Benefits of Orange Juice to Boost Your Health

Updated on March 11th, 2020
benefits of orange juice

Orange juice is a part of your daily life. When life is busy, and people lack time to prepare a healthy balanced breakfast, they balance it by having a quick glass of juices, especially orange juice. Quite a lot of Americans consider orange juice an indispensable part of their daily diet, especially breakfast. Have you ever wondered about the numerous benefits of orange juice?

Why Should You Have Orange Juice?

Important Nutrients

Get detailed information about orange juice nutrition facts from its contents.

To be precise, a serving of orange juice of 240 ml contains

  • 67 percent Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C
  • Potassium, Folate and Magnesium
  • 110 Calories
  • 2 grams Protein
  • 26 grams of Carbs in orange juice

Carbs in Orange juice help provide energy. Vitamin C is useful for healing wounds, gum, and bone health. Folate, on the other hand, is vital for fetal growth and DNA synthesis. To sum up, a long list of nutrients is a significant reason for the various benefits of orange juice.

Benefits of Orange Juice

1. Source of Antioxidants

Orange juice vitamin C can help prevent Oxidative stress. Orange juice is an excellent source of antioxidants like flavonoids, ascorbic acid, and carotenoids. These antioxidants are high for the overall health of an individual apart from increasing immunity. They are helpful in the prevention of chronic conditions, too, like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

According to research, 750 ml of orange juice daily for eight weeks resulted in a noticeable improvement in the anti-oxidative stamina of an individual. However, orange juice in diarrhea should be avoided, even though it does not cause it.

2. Prevents Kidney Stone

Dissolves Kidney Stones

Kidney stones cause a lot of pain, nausea, and even blood in the urine. Orange juice nutrition could help in preventing kidney stones by increasing the pH level of urine. When the pH level of the urine increases, it reduces the probability of kidney stones.

Research has also claimed that orange juice health benefits pertaining to the reduction of kidney stones are higher than that of lemonade.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular diseases account for millions of deaths every year. The benefits of orange juice include the reduction of risk factors leading to heart diseases. Orange juice aids in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The potassium in orange juice helps in regulating blood pressure and protects against heart disease and stroke. Research proved that regular consumption of orange juice decreased levels of harmful cholesterol and boosted the growth of good HDL cholesterol(1). Together these factors add up to the reduced chance of heart diseases and promote heart health.

4. Decreases Inflammation

Orange juice is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties too. Vitamin C and D are essential defenders of bacteria, viruses, and infections while improving the body’s immunity. Fortified orange juice vitamin D content ranges to 15 percent of the RDI in 8 ounces of the juice.

Plant compounds like flavonoids and carotenoids fight against inflammation and encourage cell communication, which plays a vital role in reaction to diseases and infections.

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5. Provides Beautiful Skin

healthy skin
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A glass of orange juice daily can become the secret behind your glowing skin. Try these benefits of orange juice to keep you hydrated and improve skin quality. Vitamin C and carotenoids enhance elasticity, collagen formation, and delays aging of the skin. Carotenoids in orange juice protect the surface against oxidative stress and prevent wrinkles.

Is orange juice good for you? Yes! It is.

Now that you know of the numerous benefits of orange juice, you should go ahead and include it in your daily diet. Also, try the keto diet with orange juice. You could opt for sugar-free orange juice or low carb orange juice. It will help you enjoy the benefits of the citrus orange juice without feeling guilty about the carbs or calories.

You can have orange juice almost at all ages and health conditions. Orange juice during pregnancy is a good source of nutrients. Pregnant ladies could benefit from fortified ones with vitamin D and calcium(2) in orange juice. Though it is a good source of Vitamin C, using orange juice for babies requires a consultation with a doctor. Avoid giving it to infants below six months due to its acidic nature.

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1. Is It Right To Have Orange Juice Every Day?

Coupled with questions like “is orange juice healthy?” The answer is yes. You can have orange juice every day. But before including it in your daily diet, take your health into account and ask yourself

  • Is orange juice acidic?
  • Does orange juice have calcium?
  • Is orange juice gluten-free?
  • How much potassium in orange juice?
  • Is orange juice bad for you?

2. How much should orange juice one consume every day?

When you start consuming orange juice every day, then consider the following

  • How many calories in orange juice or how many carbs in orange juice?
  • Is orange juice good for a cold?
  • Does orange juice help a sore throat?

You should also know how long does orange juice last and make sure to take it when fresh. Experts usually recommend 8 ounces orange per day for adults and older children, and 4-6 ounces for younger kids each day.

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