8 Best Natural Constipation Relief Products of 2019

Updated on February 5th, 2020
Constipation Relief Products

Around 20% of Americans are affected with Constipation. This results in around 8 million doctor visits per year. 

It is an incredibly common problem which has no substantial cure.

Constipation is caused by foods you eat or avoid to eat, poor lifestyle choices, medication or disease. However, it has to be noted that the cause of chronic constipation is often unknown. This in medical terms is referred to as chronic idiopathic constipation. 

To medically define constipation. this condition is characterized by less than three bowel movements per week. Constipation tends to have a serious negative effect on the quality of your life as well as the physical and mental aspects of your life. 

However, you don’t need to worry anymore, as we have compiled a list of products that you could use in the comfort of your house, additionally these products are backed up by science and tend to be extremely effective. 

1. Sat Isabgol Powder 100g

Sat Isabgol

Sat-Isabgol is a supplement that has psyllium husks and Ispaqhula. This supplement is one of the best ones for treating constipation as it has the significant property of absorbing water and to form a bulk mucilage that helps in the swifter and easier movements of stools in the intestine. 


  • Easier to use
  • Instant relief from the symptoms of constipation and piles
  • Fiber loaded


  • None

2. Dabur Nature Care Isabgol Regular

Dabur Isabgol

This superfine psyllium husk product is ready to use supplement that could be easily dissolved in water making it a product that could easily. Dabur Nature Care Isabgol comes with the value-added product of psyllium that is super refined. 


  • Instant relief from constipation and its symptoms
  • Cholestrol Reduction
  • Regulation of the Bowel


  • None


The dosage and directions to use this product have to be directed by a physician, so do consult with a doctor before you start using it. 

3. Renew Life, Bowel Cleanse, 150 Vegetable Capsules

Renew Life Bowel Cleanse

These are supplements that cleanse your bowel and will help promote regularity and help eliminate and cleanse the colon. 

These are vegetable capsules that consist of vegetable fiber and water with a blend of herbs and magnesium. Suggested usage is to take 5 capsules in the morning, depending on the severity of the condition you could also use in the evening. For this product please do pair it with plenty of purified water


  • Instant relief from the symptoms
  • Colon Cleansing effect
  • Waste and toxins are eliminated


  • Expensive

4. Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Tea 

Laxative Tea

This is one of the oldest supplements, that has been manufacturing since 1974. These are laxative teas, that are created by herbalists and these teas are known to relieve constipation and its symptoms. It consists of senna stimulant laxative and is also naturally caffeine-free. 

This product has several certifications including USDA Organic and CCOF.


  • Instant relief from constipation
  • Pleasant aroma and bittersweet taste with a hint of apple


  • None

5. Organic India Triphala Powder 

Triphala Powder

This is one of the most famous ayurvedic herbal formulations. Triphala refers to ‘three fruits’, these fruits constitute  Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). This is a very powerful and rejuvenating and detoxifying formulation. It helps and supports the entire GI tract and helps in the improve digestion, and assimilation of nutrients. Additionally, it helps to remove fat deposits and toxins from the intestines.  

This product is rich in natural vitamin C and abundant in antioxidants, which also helps with having supple skin. This product is safe for vegans and vegetarians, Gluten-free and kosher. 


  • Improves Digestion
  • Removes Fat Deposits and toxins from the intestines.
  • Balance healthy acid/alkaline levels 
  • Pocket-Friendly


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  • None

6. Cureveda Digest Elixir

Digest Elixir

This is a herbal digestive elixir syrup that consists of aloe vera, gilroy, and chitrak. The aloe vera present in this product increases peristalsis and provides instant relief in the case of constipation. This elixir also helps to improve the digestion and provides relief from stomach ache. 

It is recommended that you take 3 teaspoonfuls with half a cup of warm water twice, before lunch and dinner respectively.  You could use this for 3-4 months for the best results. 


  • Instant relief
  • Works on stomachache, flatulence, eating disorders 
  • easy to use
  • economical


  • None

7. Lupin Life Softovac – SF Sugar-Free 


Softavac SF is a sugar-free bowel regulatory formula that is readily available in the market. It primarily works in treating constipation and it provides immediate relief as well. It is sugar-free and is safe for diabetics to use and it also helps in the better functioning of the digestive system. 


  • Instant relief from constipation and symptoms
  • Works for stomach flu, gastritis, and diarrhea
  • Helps in weight loss as well


  • May cause high blood pressure and gas
  • May reduce Potassium levels in the body

8. Kayam Churna Powder

This is one of the most powerful powders that consists of a blend of ayurvedic herbs for constipation. It is known to be a source of effective relief in severe constipation. This folk medicine turned medical marvel, consists of Haritaki, Saindhava Lavana, Senna Leaves, Swarjika Kshara, Trivrit and Yashtimadhu as its active key ingredients


  • Instant relief from chronic constipation, acidity, gas, and headache.
  • Improves digestion
  • Laxative effect on the body


  • None

These are a few products that tend to be extremely effective when it comes to treating constipation. constipation, unfortunately, is a hard situation to be in, suffering from the condition could take away your voice and make you voiceless. However, want your voice and freedom back? Use these natural and ayurvedic products and reclaim what is yours!

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