Covid-19 and Isolation: How to Overcome the Negative Impacts

Updated on March 28th, 2020
covid 19 and isolation

The disruptive spread of coronavirus has forced governments to impose quarantine and isolation to control it. Nations are closing their borders and limiting both domestic and international travel. Governments, organizations, and even celebrities are encouraging self-isolation for the greater good of society. It is playing a significant role in controlling the COVID-19 and also preventing people from catching it.

Although hospitals and medical centers are open, pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions may find it challenging to get emergency support. It could either be due to panic of coronavirus or lack of accessibility with transportation. One major thing that is worrying the health experts is the effect of isolation or quarantine on physical and psychological health.

Effects of Quarantine on Health

As a precautionary measure, governments around the globe have closed social places like cinemas or restaurants, fitness centers or gyms, playgrounds, and inhibited the movement out of the home. By working from home, most people are also cutting down the bare minimum physical workout of traveling, which they do every day.

Without a doubt, isolation or quarantine is the wisest idea to control the spread. However, it can have a severe impact on the physical and psychological levels of people. Governments and organizations are busy working 24/7 in managing the COVID-19. Hence, it becomes our duty to enrich the mental and physical state of ours and others.

How Does It Affect Mental Health?

Pandemics like COVID-19 are more than a medical burden, which can have chronic anxiety (1), stress, and other physical complications. According to research, quarantine can have similar effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder, anger, and confusion (2).

Besides isolation, misinformation can fuel stress in the minds of people. On the other hand, people who are taking those measures by thinking that it would cure or treat COVID-19 can have adverse health consequences.

So, what are the everyday things that a person could be affected during isolation or living in quarantine?

  • Constant stress or fear of the pandemic
  • Insecurity about oneself or others
  • Phobia of going out of home
  • Stigma towards people having cold, cough, or other flu symptoms
  • Lack of motivation or focus
  • Irritability
  • Poor concentration

Can These Effects of Isolation Also Impact Physical Health?

Psychological stress or depression can have a significant impact on physical health. It can trigger various disorders in the body, such as blood pressure, cardiac health (3), and obesity. Sleep disorders are one of the significant complications associated with the isolation that can impact long-term life on a huge scale.

Other physical disorders associated with mental health during isolation:

  • Headaches due to mental stress
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

Overloading the body with anti-allergic, antibiotics, or other health supplements to augment physical health. It is seen in people who become conscious and want to prepare their bodies to fight the disease more effectively. It can have both short-term and long-term disabilities both on physical and psychological health.

How to Overcome the Health Issues Associated With Isolation?

Yes, being conscious about the benefits of isolation and taking necessary actions to ward off the negative stress can be highly beneficial. In regular times, social meetings or going out to events (concerts, movies, parties, or clubbing), might have been one way of relieving stress for many.

But, none of them are possible during isolation. However, there are other healthier options that you can adopt, which can not only help you during this isolation but also in the long term. Below listed are a few such methods.

Psychological or physical exercises can have a lot of positive impacts that can help you go through the isolation at ease. It not only helps you, but the positive mentality that you exhibit can also help people and others around you.

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1. Acceptance

Yes, COVID-19 is affecting our lives. Medical experts, governments, and organizations around the globe are doing their best to control. Following the precautionary measures and official protocols will help you protect you from it. Our world has been through a lot of pandemics and epidemics like it, and we have overcome it. We can work together and overcome COVID-19.

2. Credible Information

Do not trust everything that you read online. Cross-check the information that you get on legitimate sources such as WHO, CDC, scientific journals such as NCBI and other reputed websites. Do not share any information which may sound dubious or doesn’t contain any credible source. Also, inform others to follow the same when they read or share anything online.

3. Balance out the Information

Reading too much about the condition and staying out all day can also create panic or make you take it for granted. Hence, balance out the information by reading or watching about COVID-19 for a limited period in a day.

4. Meditate


Meditation is one of the healthiest ways to overcome anxiety, depression, stress, and other psychological burdens. It can improve heart conditions which can affect physical health conditions such as hypertension (4), fatigue, and also enhance overall well-being.

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5. Stay Connected

Although the COVID-19 has put us in quarantine or isolation, we have the internet, which can help us stay connected with our family members or friends who may stay away from us. You can reach out to them for support or support them if needed.

Helping one another during situations is fruitful, even in long-term relationships. Participating in online support groups and helping others (who might not have anyone to support) is one of the most beautiful things that we all could do. Either it is games or social groups or any social media platforms.

6. Get Regular Sleep

Isolation or panic of COVID-19 can have a significant impact on sleep. The best way to sleep is to meditate or read a book at night, which could help you sleep. But, make sure that you get a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep in a day.

novel corona virus prevention

7. Stay Busy

Create a strict schedule for work, leisure, meals, physical activity, and sleep. If you have a work from home option, create a healthy environment and away from distractions. If you do not have any significant action or on leave from home, take up some small projects or involve in some activities like gaming or some fun activities with your family or friends.

8. Diet

Do not involve yourself in binge eating or having junk food. Since it can be hard to find fresh fruits or vegetables, you can find alternatives that you can make at home. Here are some foods that you can eat at home:

Physical exercises or workouts can have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being. Planks, rope skipping, squats, and push-ups are some of the physical activities that you can practice at home.

9. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to enrich your physical and mental well-being. Here are the best yoga exercises to practice at home.

Walking around in your home or evening cleaning your house every morning or evening are small physical exercises that you can practice at home.


COVID-19 is threatening the world with its spread and fatal complications. But, we all should be conscious during this situation, and especially to overcome the physical and psychological issues associated with isolation or quarantine. Practicing the techniques mentioned above can help us in overcoming the complications.

Share it with your friends so that they could also be more mindful and overcome any physical or mental stress associated with isolation. If you have any ideas or techniques that you think can help people during this pandemic, please do share in the comment.

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