Passion for Fashion? Why Haute Couture Items Can Damage Your Health!

Updated on March 10th, 2020
Fashion items harm your health.

It has been proved that 73% of back problems come from the clothes and accessories you wear. Those flashy high heels, those colorful thongs, and those skin-tight jeans may not seem as harmless as one can imagine. The global fashion industry has made everyone very aware of fashion fads, trends, and ideas. But sometimes, listening to what the fashion gurus say can interfere with your health mantras.

Fast Facts on the International Fashion Industry

  • The global fashion industry is currently worth USD 3 trillion.
  • Bridalwear is a niche segment valued at USD 66.6 billion by 2017.
  • Global menswear is valued at USD 571 billion in 2018, while womenswear is valued at USD 773.00 billion.
  • The global market for textiles fashioned out of organic cotton occupies a significant percentage of the market share.
  • The United States is the biggest importer of garments across the globe. Interestingly, close to 40% of apparel products sold in North America is imported from China.
  • Additionally, the international fashion industry constitutes a staggering 2% of the global GDP.

Fashion Items Harm Your Health Secretly

1. Tight Pants: When Skintight is Not Right!

Due to compression effects, skinny jeans can be a real threat to health. Such skintight jeans can cause many problems, from poor blood circulation, dilated veins, and lack of digestion. Too much pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, excessively tight pants, cause pain and numbness in the thighs(1). Unlike baggy or boxy versions, they are close to a point where you can even face acid reflux.

Those tight jeans could also trigger a “compartment syndrome” caused by a buildup of pressure from swollen body tissues. Loose jeans may be unfashionable, but they are comfortable and good for your health.

2. High Heels: A Towering Disaster

High Heels

Researchers at Auburn University found women wearing high heels were likelier to face foot problems than men by 4x times, facing issues such as nerve damage, joint pain, calluses, osteoarthritis, and joint pain. Narrower, higher stilettos can be a killer for your body posture and balance. So, when you’re rocking high heels, remember that heel wearers need to watch out for too much pressure on the knees, back, and spine.

The higher the heels, the more unnecessary force is placed on the soles of the feet.  Tripping, rolling over, or falling are other disasters that can injure you seriously when you’re tottering on those high heels!

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3. Thong Underwear: Dare to Bare?

If you wear thongs, you should know that the wrong innerwear can cause serious health problems for private parts. From vaginal infections to hemorrhoids, skin irritation, and chafing in the genital area, there are tons of issues you need to watch out for if you like your thong underwear. Thongs are preferred to avert underwear lines.

But barely-there underwear can create problems such as UTIs or infections, to boot. The back part of the strap can slide forward, transferring bacteria to the vagina. In case that was not alarming enough, wearing thongs is also linked to hemorrhoids. Full coverage innerwear could protect your modesty and your health better!

4. Heavy Jewelry: A Weighty Problem

Heavy Jewelry

Got a pair of danglers you’re dying to wear? Or did you grab some chunky necklace from the fashion jewelry store? Either which way, your health will suffer. How so? Well, recent studies point to 20% of ear-piercing efforts culminating in bacterial infection. If the procedure is not correctly carried out, it puts the life at risk.

Use of heavy earrings damaged earlobes and require plastic surgery! A necklace with plenty of motifs and embellishments may be trendy, but it can lead to contractures and neck pain. For statement pieces and dazzling jewelry, you don’t have to go with the bigger, the better motto. Avert strain and pressure on your neck and ears and go light on heavy jewelry.

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5. Ties That Bind

Men, too, have their share of suffering due to diktats of high fashion. A Cornell University research study found a whopping 67% of men purchase shirts smaller than their necks. Short shirts and tight ties lower blood circulation. They also intensify ocular pressure within, triggering migraines, increasing neck rigidity and muscle tension in the shoulders and the back.

6. From Wonderbra to Troublemaker

Wrong bra sizes or incorrectly fitted bras can trigger everything from shoulder to back and spinal problems. Women with big breasts should avoid wearing bras with thin straps. Smaller bust size means underwire bras should be given a wide berth, for they can damage your skin.

Ill-fitting, poorly designed lacy bras cannot support the weight of the breasts or take the pressure off the spine, shoulders, and back. An array of indentation marks can be caused on shoulders, back, and chest by inner wire, cups, and straps digging deeper.

7. Flip Flops are Not a Hit!

Even the humble beach flip flops can be so dangerous for your feet. Leaving the feet open, they can expose soles or other parts to scrapes and infections as it is flat, this footwear cause your heels to hit the ground with additional force and end up causing back pain and discomfort. Flip-flops are amazingly off-putting. Exposure can even lead to a disproportionate impact of UV rays and resulting skin cancer.

Additionally, flip flops provide minimal support to the feet due to thin soles. This type of footwear can create a problem for the entire balance of the body.

8. Shapewear Can Suffocate You

A tight girdle or restricted shapewear can cause muscle pain, blood circulation, and shortness of breath. Shapewear can go wrong if you don’t choose the right size. Look for Lycra shapewear to get the best comfort and support.

Women use shapewear to achieve that smooth, sleek look and end up damaging the health. Just for the sake of a tighter fitting look or form-sculpting clothing, wearing shapewear is a no-no. Acid reflux, heartburn, and even nerve damage can be the consequences.

9. Handbags That are a Pain in the Neck

A heavy handbag may be the latest must-have accessory, but you can damage your muscles, and trigger shoulder pain or even harm the neck and the joints because of such accessories. The more you lug around, the higher is the damage. Shoulders can also become uneven due to heavy handbags or giant purses. Do note the best things come in small packages sometimes.

In sum, what’s fashionable is not always right. While no one is suggesting you dress up in baggy, oversized clothes, avoid form-fitting silhouettes(2) and go for a regular cut. It could make the difference between being healthy or not!

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