Excellent Ways to Get Clear and Healthy Skin with Ice Cubes

Updated on July 29th, 2020
ice cubes on face

The skin is one of the most ill-cared organs of the body since it is subjected to a lot, especially in polluted locales. Whether it is water and air pollution, getting gnawed away by insects or the sun’s heat,  we endure it all. Needless to say, we are looking for methods to maintain the skin’s glow and rejuvenate it.

Getting rid of the perpetually tired look that we carry around and blemishes would be an added benefit! That’s why we are always eager to try a new remedy. 

Is it good to place ice on your face?

Putting ice on your face can give several benefits, including improving skin conditions such as acne, pimples, and inflammation of the skin, and aging effects such as the development of sagging and wrinkles. Icing also helps in sunburn and reduces puffiness under your eyes. Here are some advantages of skin icing.

Benefits of Ice Cubes on Face

1. Improves blood circulation

The ice’s low temperature lessens the quantity of blood under the skin at that point and reduces the blood flow in the capillaries. Slowly, the iced part of the body responds to cold therapy and sends an improved flow of warm blood into the region, enhancing circulation. This flow of warm blood helps to eliminate the toxins too.

As an impact of all these actions, the dullness of the skin will vanish. When the blood circulation in the body is enhanced, many other functions are improved. Improved blood circulation(1) also helps clear the blood vessels’ passages apart from adding a little color to the skin.


For maximum benefit, start with cleaning your face and dry it with a towel. Slowly rub the ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth on your neck and face using massage-like movements, following the only singular direction of motion. 

2. Eases inflammation and swelling 

Inflammation and swelling and of the skin are common problems, since human beings develop rashes, engage in physical activities, and get insect bites. A quick remedy for any swelling or inflammation is using an ice pack, not only for the easing of pain but also to reduce it. Icing also works for stings and heat rashes.

The ice temperature will constrict the blood flow, which will decrease the liquid content in the affected place of the body, relieving the swelling. It also decreases the liquid pressure against the skin, which acts as an excellent pain reliever. 

Apart from inflammation and swelling, icing also helps people who suffer from skin conditions like rosacea. Use the icing technique on the affected areas like cheeks if the rosacea flares up, will reduce the redness and ease the pain. If you have any skin allergy, icing will surely help you ease it. 

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3. Soothes Sunburns

If you are a frequent visitor to the beach or even have to be out for prolonged periods in the sun, you probably may be subjected to sunburn, which you may realize much later. Sunburns can affect skin quality, apart from being very painful. Icing is one of the most effective and fastest remedies to treat sunburns.

Ice cubes made with aloe gel give excellent results. If aloe cubes are not readily available, apply aloe gel on the skin, and then start the icing procedure. Aloe has a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin and combined with the ice, and it will work miracles.

You may also try using cucumber puree ice cubes since cucumbers are reputed to have excellent cooling properties.

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4. Improves glow on the skin

The face, being exposed to external elements such as the sun, wind, and pollution, starts looking dull in no time. Add to that the pressure of strict deadlines, the stress of everyday routine, and the running around you need to do for completing errands, and the face is bound to look tired.

Icing the skin rejuvenates the skin, thereby taking off the dullness from the face. With the fatigue visibly reduced, and the blood flow and color in the treated areas improved, the skin gains an instant glow with the icing of skin. 

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5. Reduces blemishes, oiliness, pimples, and acne

Oily skin can be complicated, especially when all you want to do is take a napkin and clean that oiliness off! The continuous rubbing can be detrimental, as it tends to get harsh on the skin when done continuously. Icing skin to the rescue! During skin icing, the skin pores are minimized due to which excessive oil production is blocked.

This minimizes the sticky feeling on the skin, and it doesn’t appear oily. The technique also helps reduce pimples, acne, blackheads, and prevents blemishing of the skin. The method can be used to heal cuts and wounds.

6. Eliminates puffiness and refreshes the eyes 

The face, particularly the eyes, is where the dullness of a person shows instantly. For quick relief, you can dip some eye pads or cotton balls in iced water for a couple of seconds, squeeze them, and place them on your eyelids to feel the discomfort vanish. For a refreshing feeling, add a few drops of rose water to the iced water. 

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7. Reduces signs of aging

Who doesn’t want to prevent those wrinkles that make them look old and look younger than ever? Although facials are suitable for working against aging, you cannot use them all the time. At the maximum, you can get a facial once every 30 days.

On days when you need an instant fix, ice facials can be used to prevent signs of aging from the skin and face in general.

How long should you ice your face?

Skin icing is a technique that can be used at any time and will improve skin tone, clarity and help with puffy eyes, and even prevent aging signs, among other benefits. 

Bottom Line 

Applying ice on your face is an instant way to give your face a dewy and fresh look with doing away with makeup. It gives your face a bright glow and improves blood circulation. Ice also prevents wrinkles and premature aging.

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