Suffering from Cellulite? Try These Remedies Using Dry Brushing

Updated on April 9th, 2020
dry brushing for cellulite

Cellulite is a widespread problem today. Irrespective of your fitness levels, and your proper diet, chances are you will have cellulite in some part of your body. When your skin has cellulite, there are tiny lumps on the area. It usually occurs when there are fat deposits under the skin passing through the connective tissue. This condition is very prevalent in legs, buttocks, breasts and is known to be very common in women than men.

Although this is very common, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the causes and solutions. Before you decide to opt for surgery, you must try dry brushing for cellulite. Hormones are a major cause of cellulite in women, and it can increase with age. The smartest way to deal with this is to opt for natural and effective techniques like skin brushing for cellulite.


  • Toxins in the body do not cause cellulite. Cellulite happens when the fat settles under your skin and results in forming dimples on your skin.
  • Chances are if you’re a woman, you will have it once in your lifetime.
  • Cellulite usually doesn’t need surgery.
  • It is very common in women as hormones trigger cellulite.
  • If it’s in your genes, a genetic test will rule out if you’re at risk or not.
  • Diet, lifestyle, and weight play a silent role in this condition.

How Dry Brushing Acts on Your Cellulite

dry brushing
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When the fibrous tissue bands pull down on the skin between fat pockets, cellulite(1) is formed. Genetics, hormonal changes, and dehydration all play an essential role in its development.

What Do You Mean by Dry Brushing?

As it suggests, dry brushing involves brushing your skin with a soft brush. The brushing works in an essential way to exfoliate, where the brushing activity removes your dead skin cells.

Dry brushing also increases blood circulation around that area.

If you’re scrubbing or dry brushing regularly, your cellulite is bound to disappear.

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How to Use Dry Brushing for Cellulite?

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Dry brushing your skin prevents and treats cellulite. Many women are suffering from cellulite, and it can be disturbing to not know of methods that can treat this naturally. Dry brushing can be a miracle solution to this problem.

  • Dry brush your body with a soft brush before your bath. Brush in circular motions to improve the blood circulation around the area. Dry brushing the right way increases the lymphatic flow inside the tissue and reduces inflammation. It increases the oxygenation of skin and tissues.
  • The selection of brush plays a vital role in the right technique of body brushing for cellulite. Choose a brush with soft bristles and a handle long enough to reach your back. When you dry brush your skin, the skin looks fuller and plumper and loosens the tissues, which helps in the disappearance of cellulite.
  • A good cellulite scrub involves coconut oil as a primary ingredient. Apply coconut oil over cellulite affected areas, and then massage the area with a dry brush. Natural brushes are better for your skin.

This helps to increase flow in tissues, and also in stimulating the lymphatic system.

  • Using a brush for body brushing for cellulite is extremely effective when done as a regime. The brushing helps to get rid of dry skin under elbows, knees and opens pores of your skin. All of this helps in skin-tightening and assures proper blood flow to your body.
  • Spend 10 minutes for brushing for three days in a week. You can also do this before a bath. Massage the areas well before or after dry brushing as it helps to open your clogged ducts.
  • Use coffee and coconut oil for your cellulite problem. This is a very good cellulite scrub and involves only natural ingredients.

Mix coffee beans, sugar with coconut oil. This rough texture of coffee and sugar exfoliates the skin, opens up the pores and allows your skin to hydrate. Massage onto your skin using gentle pressure for 15 minutes.

Repeat 3 times a week for best results.

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  • This method might not be suitable for people with very sensitive skin. Always try over a small area to make sure you are not very sensitive to brushing in dry skin. Slowly increase the area of dry brushing all over your body. Once your body gets accustomed to it, it is permissible to dry brush your body for a couple of times in a week.
  • A must reminder in dry brushing for cellulite is to be gentle. Rough strokes can damage and tear your skin.
  • You must also ensure to clean the brush at all times. For this, clean your brush every day after dry brushing. It is advisable not to share the brush used for dry brushing your body with anyone else.
  • While dry brushing works very well for cellulite, you might also want to note down other factors that can treat this condition.
  • Exercise, Eat cucumbers as they are known to be very good for cellulite. Maintain a healthy diet and drink water. Hydration plays a key role in helping get rid of cellulite and helps maintain a healthy body.


1. How Often Should You Dry Brush for Cellulite?

Dry brushing can leave your skin dry or raw. As a general thumb rule, you can dry-brush one to two times per week.

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