Baking Soda Bath For Diaper Rash + Other Benefits

Updated on April 18th, 2020
diaper rash in babies

If your baby is suffering from diaper rash then choosing baking soda bath for your little one could be a good option. Baking soda for diaper rash is an effective homemade remedy that you can opt for as it not only removes the rashes from the skin and reduces itching but also has several other benefits. These benefits of baking soda bath have been discussed in this particular article.

According to a recent report it has been found that almost 75% of the babies suffer from diaper rash(1).

Home remedies have become much popular not because of the monetary aspects, but because of its gentleness on babies. More often, babies can suffer from diaper rash due to hot as well as humid climates, which aggravates the irritating conditions of skin disease in them. For example, the warm damp conditions, fungal spores, yeasts cause irritation inside the diaper and create skin problems.

The baking soda for diaper rash can clean as well as protect the sore portion or the infected red portions of the baby’s waist and help the baby to feel comfortable, relaxed and calm. It is necessary as well as important to clean, wash and dry the nappies of the babies.

How Effective are Baking Soda Baths for Diaper Rash?

The baking soda for diaper rash as well as baking soda water baths for babies are very much important as well as effective in cleaning and making the skin of the babies fresh, smooth and tidy. It is one ingredient that is easily found in almost every house and that really works wonders in protecting the baby’s skin.

There are a lot of benefits of baking soda. There are about seven benefits of adding baking soda(2) in the bath time routine of the babies.

Benefits of Baking Soda Bath for Babies

Well, you should choose baking soda bath for babies because of its benefits. Some of them are as follows:-

1. Relieves Constipation

baking soda for diaper rash

Throughout babyhood and infancy, constipation can be a common problem for many. The parents of the babies need help in relieving the symptoms of the babies. Bathing the babies in hot baking soda water can provide them much more comfort and they can feel relaxed. In addition to this, the baking soda would help passing stools of the babies much easier. Moreover, baking soda protects the babies from diseases, injuries and helps them in easy passage of stools.

2. Balances the Levels of pH as well as Eliminates Bad Odor

Baking soda is usually alkaline in nature. When a substance of alkaline is mixed with the urine of the babies(3), it helps in neutralizing the smell of the urine. The baking soda also helps in keeping bodies of the babies refreshed.

3. Cures Diaper Rash on a Faster Rate

One of the most important benefits of utilizing baking soda in the tub is that it helps in curing diaper rashes quickly. In case, a baby develops a more painful diaper rash, it would be very much crucial to provide the baby a hot bath along with baking soda in it, at least thrice a day for nearly ten minutes.

4. Helps in Alleviating Itchiness

The smoother texture of baking soda can give relief to the infants from itchy skin. Baking soda generally removes dirt, sweat as well as oil which could be the reason for the itchiness. One of the common remedies is using baking soda with vanilla extract and essential oils and then mixing it to bathing water. This makes for a magical, and fragrant bath.

5. Cleanses Skin and Reduces Bacteria

Baking soda is basically an alkaline substance and it contains both antifungal as well as antibacterial properties(4). A few drops of baking soda, as well as a few tablespoons of baking soda in the water, can help in cleaning of the babies skin without having to utilize harsh soaps and scrubbing. These features of baking soda are really helpful when the skin of a baby suffers from inflammatory skin problems or some irritation in the skin.

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6. Treat Eczema

cure eczema with home remedies

Eczema can make a baby much more irritable than before. Baking soda softens the skin of the babies as a gentle cleanser.

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7. Promotes Good Sleep

At times when the babies feel much more comfortable as well as clean, it renders a better and natural sleep. Therefore, there are a lot of benefits as well as the usefulness of baking soda water for babies.

As parents, a small red spot on the babies’ skin may trouble you a lot. However, panicking will not help you, a little bit of research and knowledge about the homemade remedies will often provide you with the best result. Things that we use daily, often turn out to be the perfect medicine that you are looking for. There can be no other way than opting for the natural remedies for skin-related issues, however, seeking the advice of a dermatologist is always recommended.

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