Treat Receding Gums Using Coconut Oil

Updated on March 4th, 2020
coconut oil for receeding gums

Bizarre Facts

  • Coconut oil can help you lose up to 120 calories a day.
  • Daily consumption of dairy products reduces the threat of gum diseases.

Can coconut oil pulling offer a cure for receding gums? Coconut oil for receding gums is an Ayurvedic medical therapy dating back to about 3000 years ago. It has also proven effective against gum diseases like gingivitis.  This process has proven beneficial in matters of dental hygiene.

It’s not only good for your gums, but it is also known to cleanse your teeth too. Coconut Oil contains fatty acids that can kill viruses like bacteria and fungi. This process can help prevent bacterial acids from damaging your tooth enamel. Oil pulling is an effective remedy to keep bacteria under control, avoiding dental health problems such as receding gums. 

Additionally, researches have proven the fact that coconut oil for receding gums aids in removing toxins from your mouth. This cleansing cures oral diseases.(1) It assists in the reduction of inflammation in the gums. Coconut Oil is also cheap and easily accessible.

Receding gums can prove to be a significant dental health hazard. They move away from the gums exposing your roots to allow bacteria like the plaque to enter. If it’s not treated at the right time, it may cause tooth loss or further recession. Oil Pulling has proven to be effective when mixed with baking soda; it helps in getting rid of bacteria causing acids.

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Coconut Oil for Receding Gums

coconut oil

There’s a home-based remedy that involves oil pulling for receding gums. The remedy is easy to perform so you can try it out by yourself. You may follow the given steps, but you need to follow this procedure carefully for better results.

  • Measure one tablespoon of coconut oil. It is better to use only one tablespoon and not more. This quantity is important as increasing the amount may increase the chances of it slipping down your throat. Swallowing it will cause problems. Hold it in your mouth carefully. 
  • Sit upright; do not do this while lying down as it may lead you into swallowing the oil down your throat. Swish the coconut oil around your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes. If you have trouble keeping it in your mouth for a more extended period of time, you may only do this for five or ten minutes. It’s essential you keep swishing the coconut oil and breathe through your nose while keeping your mouth closed.
  • After swishing it around your mouth for a minimum time of ten minutes, spit the oil out into the trash. Do not spit it down the sink or toilet. Doing so can cause it to clog.

These steps are to be followed at least three times a day. If you have trouble keeping the oil in for longer durations, you may try this out repeatedly till you’re able to increase it for better results. For quick recovery, it is highly recommended doing it first thing in the morning. The preferable time is before having breakfast on an empty stomach. However, it would be best for you if you did not switch this with regular brushing or flossing. It is an excellent therapy for your gums, but it should not be changed with your daily oral routine.

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However, even with this remedy, anything that has benefits can also have adverse side effects. Coconut oil for receding gums involves a few risks.  If you swallow the oil during the treatment and it goes into your lungs it can cause lipoid pneumonia.

Cases of diarrhea or upset stomach have also been reported. Keeping it in your mouth for too long can make your tongue absorb it. Some people even replace using a toothbrush with oil pulling which can prove harmful for those who have oily skin. It can cause acne around your mouth. 

Coconut oil pulling has been reported to have caused allergic reactions, so it is highly recommended that you choose the right oil for it. If swallowed and consumed in an excessive amount, it can cause your cholesterol levels to rise. It is advised that you pay a visit to your dentist before switching your oral care routine. 

The reason is that coconut oil mixes with your saliva. Performing this procedure for a longer duration can cause your mouth to stiffen, it may even cause swelling in your jaw. Even with all the benefits involved, it is vital to ask an expert to maintain your healthy smile.

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This is a traditional method of oral care (2), proven to have shown results of improvements. It doesn’t involve any complications. Therefore, it’s easily performed by anyone. It’s a cheap home-based remedy. Using coconut oil pulling has more benefits than risks, thus proving it to be an effective therapy for people with receding gums.  


1. Does Coconut Oil Pulling Remove Bacteria?

Studies have proven the fact that it helps remove harmful bacteria from your mouth, eliminating any threats of having it in your saliva and plaque.

2. Does Oil Pull Cause Cavities?

The decrease of bacteria using Oil Pulling also reduces the chances of tooth decay such as cavities.

3. Can Coconut Oil Pulling Replace Your Toothbrush?

It is advised by dentists and researchers not to replace it with your toothbrush. It may cause side-effects, such as allergic reactions and acne.

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