5 Best Natural Endurance Supplements

Updated on August 20th, 2020
stamina building supplements

You’re totally glued on long-distance running and just signed up for your 14th marathon, or perhaps cycling or swimming is your choice, or maybe you’re into all of them

No matter what sport you play, endurance sporting events have their own challenges regarding supplements and vitamins for strength and stamina.

It would help if you focused on channeling these in to help support the sheer volume of your consistently intense workouts. You can’t run 30 miles on potato chips and carbonated beverages (or maybe you may, but it can’t last long).

A viable and alternative solution, which some endurance athletes prefer, is to support their whole foods dietary intake with natural endurance supplements.

Endurance training puts extreme strain on athletes’ bodies from a mental, physical, and energy viewpoint. As if the time needed to train for endurance exercises wasn’t sufficient, throw in the time required to prepare and eat nutrient-rich foods to replenish energy, and you quickly run out of time in the day.

Nutrients like proteins, complex carbs,  vitamin C, and fiber is vital for those who are into sporting activities. These nutrients keep you feeling energetic and active.

Essential Nutrients

1. Complex carbs

When we talk about building stamina, you just cannot miss out on complex carbohydrates. Carbs are a crucial source of energy for your brain and body. Carbs are the food that the body utilizes to get glucose, which gives energy.

Complex carbs are present in foods like pasta, bread, and rice, which, unlike simple carbohydrates, keep you feeling energetic all through the day.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps build your immune system and protects you from infections like cough and cold, which drain your energy. When you are exteriors, you are more susceptible to viral infections, which harm your health. Thus ensure that you consume fruits and foods dense in vitamin C.

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3. Proteins

Protein is a crucial nutrient for the development, growth,  and repair of body and muscle tissues. Protein has a greater metabolic rate than fat so that a person can burn excess calories. It is also known to increase satiety, which hampers a person from excess eating. Healthy sources of protein include fish, lean chicken, nuts, and eggs.

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4. Iron

Lack of iron in your food can cause stamina loss. You can get iron from beans, meat, nuts, and some vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. Consult your physician about taking iron supplements.

Luckily, with the right supplement plan, you can shave some time off your preparation time, boost your recovery and performance, and get on your way to crushing a new milestone. Here’s our list of the top 5 stamina building supplements, endurance athletes should consider!

Supplements for STAMINA

1. Pure Encapsulations’ Creatine Powder – 500 Grams

Pure Encapsulations’ Creatine Powder can help address symptoms of mild fatigue, especially during brief spurts of high-intensity activity, and can encourage improved athletic performance.

It also plays a role in building lean muscle mass. One serving contains 4 grams of creatine monohydrate, which works to support a substance called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) [1]. Adenosine triphosphate is a molecule that naturally provides your muscles with energy.

This powdered supplement may accelerate the delivery of energy to working muscles; as a result‚ it could potentially support explosive bursts of power during weight lifting or some other forms of athletic training. It is an ideal supplement for stamina in the gym.

2. Source Naturals’ Guarana Energizer™ 900 mg – 100 Tablets

For eons, Amazonian Indians have used guarana to boost energy, reduce appetite, increase libido, and fight off malaria. Now the rest of the globe has discovered this tonic: supplements are available, and hot guarana drinks or soft drinks flavored with guarana prove a popular alternative to tea /coffee-you can even buy guarana-boosted candies. Some sports professionals use guarana to improve their performance during competitions and training [2].

  • Guarana is available as a liquid extract, dried herb, capsule, tablet, and oral spray.
  • Guarana is also available combined with other herbs thought to improve alertness, either mental or physical, such as ginseng.

3. PureFormulas’ Ashwagandha 500 mg – 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Ashwagandha is a renowned herb that’s known for its beneficial properties in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It’s also believed to have adaptogenic properties ‚ working to fight stress‚ to fight free radicals and boost your immunity.

PureFormulas’ Ashwagandha provides this herbal ingredient in a convenient vegetable capsule. One capsule contains 500 milligrams of ashwagandha root extract. Besides, this supplement may have a positive impact on balancing your mood [3] .

During occasional stress periods‚ Ashwagandha can improve relaxation. It can also function to boost memory and cognitive functioning; for instance,this extract can shield your body against free radicals that can attack cells.

4. Pure Encapsulations’ Rhodiola Rosea – 180 Capsules

Everyone experiences occasional fatigue — particularly after experiencing stressful conditions. Stress is the primary cause of several health disorders. Avoiding stress may not always be possible ‚ but learning how to handle it can help reverse or prevent many stress-related health conditions.

Limiting the intake of stimulants like caffeine, exercising‚  and learning some relaxation techniques can remarkably decrease your stress levels; however‚ adjusting these activities into your regimen may be inconvenient and become its source of strain.

Certain herbs are known to enhance your mood and reduce stress; one such gem is Rhodiola rosea. This plant is also called golden root and is native to Siberia [4]. This stamina food supplement can reduce fatigue levels triggered by stress; it has also been proven to boost energy and help improve short-term memory.

5. Nature’s Ways’ Beet Root Powder – 5 oz (150 Grams)

While beets’ nitrates help keep your heart from working too hard, they can also support your muscles. A 2017 research published in the journal Nutrients, for instance, found that Beet Root Powder supplementation can improve time-to-exhaustion during workouts.  It may help you work out for prolonged periods.

This benefit may arise from nitric oxide’s ability to improve blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles [5]. Since oxygen is a critical component in powering forms of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise—like bike rides or long runs —more oxygen means better performance.

Bottom Line

Endurance athletes spend hours and hours a month doing the same repetitive activity, which can put a massive strain on their bodies. This infers you should pay close attention that you are helping your body with overall healthy nutrition.

The initial step is to ensure you are getting adequate calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates to support so many workouts. Supplements can speed up recovery and help promote better performance. Dialing in your nutrition, supplementing it as adequately necessary, and training can help make sure you make it to the podium!

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