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How To Cure Aerosol Burns

How To Cure Aerosol Burns

home remedies to cure aerosol burns

Deodorants have become a way of life for most of us, without realising the fact that they might actually be dangerous for us as well as for the environmental. Most deo sprays contain aerosol that have been known to have a direct effect on the climate.

On humans, aerosols have been found to cause injury to the skin giving burns that resemble first degree frostbites.

Aerosol burns are usually caused because of the rapid cooling effect to the level of freezing, which they have on the skin because of close as well as prolonged proximity with the skin.

This effect has been named as frosting and in some rare cases, it has also been found that prolonged exposure to aerosol sprays have resulted in the victim to go for skin grafting.

It has also been reported that the affected area of the burn, may cause hyper pigmentation which might also result in an ultraviolet sensitivity of the affected skin and as a result of which, constant application of sunscreen is necessary to prevent the risks of skin cancer.

When Frosting happens, it results in the constriction of the blood vessels around the affected area which results in the lack of blood supply as well as oxygen to the injury site.

It has been found that the epidermal level of the skin is the one that is mostly affects but in rare cases, injuries have been known to represent second or third degree frostbite as well.

The basic symptoms through which one might recognise that they have aerosol burns include stinking on the area where the aerosol spray has hit, a burning sensation as well as numbness. The affected skin would take a reddish tinge and might also feel hard when touched.

In such a case, after an aerosol burn has been ascertained, it is necessary that the affected skin rash is immediately treated so as not to cause prolonged or serious damage to the skin.

Certain steps might be taken to provide first aid to the injured area and also to ensure that as little scaring as possible happens.

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Warm Up

It is absolutely crucial that you start off by slowly and steadily warming the affected area since it is actually more of a frost bite or rather a cold burn than anything else.

Make sure not to use dry heat since that might make things worse. You can consider submerging your hand in some warm water to get some instant relief.

Keep it Clean

It is important that the burn is thoroughly cleaned to make sure that it does not cause any kind of infection.

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Make sure to use warm water so as not to cause further injury to the skin. It is also necessary that the affected area be wrapped in gauge so as to prevent it from getting infected.

Pain Medication

It is crucial that after the instant first aid, medical treatment should be sought as soon as possible.

But if, by the time medical attention arrives, you feel any kind of pain, it is advisable to take some over-the-counter pain killers, since the re-warming process of the frosting area might be somewhat painful.

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