Benefits of Ashwagandha – A Perfect Herb to Fightback Health Ailments


Ashwagandha is a tiny, woody plant with yellow flowers. This plant is quite useful and therapeutic. Ashwagandha uses are numerous, and the primary benefit it provides is its property of fighting against depression (1). The benefits of ashwagandha for anxiety are widely known. There are also many benefits of ashwagandha root as the root is said to be its most compelling part of this plant.

The benefits of its roots have been known for 3000 years for its Ayurveda remedies. This super plant provides several benefits to its consumers. It is used as a cure against many ailments such as arthritis, insomnia, menstrual issues, tuberculosis, tumor, backache (2). It is also used to maintain the levels of sugar and fat in the blood.

Bizarre Facts:

Did you know that the Sanskrit translation of ashwagandha is “the smell of a horse,” which, thankfully, is not literal? The term is meant to indicate that the herb will give one the vigor and strength of a stallion, and, rest assured, it smells merely like a dried herb and not a carriage house!

Ashwagandha powder dosage per day depends upon the reason you are consuming it for. However, according to many studies, just 250 mg of the benefits of ashwagandha could give amazing results. Moreover, if the dosage is increased to 500 to 600 mg per day consistently for a month, it may prove incredibly beneficial.

There are numerous benefits of ashwagandha to its users, it also helps women to conceive effectively. Here are the home remedies using ashwagandha, for women who plan to conceive:


  1. Take a pan and place it on a medium-high flame
  2. Pour 400 ml water in the pan
  3. Now mix some amount of ashwagandha powder to the water and bring it to a boil
  4. Reduce the water to 100 ml
  5. Now add 100 ml milk to the mixture of water and ashwagandha powder
  6. Keep boiling the mixture until it reduces to 100 ml
  7. Now filter the mixture and store it in a bottle


benefits of ashwagandha
  1. You can take 30 ml of the ashwagandha water every day before a meal
  2. It is most effective when consumed along with one tablespoon of ghee
  3. The mixture should be consumed after three hours of preparation
  4. The combination must not be re-boiled
  5. Continue consuming this mixture for a good three months

You can also consume Ashwagandha in the form of cookies. Here is the recipe for ashwagandha remedial cookies.


  1. Ashwagandha powder 3 teaspoons
  2. All-purpose flour ½ cup
  3. Almond butter ¼ cup
  4. Sugar 1/8 cup
  5. Milk ¼ cup
  6. A pinch of salt


  1. With the help of a sieve, swift the flour three times in a pot
  2. Add ashwagandha powder and salt to the flour
  3. Sift the flour again
  4. Now place a saucepan on a low, medium heat and melt the butter
  5. Now add sugar to the melted butter and mix thoroughly
  6. Now add milk to the sugar and butter mixture
  7. Once all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, add them to the dry ingredients gradually
  8. Keep mixing the ingredients while you add them
  9. Now form a dough by kneading it well
  10. With the help of a scooper, take out some amount of cookie dough and create a cookie-like shape with the help of your hands
  11. Now place a baking sheet on a baking pan and place the cookies
  12. Keep them in the oven at 375F for five minutes
  13. Take them out of the oven and let it cool
  14. Healthy and delicious cookies are ready to be served. It can be served hot as well.

Though ashwagandha provides numerous benefits, it has its share of cons too. Ashwagandha must be strictly avoided during pregnancy as some of its properties may induce a miscarriage.

Furthermore, diabetic patients must also avoid ashwagandha as it may cause blood sugar levels to go too low. It is also said to increase the thyroid level along with triggering stomach ulcers. It is, therefore, always recommended to take ashwagandha dosages after the doctor’s advice.

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In conclusion, ashwagandha is a therapeutic plant that helps rejuvenate your body and mind by providing numerous benefits of ashwagandha. It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels along with fighting against depression and anxiety. Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant, and its advantages are known for 3000 years now. There are numerous ways in which ashwagandha can be consumed to benefit from the rejuvenating plant.


1. What should be the dosage of ashwagandha every day?

Ashwagandha starts showing its benefits even at the consumption of 250 mg. according to many studies consuming 500 to 600 mg, every day consistently for up to a month may provide numerous health benefits.

2. How to take ashwagandha?

There are numerous ways in which ashwagandha can be consumed. Ashwagandha powder is used in making tea. It can also be directly mixed with water and milk. Furthermore, it can also be added to desserts.

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