How to Get Rid Of Water Retention by 4 Fantastic Natural and Herbal Techniques?

Updated on January 28th, 2019
water retention

Water is an indispensable part of every life which exists on Earth, be it the curious humans or the selfless plants and animals. Nearly seventy percent of the human body is made up of water, finding its presence outside the tiny cells as well as inside them.

 But as they say, an excess of anything can be dangerous and so goes the case with water. Sometimes human body undergoes a condition where there is an excessive buildup of fluid or water in the circulatory system, tissues, or cavities in the different parts of the body.

In a simple sense, it refers to a situation when the lymphatic system fails to remove the fluid which leaks regularly into body tissues from the blood. The lymphatic system is a vital network of tubes that run throughout the body and drains lymph fluid from tissues to empty it back to the bloodstream.

Sluggish, floppy, and bloated these are some of the infamous adjectives associated with water retention. It can ruin your happy mood or make you uncomfortable. There are two categories of fluid retention. In one case there is swelling in the whole body, and in another case, it affects only a particular body part and results in its swelling.

Now as you have understood what water retention, we should move towards the leading causes and symptoms of the disease and ways on how to get rid of water retention.

Water Retention Natural and Herbal Techniques

  1. Foods
  2. Herbal Treatment
  3. Essential Oils
  4. Home Remedies

What causes water retention?

There are many reasons for water retention. Some of them are as follows:

Hot weather

In summer months your body tends to be less efficient in removing fluid from the tissues which allow accumulation of the fluid in the tissues.


It’s a weird trigger but is true. Standing for long hours is a common cause of water retention.

Physical inactivity

Very long periods of physical inactivity pose a threat of water retention. Exercising helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to regulate overflow, bring fluids back into the bloodstream at a rate that keeps the water levels at par. This habit is a significant cause of water retention in legs.


During pregnancy, the increased weight of the uterus causes a buildup of excess fluid in the major veins of the pelvis. However, it resolves gradually once the baby is born.

The heart

The pumping force of the heart maintains the average blood pressure within the blood vessels of the body. But in the case of heart failure, the blood pressure begins to fluctuate which in turn results in severe water retention. It leads to water retention in feet, water retention in ankles leading to swelling in these areas.

Menstrual Changes

Menstruation causes sudden fluctuation of hormones which often leads to water retention during period which affects different parts of the body.

Increased Intake of Sodium

Eating a significant amount of common salt on a regular basis leads to water retention by sodium present in the salt.

Water Retention Symptoms

Our body is a magical creation of the Almighty which has some fantastic features. It has an alarming characteristic which allows it to show some early signs of disease. One who understands these hints resolves his/her problem easily than those who linger on the issue.

Signs of water retention in the affected area include:

  • Discolored skin
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Weight gain
  • Aching limbs
  • Tenderness in limbs
  • Bloating, especially in the abdomen
  • Swelling in the legs, feet, ankles

How to Get Rid of Water Retention Using Natural Treatments?

The below listed natural and herbal remedies will help you on how to get rid of water retention conveniently.

1. How to get rid of water retention with five best diuretic Foods?

A diuretic is a substance which helps in excretion of excess water content in the human body. These are available in the market as pills, but it is always advisable to rely on natural substances instead of chemicals for how to get rid of water retention.

This article will enrich you with five wonderful diuretics foods that work wonder for overnight water retention loss.


cucucumber (1)

Cucumber is a wonder vegetable which has multiple uses. High in water content it also boasts of caffeic acid which helps in adequate water retention in the body. The presence of certain nutrients in cucumber makes it a perfect food to foster flushing of excess uric acid from the kidney thus preventing water retention.


Cranberry is a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C that helps in removing all the excess water from the body.


An excellent source of electrolytes and water, watermelon is a favorite fruit to feel refreshed during hot summer afternoons. This tasty fruit also helps in balancing natural levels of water in the body by releasing excess water and sodium. Moreover, it has diuretic qualities which fasten the rate of urine generation, thus eliminating excess water.


Foods which have a high potassium content helps to remove unwanted water from the body. Bananas are rich in potassium and so should be included in the diet on a regular basis to fight the problem of water retention. You can enjoy a tasty banana shake after a hectic gym session.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, you read it right!!! Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and magnesium which foster water weight reduction. Stick to a square or two for a day to keep things at a moderate level, be sure that you purchase chocolate that has high chocolate content for best results on how to get rid of water retention.

2. How to get rid of water retention with 5 UnusualHerbal treatment?

Nature enriches humans with several herbs, plants, and flowers which work magic on serious diseases. There are certain herbs for treating water retention as well. These include:


Dandelion is one of the best herbs Mother Nature has bestowed upon humans. It is a vital ingredient in traditional as well as modern medicines as a remedy for edema or water retention. This plant facilitates diuretic function which enables the body to lose excess water through urine passage.

Green Tea

green tea (1)

Made from unfermented leaves, green tea has a great potential to pace up water retention reduction. As it is naturally caffeinated, it has a diuretic impact on the body, helping the body to reduce water weight through increased urination. Choose standardized extracts of green tea for good results. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then consult a doctor before including green tea in your diet.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle boasts of spiny hairs on its leaves and stems, serving as a storehouse of critical chemicals essential in making medicines. The plant is used to treat common urinary problems as it is a natural diuretic and helps in losing excess water from the body.

Celery seed

When the issue of water retention concerns arthritic conditions, then the celery works magically on the affected area.


Parsley is a popular natural diuretic and thus helps to get rid of water retention easily. You can add chopped parsley to your favorite curry, or you can relish the taste of parsley tea.

3. How to avoid water retention problem with 4Magical Essential Oils?

These are four essential oils that reduce water retention and help you on how to get rid of water retention.

Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit oil works in the cleansing of the body system, decreasing inflammation and flushing out waste fluids. It also increases blood circulation which provides relief to ailing and swollen legs and ankles.

Lavender Oil

With its strong soothing benefits, lavender oil offers comfort to the paining body parts, as a result of water retention.

Eucalyptus Oil

It helps to bring the inflammation down and reduce the pain of water retention. It promotes relaxation and also helps to manage blood pressure.

Fennel Oil

funnel oil (1)

Fennel with the presence of various nutrients acts as a natural detox and also encourages the release of fluids that collect in the body tissues.

How to use

As a Massage Oil


  • Ten drops of juniper berry
  • Ten drops of Lemon oil
  • Ten drops of geranium oil
  • Ten drops of cypress oil
  • Four tbsp of olive oil
  • Four oz-capacity glass dropper bottle


  • In the glass bottle mix all the oils thoroughly
  • Take 5-7 drops of the mixture on your palm and massage deeply on the affected areas, going towards the direction of the heart

4. How to get rid of water retention with NaturalHome Remedies?

Some of the best natural remedies on how to get rid of water retention are listed below:

  • Consume less salt
  • Increase foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B6
  • Restrict yourself from eating refined carbs
  • Consume ample amount of water
  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine
  • Eat fiber-rich foods

Precautions and Side Effects to be undertaken to avoid Water Retention

  • While using essential oils make sure to use them in combination with a carrier oil
  • Avoid sitting or standing for long stretches in a single go
  • If you are allergy prone, then consult your doctor before using anything on your body
  • Take natural diuretics instead of pills

Now you know every possibility causing water retention and ways on how to get rid of water retention. So what if you are also suffering from this problem. You have a list on amazing home remedies which you can include in your daily life to cure water retention problem. Remember, nothing can stop you from being healthy and fit. But don’t forget about to take necessary precautions.

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