Welcome to my digital world of fitness! Born and brought up in the BEAUTIFUL CITY OF Mumbai- graduating myself in FOOD NUTRITION Dietetics from SNDT college, MBA HEALTH CARE SERVICES , DAIBETES EDUCATOR , CERTIFIED AS INTERNATIONAL YOGA TRAINER THIS WAS THE BEST career decision I could have every taken.

Other than being one of the best NUTRIITONIST of India, raheela hasan gazi is also a very famous nutritionist in Mumbai, a counselor, health blogger/writer, youtuber, motivator and a renowned wellness expert.

Spanning over 8 years of experience in the field of food and wellness, she has worked with some of India’s well known fitness trainers, doctors, physiotherapists and reputed gyms in Mumbai. She has also conducted a number of health talks for corporates. has written health, diet and nutrition related articles for magazines and health portals. That’s not all; she has also been associated will well-known famous health brands as their brand face and nutrition consultant.

As your nutritionist raheela believe thats food is the medicine & can heal every single cell of your body provided, it is the right food. be it weight issues or health problems like diabetes, thyroid, heart issues, PCOD etc, raheela ‘s approach is absolutely holistic and her aim is to help you reverse the unwanted condition in the most natural way. Along with providing advice on nutrition, she motivates her clients to adopt an active lifestyle to get them in the best possible shape via lifestyle modification plan.

Raheela ’s love for food is ever growing, she is always in hunt of new recipes, food ideas and products which she shares with her clients to make them look forward to the whole health journey. She’s here to empower you every day and support you on your journey to good health. She’s absolutely committed to make your life easier and enhance your understanding about food, health and nutrition.

Raheela Hasan
Director & Founder: Fitrition – Nutrition For Life

Mobile: +919867409200
Email: raheela@fitrition.in
Website: fitrition.in