Maintaining Bone & Joint Health In this Pandemic & at Any Time

Medically reviewed by Suma G Nathan
Medically reviewed by Suma G Nathan on September 23, 2020
Holistic Health Practitioner
Updated on September 24th, 2020
bones and joints

Everyone wants Good Bone & Joint Health at any age! Needing to inhibit the activity of Osteoclasts, which is part of the remodeling process for more robust and denser bone health[1] that can withstand any type of activity! Either at home, the gym, or walking!

If one does not support this while we are younger, Joint & Bone will tell the tale of not Getting off the floor or needing help at an older age.

Drugs and Medication

We have all heard of the Bisphosphonate drugs, like Fosamax, and other medications from Big Pharma for Bone Loss, with many pros & cons. With the side effects of all of them, such as brittle bones. Since Bone reaches maximum potential in your early 30’s, this crisis is solved with Nutritionals & Herbals.

We have the highest rate here in America of Bone Loss, & consuming Dairy (we all love cheese) and soft drinks contribute to this as well!

Calcium Rich Foods, Among Others

Yes, We need Calcium-rich Foods too! Organic Green Leafy vegetables are a good source of Bone support, Here are some other foods that are good for bone health

  1. Collards Greens – Frozen or cooked, should be in the frozen section…189 mg of 1/2 cup of Cal
  2. Spinach – Frozen or cooked 141mg of 1/2 cup of Cal
  3. Turnip Greens – frozen or cooked 104 mg in 1/2 cup of Ca;
  4. All the above also has Minerals & Trace Minerals, and can also be put in Soups & Salads.
  5. Protein is excellent for Lean Body Mass, notice all the workouts, and people are making Blender Shakes for recovery.
  6. Eggs are one of the best, Veg Options too! and with Protein shakes read labels!
  7. Complex Carbs – Barley, Brown rice, whole Grains, so not to break down muscles, unless allergic.
  8. Vitamin C rich foods – oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, mangos, pineapples, which has bromelain for healing injuries
  9. Good Fats – Oily fishes, salmon, nuts & seeds, olive & coconut oils, and anti-inflammatory foods
  10. Most of this can be incorporated in shakes, soups, salads caps & tabs or some eaten raw!

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Bone and Joint Options With Nutritionals & Herbals

Bone Fragility is a severe condition; loss of Bone among women is the number 3 killer. Men can get this too! let’s examine the absorption, and the Calcium Matrix for this, “You are what you absorb.”

  1. Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite AKA MCCH is a form of Live Bone Food, necessary for gains in the Cortical Bone thickness, watch labels!
  2. CMO – Acetyl Myristoleate know as CMO, Medium Chain Fatty Acids, (no it doesn’t promote fat) helps synovial fluid for joint lubrication & inflammation
  3. Hyaluronic Acid – which is in everything now, Bone is made up of Living Tissue, which goes through constant remodeling, every day where new Bone is formed.
  4. Flexibility by Planetary Formulas, AKA Shi-Jin Chih Ancient Chinese Remedy, supports the muscles, bones, tendons, flexibility.
  5. MSM, great for Skin, Hair, Nails, Bioavailable sulfur, required for the functioning of Connective tissues, which should be combined with Glucasimine/Chrondit read your bottle
  6. Bosewellin & Curcumin. Both are Anti-inflammatory from the ancients for all inflammation in all body structures.
  7. Chicken Sternum Collagen. for Joint endurance & swelling

These are some of the Nutritionals that support Degenerate Bone Loss, which can also start in your teens, we are all subject to this invasion!

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Causes of Bone Loss & Joint Pain

  1. Too much Caffeine
  2. Dieting, without taking precaution
  3. Insufficient stomach enzymes
  4. Lack of exercise

Smoking & Vitamin D Deficiencies includes Nutritional

You can’t eat Fat Burgers to help Bone strength

In Ancient Chinese Herbology (we read tongues) strong Bone structures require Strong Kidneys, and no, it’s not 1000-1500 of Cal Daily, too much can cause hardening of the arteries, without K2 & Vitamin D with Magnesium.

The leading cause of disability is those 15 yrs & older with 3000 children and 35 million in America with this dysfunction. The human skeleton is a living system, where Bones are very sensitive for support, so let’s work that body to keep functioning for many years and Keep on dancing too!! 

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About The Author:

Suma G NathanWritten by Suma G Nathan, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Planetary Chinese Herbologist, Strength Trainer, Rock & Roll Dancer (soul train) pioneering in the Holistic Field since the 1960s, 83 yrs young.

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