Immune Support: Preparation is The First Step

Medically reviewed by Ann Musico
Medically reviewed by Ann Musico on May 15, 2020
Holistic Health Coach
Updated on May 15th, 2020
immunity support

While the worst of this coronavirus outbreak may be behind us, you can be sure it won’t be the last time we are called to deal with something like this. While there are natural antiviral agents that can help if you catch a virus and also that can support your immune function, there is no known drug or medication that “kills” a virus.

According to “viruses are the most abundant microbes on the planet. Though it’s unknown exactly how many types of viruses there are, approximately 320,000 types of viruses infect mammals alone, according to a study published in 2013 in the journal American Society for Microbiology.” So chances are great we will be faced with a similar crisis in the future.

The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself by giving your immune system as much support as possible so your body can fend off illness more effectively.

We are much better able to deal with a crisis when we put in the time and effort into establishing healthier habits that not only support overall health and well-being but improve immune function as well.

Make the Right Decision

If this Coronavirus totally caught you by surprise, perhaps you can consider it a wake-up call. Why not make the decision that you will not be caught unprepared again? 

Everything you do begins with a thought and then leads to a decision. If this crisis convinced you that being prepared and changing your habits is worth the effort, I applaud you! An easy way to begin is to identify the areas you feel could be strengthened and take some time to gradually begin adding in some strategic habits that will address areas you feel are weakest.

While this coronavirus crisis has to do with an outside pathogen, a virus, all too often we slip into lazy, unhealthy habits and before you know it, may begin experiencing chronic disease. It is easier to just blame it all on our genes, but that excuse has been debunked. Consider your diet, nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep habits. How do you manage stress? Each of these areas contributes to your overall health and can be improved.

According to epigenetics, by incorporating certain habits, we can affect which genes are expressed and which are silenced. That’s huge, powerful and very good news! Where you may have felt you were a victim of your genes, this puts the power back in your hands. Diet and other external environmental influences can potentially play a role in controlling epigenetic processes.

Prevention Is so Much Easier Than Correction

I’m sure you would agree the best way to stay healthy is to prevent problems from developing in the first place. Prevention is SO much easier than correction.  The hard, sad truth is: many diseases and conditions are the result of poor choices that accumulate over the course of many years. Every day, millions of Americans deal with the effects of chronic disease. According to the CDC, the disturbing statistics are that 6 in 10 U.S. adults have a chronic disease and 4 in 10 have at least two chronic diseases(1)!

The first and most important step you can take is to make the quality decision that you will commit to making whatever changes necessary, gradually, but definitely and consistently. Just as a health crisis or chronic disease can be a huge catalyst of positive change in your life, it’s all in the way you choose to frame it and respond to it.

Your degree of preparation going into any crisis makes a difference in how successfully you will navigate it and come through. So, think calmly, soberly and honestly about areas you may need to make changes in. Then assess whether you truly are ready to take some specific steps to put yourself in a more positive position and begin!

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Ann MusicoAnn Musico is a certified holistic health coach and founder of the Three Dimensional Vitality Website. She is also an author of several books, including Today is Still the Day, a wellness blogger and independent nutritional consultant

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