Hangovers and Hangxiety? Sip on to These Coffees for an Instant Relief

Updated on November 19th, 2019

We have often experienced late-night parties where the drinks double and triple over conversations and time. What do you do then when you wake up with a pounding headache and dizziness? 

You usually get a hangover (1)as a result of alcohol over-indulgence. This is how it functions – alcohol metabolizes into acetaldehyde, which is a toxic substance at high levels. You may experience vomiting, dysentery, palpitations when you consume more than you can take.

You should first drink two glasses of water and urinate to take it out of your system. Make a steaming hot cup of coffee and let the coffee do its job for you, making you feel rejuvenated and normal. How to utilize the benefits of coffee for hangover? Let’s learn the best methods of using coffee!

Interesting Facts About Coffee

  • Did you know that a goat herder first noticed coffee? He discovered it after noticing a change in his goats’ behavior after chewing on coffee cherries.
  •   Did you know coffee was banned in Mecca? 
  •   Beethoven loved coffee so much that he would exactly 60 beans to one cup of coffee.
  •   The country with maximum imports in coffee is Europe.
  •   Turkish coffee is one of the world’s best coffee.
  •   Tired of hot coffee becoming cold? Add cream to it to make it stay warm for a bit longer.
  •   In ancient Arab culture, not liking coffee was a ground for divorce.

How Does Coffee Act on Hangover?

Coffee for Hangxiety

You’ll begin to get a hangover when your blood alcohol level drops. When you wake up with a hangover, the first thing to do is to drink fluids. While there may be medications to cure a hangover quickly, a safe way would be to drink coffee for hangover.

  • Coffee works as a stimulant — the caffeine in the coffee blocks acetate, which treats a headache. 
  • While a hot cup of coffee will ease you and relax your mind, what you also need to give yourself is time to get rid of the symptoms of a hangover.
  • After you drink a hot cup of coffee, you’re likely to use the washroom more frequently. Coffee works as a diuretic, so you can also feel dehydrated. Drink umpteen amounts of water after your coffee.
  • Anything beyond a specific limit is bad for health, be it alcohol or coffee. Drink both responsibly to avoid hassles.

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Methods to Take Coffee for Hangover?

If you’re having a terrible bad hangover and need to get it out somehow you might want to do this:-

  1. Drink two glasses of water.
  2. Wait for half an hour.
  3. Drink half a cup of coffee.
  4. Wait for another half an hour and drink another glass of water.
  5. If you feel the need for it, drink another cup of coffee.

Types of Coffee to Cure a Hangover

1. Espresso Coffee

Things you will need –  Aeropress, freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee grinder, stovetop kettle.

Method – 

Grind your coffee beans to the desired consistency, measuring to about two tbsp. Then, heat 1 cup of water to a temperature just before boiling point. Now, use the drain filter in Aeropress and rinse it with hot water. Add the ground coffee to Aeropress. Add about ½ cup from the hot water and pour it in the Aeropress while stirring quickly. Press the plunger until its fully depressed, and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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2. Cappucino

 Cappucino not just works for a hangover but is also the most preferred form of coffee all over the world.

Things you will need – Instant coffee, kettle, sugar, 1 cup of water and milk.

Image: Shutterstock

Method –

  Boil water in a kettle or a pan. Add 1-2 tsp of coffee to this boiling water. Add sugar. Keep aside.

In a separate pan boil milk until there are bubbles. Turn off the heating source and pour it into a container that fills its halfway. Close the lid and shake vigorously. Once, the froth forms, pour the milk into the cup and stir to form coffee. Scoop the foam from the milk and add it to your coffee to make a cappuccino.

3. Regular Coffee

This is the quickest and easiest of all recipes. Boil milk and keep aside. 

Things you will need – Instant coffee, kettle, sugar, 1 cup of water and milk.

Method –

Take sugar and coffee and 1 tsp milk. Add this to a mug and beat the mixture. Pour the hot milk into it.

Drink it while it is hot to get rid of a hangover. To make it stronger, add more coffee powder to it.

The best way to not have a hangover is to not take the “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila floor” too seriously. While drinking is fun, a hangover isn’t so much. Having said that if you have had alcohol over doze, best would be to double up the amount of alcohol summed to that of water. If it still doesn’t get better, get yourself a cup of coffee along with some aspirin.


1. Is Coffee Good for a Hangover?

Yes. It very much is. It works as a diuretic and flushes out the toxins from your body, making you feel better.

2. How Can I Drink Coffee for a Hangover?

You can make regular coffee or black coffee. However, Cappucino might also help you feel better.

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