Efficiency of Ginger for a Sore throat

Updated on December 18th, 2019
Soar throat

Imagine having a birthday party or any special occasion at your friend’s place. Everyone decides for a karaoke night. The speakers and the mics are ready at their positions. You just got to know about the karaoke night when you are at home sitting and finding ways to heal your sore throat. Have you wasted your money on some top brand syrups and medicines that are not working?

If the answer is yes and you want your normal throat back, explore your kitchen and find the answer. Yes! You read it right. Beat this painful condition with the beneficial effects of ginger for a sore throat.

Ginger and its wonderful applications

You must be pretty acquainted with the word ‘Ginger’. Ginger is used mostly in many delicious dishes, pulses and typical day to day food you eat. Everybody loves the tart and the spicy bite of ginger. It gives out the smooth tart flavor with a strong aroma when it gets added to a dish. Commonly it is also used in many types of street foods and junk foods to give a distinct flavor.

Ginger is a root of the plant that gets widely consumed directly. The best thing about ginger is that it is available at all times of the year.

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What are the multiple ways to use ginger for a sore throat?

You can use ginger in many different ways. It can be consumed in powdered state, raw, in the form of oil, dried as a spice and a couple of ways more. The uses vary from person to person. Some people like it powdered and added to their food items, whereas some people like it raw and cook it directly. People also use ginger as a pickle. They marinate it with lemon juice and make a citrus pickle out of it.

Is ginger for a sore throat actually beneficial?

ginger for a sore throat

Ginger(1) is a medicinal plant as well. It was very popular among Europeans and Indians for the medicinal values it provides. You can use ginger to treat nausea, pain, cold, flu, and many more problems. The pungent and spicy aroma and taste hit the brain cells when consumed and help to create better conditions for the consumers.

The major problem of winters is the low temperature and difficulties associated with it. One of them is a sore throat. Now, let’s focus on how well ginger can get used for a sore throat. Ginger is rich with medicinal properties for treating throat related issues. It has bioactive compounds which are beneficial for health. Ginger even has anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure the severe problems like a sore throat.

It is a right belief that the antimicrobial properties of ginger are one of the main reason for which ginger for a sore throat is suitable. It fights the bacterial or viral infections which cause a  sore throat. Its antioxidant nature helps in healing and protecting against the conditions that lead to a sore throat. It is highly recommended to use fresh ginger rather than dried ginger as it has more anti toxicants compared to the dried form.

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Why use ginger for a sore throat over artificial syrups and other remedies?

  1. Firstly, use ginger is the fresh form as a medicine. It is a natural way of treating the bacterial or viral infection of a sore throat. Natural remedies are the safest ways of curing a sore throat as it has no risk of any side effects.
  2. Ginger is responsible for protecting your body against pathogens and harmful toxins. It is even a researched topic that ginger possesses the qualities which fight with the microbes causing a sore throat. Several solvents and medicinal syrups are made from the various parts of the ginger plant and root.
  3. Another fact which is well known by most people but indeed neglected is that ginger boosts the immunity system to a greater extent and fights with even cold and flu. It helps to soothe the pain caused in the throat and speeds up the recovery time.
  4. The cold medications and several cough syrups don’t fight with the microbes, they just sooth the pain for a moment. Ginger is used for long-term effects and may kill the viruses which the other medications can’t.
  5. Ginger even possess specific antibodies which act towards soothing and to bring clarity in your voice. It helps to clear the throat and nose and acts as a lubricant for your vocal cords and throat.

Hence, it is clear that Ginger for a sore throat is the best natural remedy. It is free from side effects. Apart from treating a sore throat, it also aids to remove many other health issues. It is highly recommended to use ginger as a part of your daily diet.

How to use Ginger for a sore throat through the best 3 DIY remedies?

You can use ginger in many ways to solve your problems. Few are listed below:-

1. Ginger Tea

 Ginger tea.

To prepare the special ginger tea, you will require the following:-


  • Ginger extract/ Raw Ginger
  • 1 cup Water
  • One teaspoon Sugar (If needed)


  • Take a ginger root or 2 teaspoons of ginger extract
  • Pour the desired form in 1 cup of water
  • Boil the water with ginger for about 5 minutes
  • Pour the tea into a cup and have it sip by sip

The sip by sip method will help to sooth the pain with the gingery effect. The anti-inflammatory properties will help to relieve the pain.

2. Honey Ginger

To make this potion, you will need:-


  • Two teaspoon ginger extract
  • One teaspoon honey
  • ½ cup hot water


  • Take two spoons of freshly extracted ginger extract
  • Mix it with one teaspoon honey
  • Pour the mixture in ½ cup warm water
  • Drink the potion sipping and enjoying the taste

Honey helps to kill the spicy, pungent flavor of ginger. It also has antimicrobial properties which help in soothing your throat. Ginger with honey provides an additional benefit to the health.

3. Fresh Raw Ginger

Raw Ginger

For this simple way, you will need:-


  • Fresh ginger root
  • ½ spoon of sweetener (if required)


  • Take a fresh ginger root from any grocery store
  • Peel the outer covering or the bark like surface
  • Peal until you see a pale brown or white portion
  • Slice a small part from the root
  • Chew it for as long as you can
  • Have a ½ spoon of sweetener if the spicy taste of ginger is not your thing
  • Chew the pulp until it is tasteless and you may even throw it or swallow it

It is one of the simplest yet the intense way to have ginger for a sore throat because of the spicy heat. It affects within a couple of minutes. This remedy is not everyone’s cup of tea but is useful in its way.

Precautions While Having Ginger

  • As you all know excess of anything is not good. Overusing ginger may raise the internal temperature of your body. The over-temperature can cause pimples. It can even create a dry mouth, and you have to deal with a lot of sweat.
  • You must not use rotten, blackened or stinky ginger as it has adverse effects. It actually can make it worse. It can even cause necroses to your tender liver cells.
  • Try using only fresh ginger root for your treatments and remedies. Fresh ginger has more juice and is more effective. This fact is lab tested. It may have a pinch of more spice, but it is for your benefit.
  • You must not use the excess of ginger in the summer season. Ginger is not recommended for people who suffer from sunstroke as it can cause several adverse effects.
  • Avoid eating ginger for longer durations irrespective of any season. Eating ginger for prolonged periods can cause pimples, heat inside, pneumonia, lymph, and many heat-related issues.
  • Avoid peeling off ginger too much as you may lose the medicinal properties of the root. If you are using fresh ginger, then you can consume it by washing off and slicing.

Ginger can help you in almost every throat related issues including nasal conditions. You must mandatorily have ginger at your place during winters. It adds spice to your eatables. Everyone likes ginger tea. The easy availability of ginger root also works in its favor. The remedies of ginger for a sore throat are very easy to use, as it is readily available.

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