How to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups with Natural Methods?

Updated on April 22nd, 2020
How to get rid of Baby Hiccups

Does your baby often hit with a hiccup? Does your baby feel discomfort with a hiccup? You may be wondering that what causes these hiccups. Here is your answer to the most eager question, ‘how to get rid of baby hiccups.’

Natural Methods to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

  1. Foods
  2. Herbal
  3. Home remedies
  4. Natural Treatments

Hiccups occur due to sudden contractions of the diaphragm that is triggered by stimulation of that muscle or irritation. When a newborn baby gets hit with a hiccup, it is known as newborn hiccups. Mostly hiccups are common under a year old. Hiccups may last only for a few minutes(1). If you are wondering how to get rid of baby hiccups, then check out these natural methods given below. Read on.

 Causes of Hiccups             

Hiccups occur due to several factors. Some of them are as given below.

  • Eating too quickly
  • Diseases that irritate the nerves which control the diaphragm
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Certain medications
  • Eating and drinking too much
  • Irritation of the vagus nerve
  • Sudden changes in temperature
  • Stress and emotion
  • Excitement
  • Consuming too much alcohol
  • Chewing nicotine gum
  • Having stomach surgery

How to get rid of baby hiccups ?

There are numerous natural methods and physical activities to treat baby hiccups and hiccups. Here are a few ways that will act beneficially on how to get rid of baby hiccups.

1. Foods

There are numerous foods like honey, lemon, and yogurt, etc., that will serve a potent answer for how to stop hiccups. Here are a few that have an immediate effect on the hiccups.


How to use?

  • Take one teaspoon of honey
  • If you hit with continuous hiccups, gulp down a teaspoon of honey
  • Doing this once will stop the hiccups

Benefits of honey:

No one in this world doesn’t like honey. Its sweetness and great taste can be the best and more beneficial than any artificial sweetener. Honey is rich in antioxidants, and it can fight the free radicals that cause damage in the cell lining of the digestive tract. Eventually, it helps to relieve you from acid reflux hiccups. They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic that can even relieve you from chronic hiccups.


How to use?

  • Take one lemon wedge and sugar
  • Add or Sprinkle sugar on the lemon juice or in the lemon wedge
  • Now bite the lemon wedge with sugar
  • Do this immediately when you hit with a hiccup

Benefits of lemon

The lemon is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The sour taste of the lemon juice and lemon wedge may shock the diaphragm’s nerves out of spasms and helps to saturate the digestive tract and the mouth. It also stimulates the nerves that cause spasms. Eventually, it helps to relieve you from painful hiccups.


Always make sure that you use fresh vegetables and fruits for getting rid of hiccups. It is because rotten veggies and fruits may contain bacteria and germs that aggravate the condition even worse.

Foods to eat

  • Banana
  • Gripe water
  • Sugar

Foods to avoid

  • Grains like rice, dry oats, etc.
  • Dry biscuits or cookies
  • Roughly ground or small cut fruits and vegetables

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2. How to cure baby hiccups with the use of herbs?


How to use?

  • Take 1-2 small tiny pieces of ginger
  • Place them inside your mouth
  • Now suck on these pieces for 3-5 minutes
  • You can also add ginger in warm water or tea
  • Sip it slowly
  • Do it when you hit with a hiccup

Benefits of ginger

Ginger is an excellent herb remedy to treat those annoying hiccups. You all know that ginger gets richly packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It helps to relax the diaphragm muscle. They help in the elimination of free radicals which may be a result of metabolic reactions in the body. They help to relieve hiccups caused due to improper indigestion.

Chamomile tea

How to use?

  • Take a chamomile tea bag and a cup of hot water
  • Add the tea in a bowl of hot water for 5-10minutes
  • Consume this natural herbal tea
  • Consume this drink on a daily basis for 2-3 times a day

Benefits of chamomile tea:

Drinking chamomile tea on a regular basis is an extraordinary natural remedy for gas, burps, and hiccups relief as it ensures proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system. Chamomile is a natural relaxant(2) for muscles that soothes the muscle in the diaphragm to control hiccups and ease contractions. It has sedative and relaxing properties. It is also good for digestive problems that are due to stress.  The herb helps to relieve you from excessive hiccups.


Make sure that you drink warm tea and not hot tea to burn your tongue.

3. How to get rid of baby hiccups with the help of home remedies?

Gripe water

How to use?

  • Take grip water and mix it with lukewarm water
  • You can also mix it with your breast milk or give it by itself
  • Give this mixture to your baby with the help of bottle feeder
  • You can give this on a daily basis or when your baby hit with a hiccup

Benefits of gripe water:

Are you wondering on how to get rid of baby hiccups? Then gripe water is the answer to your curious question. You all know that gripe water has many baby beneficial ingredients. Try gripe water feeding if your baby seems to be in discomfort due to their hiccups. It is used by mothers all over the world to relieve gas and hiccups in their babies. It is a combination of water and many herbs that are believed to help with intestinal and colic discomforts. The types of herbs may include fennel, ginger, cinnamon, and chamomile. These ingredients are effective in stopping the newborn hiccups and infant hiccups.


Make sure you always see the manufacturing date and expiring date. See the ingredients used contents in it and the gripe water does not contain any alcohols. Ensure that your baby is not allergic to any of the constituents used in it.


How to use?

  • Take 2-4 glasses of cold water
  • Now gulp down the cooling water for excessive hiccups

Benefits of water:

Do you need any simple methods treat hiccups? Here is your answer to your eager question. Water is a simple and highly effective home remedy for hiccups after eating by drinking a glass of cold water slowly. The swallowing mechanism relaxes the muscles of the diaphragm and lengthens the gap between each hiccup. Eventually, it relieves you of the excessive hiccups. It is an effective and simple remedy for pregnant women to get a relief from baby hiccups in the womb.

4. How to get rid of baby hiccups with natural treatments?

Taking a halt/break and burp

How to do?

  • Take a halt/break from feeding
  • Have your baby in an upright position on your shoulders
  • Then rub the back of your baby when they hit with a hiccup
  • You can also gently pat the back of your baby
  • Do not hit or slap on the baby’s back area roughly and don’t do with too much force
  • Do this when you notice your baby hit with a sudden hiccup

Benefits of taking a halt/break and burp:

Taking a halt/break and burp natural treatment can have an immense effect on your baby’s hiccups. By doing this your baby can have a remarkable impact on how to get rid of baby hiccups. The burping of your baby can treat excessive gas that may cause the hiccups to your beloved small ones. It eventually will help as you place your baby in a straight position. Paediatrics suggest that burping a bottle-fed or breastfed baby after 3-4 ounces can help to remove excess gas and relieves them from infant hiccups.


While burping your babies make sure that you gently pat or rub on the back of your baby. Please ensure that you do not hit or slap your baby back which will cause pain and irritation to your baby.


The natural methods and home remedies to get rid of baby hiccups are discussed and are wondrously beneficial and leave no side effects on the diaphragm, intestine, and stomach of your babies and you.  It is not a big deal to treat baby hiccups if you follow these natural remedies regularly. Follow these natural methods and home remedies genuinely. While doing these remedies make sure you keep all precautions in mind to get useful results. However, if inflammation and allergies persist and become more painful over the time, make sure to consult with a physician.

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