Surprising Reasons That Are Making You Stink

Updated on December 3rd, 2019
Body Odor

Do you often feel embarrassed in public places due to body odor? Do people usually distance themselves from you because of the bad smell coming from your body? Do you want to find a solution to make this smell disappear?

There must be a lot of questions in your mind regarding your body odor. You can follow some simple steps mentioned in this article to remove the bad smell.

Our body odor puts a significant impact on our personality and is also equally responsible for the impression you create when you connect with others. No one likes the lousy, horrible odor that often comes due to sweat.

It usually occurs on the people who do a lot of field activity. Research states that 90% of the Americans use body sprays and deodorants, which includes 92% of the teenagers too(1).

There are plenty of reasons that can cause bad body odor. Sometimes bad smell from the body can also be a signal for lousy hygiene and uncleanliness. Most of the people might take it as a point to comment on or make fun of.

But you need not worry as there are a lot of ways that can help you remove the bad smell from your body, and make you feel a whole lot refreshing.

List of Surprising Reasons for Body Odor

body odor

Body odor is a significant smell, which is present in everyone even including the animals. The intensity of the scent produced tells us about many factors such as our behavior, state of living, and hygiene. People do have a characteristic smell which explains a lot about their habits and health. Generally, body odor refers to the bad odor coming from an individual.

Among the variety of causes, the most accepted reasons behind body odor are – the growth of bacteria, excess sweat, and unhygienic habits. One of the leading causes of body odor is sweat, which plays an essential role in cleaning out the toxins and wastes from our body. The apocrine and the sebaceous glands are responsible for producing sweat and odor.

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Regions on the Body that Cause Body Odor

There are plenty of sources that can be responsible for emitting bad smell from the body. Body odor is quite characteristic in teenagers as the sweat producing glands become highly active during the phase of puberty or initial adolescence.  Areas where body odor is more prevalent

  • Pubic and other hairy areas
  • Groin
  • Armpits
  • Feet
  • Belly button
  • Genitals
  • Anus
  • Palm crease
  • The part behind the ears, and
  • All over the skin (in smaller amounts)

Ten Reasons Behind Stinky Body Odor

Here are the ten sources that are responsible for causing smelly body odor

1. It Can be Because of an Unhealthy Daily Routine

Some people do not shower frequently. And some also have the habit of wearing dirty shoes and socks, which is why their feet stink. Wearing dirty shoes and clothes for days can create a very unpleasant smell or body odor.

2. It Can Be Due to Genetics

Our genetic built is somewhere fundamentally responsible for producing body odor. It also depends on the ethnicity of people. For example – if we talk about the Southeast Asian countries, the people who reside there tend to sweat lesser than those who are natives to the continents of Europe and Africa.

3. It Can Be Due to Mental Stress

Image: ShutterStock

Mental stress and anxiety are some of the main reasons for the release of sweat. In stressful conditions or situations where the stressors become dominant, our body starts releasing sweat which is another factor for causing body odor.

4. Change in the Blood Sugar Levels

Another possible source of body odor can be the alteration in the blood sugar levels. Some fruity smells get mixed with the breath and become unpleasant. These are due to ketones that doubt the stability of the blood sugar level. The unpleasant concoction should never be under ignorance, as it is a sign of your deteriorating condition that can even result to be fatal.

5. Smell Due to Birth Control Pills

Certain birth control pills cause dryness in the mouth. Dehydration can lead to an increase in Sulphur levels in the mouth, and the smell of Sulphur is like that of a rotten egg, hence, the stinking smell.

6. Varying Fiber Amounts in the Body Causes Fecal Problems

More fiber content in the body tends to release gas, which is stinky. Low levels of fiber can cause enormous constipation. It can also affect the entire body odor. The toxins of the body get absorbed by the pores and produce fecal body odor.

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7. It Can Be Due to a Fried Food Diet

An improper diet containing unhealthy or fried and preserved food can make it difficult for the digestive system to digest it. Improper digestion can be a source of reduced body odor, like fried and keep foods become stale fast.

8. Due to a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI

uti problem
Image: ShutterStock

Urinary Tract Infections or UTI cause significant discomfort and irritation in the genitals. The high concentration or persistence of living bacteria in the urinary tracts can give a smelly odor to the urine. Consulting a doctor is necessary in such cases.

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9. Certain Types of Deodorants

It may be surprising, but some types of deodorants can make your situation of body odor worse. Some sprays do encourage the growth of certain bacteria that cause the body odor when they mix up with sweat.

10. Deficiencies of Vitamins and Minerals

vitamin c benefits

Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause a lot of disturbance to the intestinal flora. This phenomenon can play a significant role in producing fecal body odor, and you can treat it by sufficient intake of the vital mineral’ magnesium.’

Lifestyle Changes That Can Reduce Perspiration

Things to avoid

Through various changes in lifestyle, one can eliminate body odor forever. By adopting simple steps in your routine, you can be more carefree about your body odor. There are no side effects, and by following some alterations in your habits, you can build up a healthy lifestyle for yourself. To maintain a healthy routine, you should follow:

  1. You must use antibacterial soaps to eliminate odor caused due to sweat.
  2. Summer causes a lot of sweat, and a variety of clothes react in different ways when they come in contact with sweat. To avoid odor and skin problems, prefer cotton clothes for summers.
  3. You can replace your deodorant by choosing natural cleansing processes by yourself. Prefer washing the sweat producing areas with water and then wipe them off with the help of cotton and white vinegar. It is beneficial for preventing bacterial growth in areas like armpits.
  4. If you use any antiperspirants, then you must stop using them because antiperspirants are responsible for blocking the sweat glands and it can be harmful. You can replace them by choosing alum.
  5. Application of baking soda on the areas causing heavy sweat, such as armpits can help a lot in killing the bacteria, and also in absorbing the right amount of perspiration in the affected area.
  6. Do not wear the same clothes, shoes, and socks regularly. They tend to become a preferable ground for the growth of bacteria, and as the period increases, they tend to deteriorate the smell of that region.

Dietary changes

Some foods do affect our body odor. Not just the lifestyle changes are essential to lose body odor, but specific changes in the diet are necessary too. You can avoid body odor by making these changes:

  1. One must avoid consumption of processed foods like – refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, etc.
  2. Try to cease eating red meat, as it is responsible for adding toxins in the bloodstream.
  3. Eat a sufficient amount of fiber content to maintain good digestive health. Both more fiber or less fiber content can be problematic.
  4. One must reduce the consumption of caffeine and alcohol.
  5. Your diet must contain healthy and fresh vegetables, different fruits, products of soy, whole grains, etc.

Those were the ten sources that had the maximum chances to formulate or produce body odor. Body odor might leave you in many embarrassing situations like having sweat patches around the armpits, or friends pointing you out for your body odor.

If you want to stay body odor free, then you must follow some of the alternatives as mentioned above. The steps are quite comfortable and will enhance your hygiene. The changes are small, but they have the power to lead you towards a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

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