Why ‘Ice Cubes’ Is the Best Ever Skincare Secret? 10 DIYs at Your Rescue

Updated on July 25th, 2019
Ice cubes for face

Are you getting angry on that weather change that is beyond your reach? Is your dry skin suddenly dripping oils and behaving weirdly? Well, the changing weather has a terrible impact on your skin but did you know that you can reverse any and every damage that it does to your skin! Hold on to your thinking caps and think why did your mother choose to apply ice on her face for a radiant glow when you were small?

Well people, especially women, have a high-stress level due to their deteriorating skin, and there unlimited visits to the beauty parlors are also not helping at all. But not anymore! A fantastic yet straightforward remedy is there right in your freezer, and that is ice cubes! Every woman must have heard about treating your skin with ice before applying make-up, but did you know ice has hidden benefits that go much beyond this? Read and learn how!

10 Benefits of ice cubes for Radiant Skin

    1. Antibacterial Rose Ice Cubes
    2. Chamomile Ice Cubes
    3. Green Tea Ice Cubes for puffy eye
    4. Cinnamon Ice Cubes for acne
    5. Cucumber Ice Cubes for cooling your skin
    6. For Antifungal, Star Anise Ice Cubes
    7. Chocolate Ice Cubes
    8. Watermelon Ice Cubes
    9. Milk Ice Cubes
    10. Orange Ice Cubes

Why should you opt for Ice Cubes Treatment?

People need to explore their surrounding in a better way. We have to get more observant when it comes to nature and the elements present in our gardens and kitchens. One such magical ingredient that is available in almost all household and is free of cost and can be your skin’s best friend is the ice. A cube of ice is an answer to all the problems that get associated with our skin. Be it the dark spots or the pimples and even the blackheads, a cube of ice works like magic and vanishes all the problems in a jiffy.

8 Incredible Benefits of Ice Cubes that you never knew

There are many benefits that the skin attain by utilizing ice cubes, they are –

skin irritation
  1. It helps in reducing any skin irritation that may arise due to the pollution and impurities that are present in the air. It is a quick soothing agent.
  2. It helps in deep cleansing of the skin. The ice cubes help in opening the skin pores and also helps in their unclogging.
  3. It helps in fighting acne. Yes, ice cubes when combined with few other simple ingredients present in our homes, assist in controlling acne.
  4. It is the best way to control pimples and also to reduce their mark in a small amount of time. Pimples are very painful and have the habit of leaving a dark mark. The ice cube therapy helps in solving all these issues in a jiffy.
  5. It is one of the best ways to reduce day to day stress. The ice cubes when used on the eyes area help in removing tiredness from the face.
  6. Ice helps to remove the accumulated dirt from the skin pores if you use it at the end of a hectic outdoor day. The ice cubes also work as a cooling agent and thus facilitates the skin with a refreshing glow.
  7. The ice cube therapy also helps in fighting the fungal problems of the skin. Some of the special ice cube preparations along with few active ingredients help in fighting fungal infection of the skin.
  8. The ice cubes treatment also helps in reducing and controlling the wrinkles that appear on the face. It is a very effective treatment for removing the wrinkles and helps you to look younger.

skin icng infographic

10 Effective Ice Cubes Packs for a Radiant Skin

1. Antibacterial Rose Ice Cubes

Rose is considered one of the most beautiful flowers. It does not only exhibits a beauty or signifies the eternal love, but the petals of this flower possess the attributes of being antibacterial. So, for those who have an irritation in the skin then a rose ice cube is the best solution to soothe your skin and control the issue of irritation.

Ingredients Required:

  • Two tablespoons of dried rose petals
  • Four cups of water


  • Add the rose petals into the water and bring them to the boiling point
  • Once the rose water comes to the boiling state, it is time to keep it aside and let the mixture cool
  • Add the rose water into the ice tray and let it freeze for a while
  • After it has frozen, whenever you want to use, take the ice cube out from the freezer and keep it in the room temperature for one to two minutes
  • During the time of summer, keep it out only for half a minute
  • Now, take the ice and glide it in a circular motion on your skin in a gentle manner
  • Let the liquid get absorbed by the skin and leave your skin for rest for five minutes
  • Now, pat your face with a towel, ensure that it is soft.

2. Chamomile Ice Cubes

 Chamomile Ice Cubes

The Chamomile ice cube does not only help in cleansing your skin, but they provide with a relaxing experience, as they remove all the stress. This ice cube is a magical stress buster. Chamomile has the attributes of a stress reliever, and in just a few minutes a person’s skin will feel rejuvenated with this pack.

Ingredients Required:

  • Two tablespoons of dried chamomile flower
  • Four cups of hot water


  • Mix both the ingredients
  • Bring the mixture to the boiling point and pour it into the ice trays only after the mixture cools down
  • Keep the ice trays in the freezer and wait for them to solidify
  • Now, once they are frozen, gently rub these little cubes on your skin and get the cooling and relaxing feeling
  • Wait for the skin to absorb all the ice liquid
  • When done, complete the therapy with a soft towel that will be required to wipe the face

3. Green Tea Ice Cubes for puffy eyes

Many would consider this as a surprising hack, but yes it is true that the green tree is not only good for losing weight but it also very helpful for attaining puffy ices and for the skin cleansing.

Ingredients Required:

  • Two tablespoons of Green Tea Leaves
  • Four cups of boiling water


  • Mix both the ingredients together and make sure that the water reached the boiling point
  • Now, let the mixture cool before you transfer the water on the ice trays
  • Also, it is necessary that you freeze the concoction at least for overnight
  • Next morning, when you wake up, the first thing you have to do is rub these ice cubes on your face
  • Move in a circular motion under and over the eye area and keep your eyes closed throughout this process
  • This process will brighten up your eyes and will remove the tiredness from your eyes, providing you with a fresh and natural glow that everyone craves for.

4. Cinnamon Ice Cubes for acne

As like rose petals, cinnamon also has the attributes of being antibacterial. But, it is more useful to the skin as it helps in fighting and removing acne. Also, this ice cube can get utilized for controlling and fighting pimples, reducing the dark marks, and aids in enhancing the overall quality of the skin efficiently.

Ingredients Required:

  • One Cinnamon stick, chopped into small pieces.
  • Two tablespoons of rose hip
  • Four cups of water


  • Mix all the ingredients in a vessel and bring them to a boil
  • Once the mixture attains the boiling point, set aside the mixture to cool down
  • Then transfer it on the ice stray and wait for it to solidify
  • Use the frozen pieces of ice on the affected area
  • You can also allow the water to be absorbed by the skin for two minutes if you have an ample amount of time
  • Now, wash your face with water and wipe it with a soft towel

5. Cucumber Ice Cubes for cooling your skin

Cucumber Ice Cubes

Well, the connection between the cucumber and the skin is known to humankind since ages. Cucumber has always got used as a soothing and cooling agent for the skin.

Ingredients Required:

  • One and a half cup of water.
  • One cucumber very finely chopped.
  • ¼ cup of lemon juice.


  • Mix all the ingredients in a jug and stir them well
  • Now, pour the mixture on the ice trays and let the mixture freeze for some while
  • After the water gets solidified, it’s time to take out the cubes and place them in room temperature for thirty seconds
  • Apply the cubes on the skin and rub them gently on your whole skin
  • Let the mixture get absorbed by the skin rest for five minutes. After that wash off your face with water

6. For Antifungal, Star Anise Ice Cubes

Star Anise is a simple ingredient found in every house. This simple ingredient possesses the attributes of being antifungal and also helps in deep cleansing of the skin. It also helps in preventing the skin from any infection.

Ingredients Required:

  • Juice of one Orange.
  • Two tablespoons of Star Anise
  • One and a half cup of water


  • Combine all the ingredients in a jug and thoroughly stir them
  • Now, transfer the mixture on the ice tray and let them freeze
  • Once the water gets solidified, the ice cubes are ready to be used
  • Rub the ice cubes on your face gently
  • let the liquid rest for five minutes, so the skin can completely absorb it
  • Then, wash your face with water

7. Chocolate Ice Cubes

Chocolate Ice Cubes

The chocolate ice cubes, popularly known as the chocolate ice pack is a perfect treatment for pampering your skin and mesmerizing your senses with a beautiful chocolate aroma. Chocolate in recent times has got touted as one of the most effective ingredients for attaining a glowing skin.

Ingredients Required:

  • One tablespoon of dark chocolate powder
  • ¼ cup of water


  • Mix both the ingredients correctly, ensuring that the chocolate powder gets completely dissolved
  • Transfer it on the ice tray and wait for it to solidify
  • Once the ice cubes are ready, gently massage them on your face and neck in a circular motion
  • The dark chocolate powder possesses the attributes that fight wrinkles, is a great moisturizer and reduces the roughness and the blemishes from the skin
  • People who have dry skin, it is recommended that you use milk in place of water

8. Watermelon Ice Cubes

Watermelon ice cubes are the perfect and quick way to hydrate the skin and also rejuvenates the skin in very less time.

Ingredients Required:



  • Cut the melon in the size of an ice cube and place them in the ice trays
  • Watermelon has 91% water, so when it solidifies, it will turn into crystal
  • Slowly run these watermelon cubes on your skin for a quick skin glow and hydration
  • Please also ensure that there are no sharp ends

9. Milk Ice Cubes.

Milk is one of the most popular elements in the beauty product, especially for skin whitening. It brightens and lightens the skin tone and also facilitates the skin with sheer softness. People with dehydrated skin, this hack is perfect for you.

Ingredients Required:

Cold milk


  • Pour the milk on the ice tray and leave it to solidify
  • When the ice cubes form, rub them on your skin for four to five minutes
  • Let the skin absorb the liquid so leave it on your skin for five minutes
  • Then wash your face with water
  • For best results, conduct this treatment before going to bed

10. Orange Ice Cubes

Orange Ice Cubes

For those who want a golden glow on their skin, the orange ice cube is the perfect solution to it.

Ingredients Required:

Orange Juice


  • Pour the orange juice on the ice tray and let it freeze
  • Once the juice solidifies, rub the ice on the face and neck area in a circular motion and gently
  • Now, let the orange water rest on the skin for five minutes. Then wash your face.

Oranges are powerful in removing antioxidants, providing the surface with Vitamin C, and is an excellent ingredient for skin detoxification. Also, for any scars, this ice cube will help in lightening the mark.

 A word of caution

  • It is very crucial to rest the ice for half a minute to two minutes before applying it on your skin.
  • If any of the ice cubes have an adverse effect in the initial few minutes, then stop the treatment immediately.
  • Conduct an ice therapy once in a day, not more than that.


After reading all the exciting ice cube remedies exhibited in this article, you can get rest assured that your skin can get a natural makeover with the use of these magical yet straightforward ice cube remedies. All these ice cubes have simple ingredients, but the results that they are providing cannot be compared even with the most expensive beauty products, as the ice cube will beat them any day. The ice cubes treatment is a simple, comfortable, and quick remedy for the cleansing of the skin an instant glow.

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