Coronavirus: Will the World Be the Same?

Updated on March 21st, 2020
Coronavirus Will the world be the same

WHO declared COVID-19 or coronavirus as a pandemic. In simple terms, it means a disease that is affecting people all over the globe. Besides damaging the lives of hundreds of thousands, it is also weakening the knees of the world economy. It is doing so by disrupting trade, markets, and corporate structures around the globe. However, some may argue that nations are putting their cold wars aside and working towards one single cause. To eradicate coronavirus at the earliest possible.

But, could we learn anything from COVID-19 or coronavirus? Could it change the world for better or worse? History says yes, although it is disturbing the world, for now, it could have some positive impacts on the future.

Reinventing the basic measures

In the present days, the modernization is increasing the international travels and density of people in urban cities. On the other hand, it can make any disease or infection spread from one city to another within a day or two. And from one country to another country within a week and slowly infect the majority of the globe. It has been pretty clear with the coronavirus, and other recent outbreaks of ZIKA(1) or H1N1.

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Comprehending the concept of connectivity and regulating a way to mitigate the spread is one way we could inhibit the spread of diseases in the future. Yes, now we see that most of the countries are having checks for coronavirus, both at the international and domestic airports. In fact, cities around the globe are also implementing it in schools, offices, and other public places to detect the cases and control the spread.

On the side note, almost all places now have a detector that could check for guns or anything harmful metals. Similarly, having sensors in public areas or airports which could monitor the abnormal body temperature, thereupon checking for cold, cough, or other symptoms could help contain the spread of any significant outbreaks or minor diseases.

A new work culture

The pandemic is forcing major cities to be in lockdown and inhibiting their population from staying outdoors or even local traveling. Unlike the earlier decades, these days, the advancing technology is enabling the people to work from home. It is setting an example that the health and wellness of others are at a much higher priority than work. Thus, it can bring a positive result where the organizations could find better ways to enable work possibilities from remote locations. Even these small measures could double down any chances of the spread of any minor or major infections in the future.

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Precautionary protocols

Now, it has been clear that except for a handful of countries like Singapore or South Korea, no other countries were ready to tackle this pandemic. These countries have designed protocols by learning from the previous outbreaks that affected their nations. Following this coronavirus pandemic, the nations around the globe are taking actions required to contain it. Once coronavirus is contained, all these others might also design effective protocols that could enable them to fight if there are to be any such pandemics(2) that could attack them in the future.


Another great thing this pandemic has taught the world is to follow necessary hygienic measures. Everyone around the globe, irrespective of their health, is making sure to sanitize their body, environment, and also use masks to stop any germs from entering the body. These measures not only prevent them from catching coronavirus, but if followed, it could protect everyone from contacting any infections in the future as well. A similar action that people are consciously taking is to avoid junk or unprocessed foods and switch to a healthy diet. It will benefit millions in enriching their health and helping them build robust immune systems that can ward off any other diseases.

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More focus on R&D

As a coronavirus hit the world, not many had a clue on how to deal with it. Many researchers and doctors were burdened with the pressure that was put on them to control the spread and develop vaccines to control it. As for now, organizations and governments are investing money and time in developing vaccines or other measures that could control the spread and eradicate the coronavirus. On the other hand, it showed the importance of investing in R&D. It could also open new doors to new testing and diagnosis methods. It could help in effectively fighting if any such infections would infect the world in the coming future.


The other significant impact it is having on the world is unemployment. Especially the people who are paid on an hourly basis, those who work in sporting or other events, and in movies or other production houses. As most of the countries have locked down their cities, many such businesses are closed, and people have become unemployed. Situations like these teach the governments to initiate actions that could help people of these sectors meet their basic needs.


A lot of misinformation is being spread about coronavirus. It showed both governments and people that not to rely entirely on social media and rather trust recognized sources for information. It can also start a new wave in the society wherein people make conscious decisions about the information they read online.

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Attacks like coronavirus are not new to our world. Asian flu, cholera pandemic, the black death, and H1N1 were similar spreads, which crashed the earth to a large extent. However, social media, international connectivity, and urbanization are impacting it way more than it did in the past. It is because it is disrupting the lives of millions and stagnating the significant parts of the world. However, it also created a wave wherein it is making the world to be more prepared if there were any such attacks in the future.

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