9 Natural Ways to Boost Your Stamina

Updated on August 27th, 2020
How to increase stamina

Generally, lacking energy or feeling tired after a rigorous fitness session or other hectic physical activities is not a matter of concern.

However, if you often complain of a lack of stamina or breathlessness after performing your daily activities, you must take action immediately. Too much stress, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and other such unhealthy practices can be the reason. 

How to Increase Stamina

Here’s how you can increase energy and stamina.

1. Don’t skip Breakfast

Make sure you start your day on an energetic note. Breakfast is an integral meal of the day, and to enhance your body’s metabolism, its best not to skip this meal [1].

If possible, make whole wheat bread or oatmeal and eggs part of your breakfast regimen. Occasionally, you may also treat yourself to some peanut butter as it significantly boosts your energy and helps increase the intake of ‘good’ calories.

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2. Stay Hydrated

If you often find yourself lacking in stamina, blame it on dehydration. Therefore, you should drink water at regular intervals and increase the intake of fluids. Also, drinking one glass of beetroot juice daily for breakfast is known to work wonders.

Beetroot is loaded with an adequate amount of nitrates that can help improve stamina and help you get through the day like a breath of fresh air.Sipping on some warm water in the mornings is a potent way to help boost you improve digestion and metabolism.

3. Make way for magnesium

If you are into sporting activities or any physical activity, you must make magnesium a part of your regular diet [1]. Magnesium converts glucose into energy, giving you an immediate boost. Nuts, leafy veggies, seeds, fish, soybeans, bananas, avocado, and dark chocolate are excellent sources of magnesium.

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4. Include carbs in your diet

Foods rich in carbohydrates such as brown bread, sweet potatoes, etc., provide your body with sugar and starch, which will help increase stamina and provide energy. Besides, complex carbohydrates present in foods like pasta, bread, and rice, unlike simple carbohydrates, help you feel full and energetic all day long.

Such foods offer an instant source of energy, which is used as fuel by our body. Make sure you snack on oats, nuts, and fresh fruits, as they help keep your blood sugar levels under control, helping lower your cholesterol.

5. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can help improve the resistance of your body by countering fatigue and help you stay energetic.Even mild exercises such as walking, jogging,  or swimming for a few minutes every day can make you healthy.  Cycling up a hill or running is a great way to increase the stamina and burn calories simultaneously.

If you like to work out indoors, you could jog in place or run on a treadmill. On the other end, swimming is good stamina, and muscle-building exercise as the water offers resistance, thereby making the muscles work more onerous. Taking a daily dance or yoga class can also help [2]

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6. Get a good night’s sleep

Your body needs time to unwind at the end of the day. It’s therefore vital that you catch up on at least seven-eight hours of sleep daily to improve your physical and mental performance. If you have trouble sleeping at night, spend some minutes meditating, or doing yoga. This will help beat mental fatigue and stress.

However, going to bed immediately after a heavy meal can lead to fat accumulation in your body. It’s therefore essential that you maintain a gap of at least an hour between your dinner and sleep. A brisk walking after your dinner is the best way to boost metabolism and enhance digestion.

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7. Eat wisely

To build stamina, it is crucial that you concentrate on what you are eating and whether or not the food you intake will do you any favor. Also, to ensure a continuous supply of energy to our body, it is best to break down your meals into 5 smaller proportions that can then be taken during regular intervals.

8. Go easy on the salt

When you engage in rigorous physical activity or sweat, your body loses a lot of salt during perspiration. Therefore, you must check on your salt consumption as you wouldn’t want your sodium levels to drop drastically. Low salt consumption can cause electrolyte imbalances, leading to dizziness, thereby reducing your energy levels.

Remember that the daily suggested dose for sodium consumption is 2300-2400 mg. Steer clear from foods such as fast-food, chips, canned and prepared soups, frozen entrees, deli meats, or anything packaged or processed.

9. Don’t skip protein rich foods

Foods rich in proteins, vitamin C, and iron help build stamina, improve your immune system, and repair your body’s tissues and muscles.

Kiwis, oranges,  limes, lemons, apples, cranberries, grapefruits, guavas,  spinach, grapes, kale, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, gooseberry, Brussels sprouts, thyme, chives, and basil, are all excellent sources of vitamin C.

While poultry, fish, eggs, milk, legumes, cheese, and nuts are rich in milk, protein, cheese, yogurt, sardines, and green leafy vegetables help improve the levels of calcium and iron in your body.

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Bottom Line

When the goal is how to build stamina naturally, make sure that you follow the instructions in this article. The key is to combine healthy food options with exercise, ensuring you get the best of both.When it comes to physical activities, make sure you do the exercises frequently.

It would help if you gave your body enough time to rest, which increases your stamina. Make sure you hydrate well, which allows you to sustain your body for prolonged periods.

While it is important to rest between each workout, try to reduce the duration of the downtime. By increasing the level of exertion gradually, you will know the truth about how to build stamina.Remember, the key to increasing your stamina naturally is a long marathon, not a 100-meter sprint!

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