Disinfect Your Home and Car to Help Kill Coronavirus

Updated on April 17th, 2020
disinfect your home

COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus has made us all more cautious and follow more hygienic methods to stop the spread. Most of us are also wearing disposable gloves, face masks, and maintaining a physical distance when we go out for shopping or even if we have to touch anything outside of our homes.

Here, once we reach home, we take a bath and sanitize (1) our sleeves to minimize the risks. But, did you know that it is not enough to kill the coronavirus?

When you go out shopping, the things that you bring home may have coronavirus on their surfaces. But once you get home, those viruses may come along and stick to the surfaces or any other places in your home.

Many things like debit cards, sanctuary, shoes & clothes, and even your phone may carry the coronavirus. So, the best way to stop the spread is to disinfect your home and these products alongside sanitizing yourself. Clorox, Microban, Lysol, hydrogen peroxide, and other similar products can be of significant use in cleaning or disinfecting the home. Here you will find the best ways to clean your house.

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Disinfectant Wipes to Clean the Areas You Touch Frequently

COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus may linger mostly on specific areas that you may contact after entering the home. Doors & doorknobs, refrigerator doors, car door handles, refrigerator doors, and sinks are a few such areas.

Once you enter the house, you or ask your family members to clean areas using Clorox or other disinfectant wipes. You can wipe these areas at least once in a day or whenever someone goes out of the home and comes back. If someone is sick, make sure that you clean these areas more frequently. After cleaning, let it dry so that they do not move onto new surfaces or attach to your skin.

Disinfectant Spray for Areas You Can’t Wipe

disinfect your home

For areas that you can’t clean with wipes such as carpets, couch, tables, mattresses, or even tabletops, use disinfectant sprays. You can spray these areas evenly without leaving any gaps. Once done, use wet wipes or tissue papers to clean any dust lingering on the top.

Bleach Mixture to Clean Floors or Entryways

When you or someone enters your home, there is a possibility that the shoe or footwear might carry coronavirus or other germs. Stepping into the house with those can infect the entire home. So, once some enter the home, make sure that they leave the footwear at the door.

So, make sure to clean the hallway and entryways using a mixture of bleach. Also, use the same mixture to clean the floors in your home, kitchen, and bathroom. If not bleach, you can also use other disinfectants that are designed to kill the germs on those floors or areas.

Make sure that you mop the entire floor without leaving any gaps. Once done, let the area dry before stepping onto it.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions for Sinks and Toilets

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent solution to kill various germs and disinfect surfaces like sinks, toilets, or countertops. Pour the solution onto those surfaces and wait for 15-20 minutes. Later, scrub the area and rinse it with water.

Clean Your Vehicles

disinfect your car

As you go out or even leaving your car or bike outside can make it a smooth surface for germs to hop on. When you go out and shop, you touch the steering wheels, seats, buttons, dashboard, cupholders, and doors of your car. The virus can quickly move onto those surfaces and may stay for days. So, it is always a good idea to clean your vehicle before and after using it.

You can use sprays or disinfectant wipes to clean most of the areas in your car. For insides such as seats, you can you sprays that are designed for them. And for disinfecting the touch screen, you can use wipes or other things that the manual says. Also, give the outside of your car a quick wash with some foam solution and later run it down with water.

Start Your Day With Cleaning

Once you wake up in the morning and before taking a bath, do a quick cleaning run down of your home, which you use the most: kitchen, doorways, doors & door knobs, pantry areas, couches, and other similar areas.

Other tips to follow:

  • You can clean debit cards, keys, and other similar items using sanitizers or wet wipes.
  • When you go out for shopping, instead of using debit cards, use online payment services.
  • Take your own bags for carrying the shopped items.
  • Disinfect the parcels or any package deliveries using sprays before getting them inside of your home.
  • Always make sure that you use gloves, face masks, and cover your entire body before cleaning.
  • Make sure that you do not leave laundry or any items outside of your home.


COVID-19 pandemic is a dreadful time. Although we are careful by following protocols, we must also put a keen eye on disinfecting or cleaning or homes to stop the spread in any manner. If any person is allergic to sprays or any cleaning products, make sure that stay in a different room while you clean it.

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