Proven Health Benefits of Kombucha

Updated on November 19th, 2019

Well, if you are not familiar with the term, let’s read you more into it. Kombucha was very popular earlier in hipster cafes, but now they are aching for a space in supermarket shelves. Kombucha health benefits are numerous.

Kombucha(1) comes from black or green tea as its base. White sugar is added to the drink along with SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Vinegar Bacteria and Yeast) for two weeks.

The white sugar must be fermented with the tea fungus or SCOBY. This process creates effective acids in the body that prevents other microorganisms from invading and growing on your body. Kombucha health benefits are plenty, but to utilize it must be prepared using the right techniques.

Reasons To Try Kombucha

1. Kombucha Is Rich In Antioxidants

This is a fermented drink made out of green tea and black tea, and with it, sugar is added. This tea encourages the production of compounds that help to detoxify the body. This is a fermented drink that contains more antioxidants(2) than other teas.

 2. Probiotic Store-House

Kombucha is rich in probiotics. It is a healthy beverage mainly because of probiotic content. Probiotics are nothing but good healthy bacteria that are required by the body for proper functioning. It is a storehouse of probiotics. Hence, it is advised to try Kombucha for constipation because of

3. Healthy Gut

kombucha health benefits healthygut
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If you drink Kombucha every day, you are going to have a healthy gut. The probiotic content makes an extraordinary effect on your stomach.

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How Kombucha Works On Your Health?

Kombucha health benefits are more or less the same as Green Tea. When Kombucha is made from green tea, it provides the body with antioxidants and helps improve the blood sugar levels, assists in burning more calories, and in reducing fat.

It is a storehouse of probiotics- a tonic that your body needs for a healthy gut. It improves the functioning of your stomach and helps in curing all your digestive issues. Drinking Kombucha improves intestinal health, marvelously boosts up your immunity. You can use Kombucha for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)and diarrhea.

This drink helps in cutting down other sugary beverages.

Do you forget to have your 8*8 rule of water daily? Kombucha is the drink for you.  It works to keep you hydrated. Unlike other beverages, it doesn’t dehydrate your body.

Methods To Prepare Kombucha

Let’s learn how to prepare and utilize Kombucha health benefits.

Things you will need

Water four quarters, Sugar- one cup, Black tea leaves – 1 tbsp, Green Tea leaves- 1 tbsp, Unflavoured Kombucha – 2, For every fermentation jar- 1 Scoby, fresh ginger- 3 inches.


  • Boil water in a pan. Once it cools, add sugar and let it dissolve. Add tea and allow it to be steep until the water cools down.
  • Add the Kombucha once the tea has completely cooled down. This acidic combination prevents unfriendly bacteria to reside in.
  • Take a 1-gallon glass jar and pour this mixture into it. Use clean hands to slide the SCOBY on top.
  • Cover the top using a cheesecloth and a rubber band to keep it intact. Allow this to ferment away from sunlight for around 7-10 days.
  • Keep checking periodically. After ten days take little quantity and pour it into a cup.
  • Once it is sweet enough for your taste, the Kombucha is now ready.
  • Scoop out the SCOBY gently.

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Ginger Kombucha Health Benefits that you could Try

Try Ginger Kombucha(3). The steps include

  • Extract the ginger juice by grating it and divide it equally in all bottles. You can now pour the fermented Kombucha evenly in all bottles for storage.
  • It is essential to store in room temperature to let it carbonate. Once done, refrigerate it for 4 hours. Now it is ready to be consumed.
  • You can also add flavor by adding various fruits to it. Add fruits like peaches, apples, strawberries by chopping them into cubes and combine them with the ginger juice extract.

If you do add fruits to Kombucha, let it stay in a canning jar for a few days to allow it to infuse, and then strain and bottle. You can always strain the fruit out first before pouring.

On a random search internet search, you will read about the stimulating effects of Kombucha. Apart from the benefits mentioned about balancing blood pressure and controlling heart disease, you can use Kombucha for a hangover, kombucha for cold as well. Kombucha is a smooth drink with great taste and also aids weight loss as it has only 30 calories per cup.


1. Does Kombucha Prevent Cancer?

Well, yes, it surely does! Kombucha has a high concentration of tea polyphenols and antioxidants, and this controls cell mutation and prevents uncontrolled cell growth. The polyphenols prevent gene mutation and also kills cancer cells.

2. Is It Safe to Drink Kombucha Every Day?

It is safe to drink Kombucha every day. However, Kombucha must be appropriately prepared.

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