How the Coronavirus Spreads Indoors and What Can Be Done About It?

Medically reviewed by Dr. Vikram Chauhan
Medically reviewed by Dr. Vikram Chauhan on October 20, 2020
MD (Ayurveda) CEO & Founder of Planet Ayurveda & Krishna Herbal Company
Updated on October 27th, 2020
how the Coronavirus Spreads Indoors

Coronavirus is a threat that originated suddenly from somewhere and became a Pandemic within no time. It has come up like a bad dream that continued for months. The cause is unknown, but its consequences are life-threatening.

Earlier, the people and the society we’re trying to find its cause so that the solution can be found. But, the cause remained unknown, and the consequences were spreading at a rapid pace. Finally, after observing the symptoms and other related things, a decision was taken by the authorities to impose Social Distancing norms in society.

As it arrived later in other countries, we already had some idea about it, which made it easy to take preventive steps. A complete lockdown for a full day was applied all over the country. The results were better; the death rate was somewhat low.

The medical authorities, WHO, and the government of various nations had taken the required decisions in their respective countries, and strict laws were imposed to stop the spread. For months, nobody was allowed to step out; observations were being done. 

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Yes, it helped quietly, but as the incubation period of this virus is 4 to 14 days thus, the death rate was continuously rising. People who already had the virus or came in contact with it were unknown until they got the symptoms. Isolation centers were prepared so that the affected people can be kept separately and safely.

Home isolation was advised for those people and families who came in contact with affected individuals. 

But, even after performing all these activities, the results were not as better as expected. The outcry of death continued. And then something happened that was really beyond control—the indoor spread of Coronavirus. Home isolation and social distancing also started to fail here.

Because, how can people follow social distancing inside homes?

Moreover, where the homes are small, and the families are big, it is impossible to keep them at a distance. Still, many have tried to stop the spread by using face masks, sanitizers, washing hands frequently, and staying away from the patients suffering from any acute or chronic disease.

But, it is never in favor of the community. As we never leave the patient alone. 

Hence, some solutions have been found, and more are yet to be followed to reduce the spread because reducing the risk will undoubtedly result in the stop one day. For this, we need to note down the sources through which it spreads indoors.

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Only then can we try to stop it. In Ayurveda, a verse has described the spread of infectious diseases; the same applies to Coronavirus. Hence, we need to take care of that.

The formal and communicable diseases like leprosy, smallpox, fever, conjunctivitis get transmitted from one person to another through physical contact and relation of an affected female with a healthy male, droplet infection, sharing food, sleeping together, using patient’s clothes, garlands, and other accessories.

How the Coronavirus spreads indoors?

As per our observations, the following can be the reasons:

  1. Eating on each other’s plate
  2. Using each other’s clothes
  3. Not using face masks inside homes
  4. Sitting together for hours
  5. Sleeping together
  6. The physical intimacy of the couples
  7. Kissing children or other family members out of love
  8. Washing clothes together
  9. Performing different activities together
  10. Not being too strict when suffering from Cough or Cold
  11. Females preparing food for all even while suffering from seasonal allergies

The above mentioned are the most common factors which can be responsible for the indoor spread of Coronavirus. So, let us work on these factors and contribute our best to reduce the spread. We will surely overcome it by being together but from a distance. 

What can be done to Stop the Spread Indoors?

  1. Do not use each other’s clothes, whether it is a Handkerchief or a dress.
  2. Avoid eating on other’s plates, always use clean utensils.
  3. Keep sanitizing home as well as the people frequently.
  4. Be habitual of washing hands in every 30 minutes, before and after touching anything, especially face.
  5. Keep a proper distance while sitting together at home.
  6. Avoid sleeping together, as nobody knows if we cough or sneeze during sleep.
  7. Sleep at a distance also to avoid breathing the air released by another person directly.
  8. It is better to avoid physical intimacy for some time, and if it happens, be more careful and precautionary.
  9. Try to ask each person to wash their clothes instantly after entering a home or at other times.
  10. Keep different footwears to wear inside the home and outside. Do not take the outside footwear inside the home.
  11. Avoid cooking food and performing activities for other family members if suffering from the symptoms of seasonal allergies like cough, cold, etc.
  12. Wash the things well and keep them in sunlight for hours that you bring from outside, such as vegetables, fruits, etc.
  13. Do not order any food or stuff from outside until and unless it is a need.
  14. Prefer homemade fresh food over packaged and frozen.

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Following all the above steps can help a lot to reduce this spread of virus inside our homes. Besides this, Daily consumption of immunity-boosting herbs, in the form of capsules, tablets, and decoction, will help you fight the symptoms of Coronavirus and the ordinary seasonal flu and allergies.

Staying home can only be helpful when we follow all the preventive measures strictly. Maintaining a distance between ourselves for some time can save our lives, and neglecting it for short term pleasure can be dangerous as death. Therefore, let us control it before it is too late.

Stay Home! Stay Healthy! 

Stay Connected mentally and emotionally, but away physically. 

About The Author:

Dr. Vikram ChauhanDr. Vikram Chauhan – MD (Ayurveda) is the CEO and Founder of Planet Ayurveda and Krishna Herbal Company. He is an expert Ayurveda consultant from Chandigarh and practicing in Mohali, India.

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