How to Kick Caffeine Intake and Get Better Health

Updated on February 19th, 2020
benefits of quitting caffeine

Coffee is one of the early morning routines for most of us. As our day starts with a blended taste of coffee in the belief that it offers us an energizing day. But post 4-5 hours, you might want to have another cup for the same reason.

CAFFEINE in coffee is a substance that holds a terrible health reputation as it builds the danger of cardiovascular illness, just as bladder and kidney cancer. Therefore, treat yourself with a healthy mind or soul by the benefits of quitting caffeine from your life.

Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

Motivate yourself with the below-listed caffeine detox benefits:

1. Better Sleep

side sleep

Caffeine addiction is also the cause of influencing your sleep. As per the study, it is revealed that your sleep cycle alters with the daily coffee intake, which may cause restlessness and leads to daytime drowsiness. Our body needs to take 8 hours of rest or sleep. It best to give up on Caffeine.

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2. Better Mood

Caffeine modifies the state of mind too. Numerous individuals report that they may be feeling quite irritable until they’ve had their morning espresso, and some may feel lethargic after the Caffeine starts to wear off toward the evening. Thus, the benefits of not drinking coffee may result in an overall good or stable mood.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Caffeine has been appeared to raise circulatory strain levels due to the stimulatory impact it has on your sensory system. Taking around 3 to 5 cups of Caffeine daily has additionally been related to an expanded danger of cardiovascular illness(1). Thus, coffee detox may help in keeping your blood pressure healthy.

4. Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder

Caffeine accompanies a burst of anxiety levels in the body, which is the thing that the vast majority of people take it for. In any case, that vitality additionally animates our “battle or flight” hormones. This may cause an expansion in uneasiness, apprehension, heart palpitations, and even fits of anxiety.

5. Less Calorie

Caffeine and Caffeinated beverages are mainly the essential cause of adding up the empty calories in our diets. This may bring various issues like extra weight and so. Thus, quitting Caffeine may help in absorbing fewer calories to you, and this leads to better health.

6. Nutrients Absorption

The tannins in Caffeine can repress the ingestion of the body supplements. It applies to those individuals who have high caffeine consumption and an imbalanced eating regimen. A “no caffeine” at all can help guarantee you’re getting all the supplements conceivable from your daily diet.

7. No Headaches

Caffeine admission is a significant factor in creating constant daily cerebral pains/ headaches(2). Caffeine withdrawal is a thing which may also come with a lot of side effects, which quickly goes away within a few days but ensure your good health with no headaches after quitting Caffeine.

8. Better Digestion

Healthy Digestion

Caffeine makes a purgative effect that animates the bowels when the same is being consumed in a vast amount. Furthermore, caffeinated beverages may also develop GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

How to Quit Caffeine?

The excess of Caffeine may even lead to various health issues.

Here are the natural ways of giving up Caffeine:

  1. The weaning method- According to this method, instead of quitting Caffeine at once, start reducing the daily intake of Caffeine gradually.
  2. Identify the substitute; in the meantime, you start reducing the caffeine quantity like herbal tea, decaf coffee, green coffee, root beer, and more.

Bottom Line

We are often encumbered with concerns on “How to quit caffeine.” And the solution is simple, motivate and develop your mental or inner belief to easily quit the Caffeine slavery from your life.

Thus, stay healthy and wise by saying no to caffeine.


1. How Long Does It Take to Quit Coffee?

The time takes to quite coffee or Caffeine also depends on you as a consumer, as for light caffeine consumers, it would take around 3-4 days to almost 2-3 weeks. But in the case of an addictive consumer, it can take up to 2-3 months even with the withdrawal symptoms for around a week or so.

2. Do You Experience Headache while Quitting Caffeine?

Everybody has different caffeine withdrawal symptoms, but the common include headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, mood swings. Whereas in some cases, people may feel depression, muscle pains, and even an inability to concentrate properly. Thus, experiencing a headache is one of your “Caffeine quitting sign.”

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