result in complications for pregnant women. It may result in adverse effects on infant development. A high dosage may result in mental disorders. Kratom may also cause aggression and hallucinations. Your mouth may get parched. Another added issue is constant constipation.

Extremely high dosages may result in heart seizure or liver damage. It is highly recommended that you discuss this treatment with your physician. Do not start any regular treatment before apt advice from a medical practitioner.

Bottom Line

Kratom can have varied effects on your health. Although it might help in sleep management, it may cause severe body damage in case of excessive intake. However, Kratom is readily available. It also offers patients several other strains.

Similarly, the remedy is easy to use. Thus, Kratom can provide customers with an effective solution for insomnia if the treatment is managed correctly.

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1. What Is the Best Kratom for Sleep Therapy?

Red kratom strains are the most effective in inducing sleep. Red Sumatra, Borneo, and Bali Kratom are most recommended for sleep therapy.

2. What Is the Recommended Daily Dose of Kratom?

It is advised not to use more than one teaspoon of Kratom powder daily. A medical practitioner can confirm the exact dosage amount.

3. Can Kratom Cause Damage to the Heart?

Kratom intake can cause breathing suppression. Less oxygen reaching heart cells may result in heart injury or seizure.

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