Acidic Water Uses and It’s Amazing Benefits

Updated on October 19th, 2020
Acid Water Uses

Electrolyzed water, also known as acidic water, is any water with a seven or less on the scale of pH (potential hydrogen). The term Ph stands for the amount of hydrogen contained in the water.

Its level is between 0 and 14, 7 serves as the neutrality line, where the water is not alkaline or acidic; from 0 to 7 are the acidic liquids; meanwhile, 7 through 14, the rest of the graph, shows the alkalinity in things.

What Is Acidic Water?

Acidic water has a pH reading below 7. If you have ever drunk metallic water,  chances are it might be acidic. Generally, acidic water carries high levels of heavy metals — copper, lead, and iron, to be precise.

But, is acidic water good for you?

It’s not precisely the best type of water to drink. Yet, it is essential to note that despite the scary name, acidic water is not all bad (depending on where it derived from) [1].

What Are the Uses of Acidic Water?

While you should not have acidic water, it can still be externally used in your home. Here are some benefits of acid water:

1. Daily Skin Care

Filtered acidic water complements the pH of the skin. Thus, it is suitable for showering and washing the face. It enhances your skin’s complexion as it works as a natural astringent and removes oil and dirt without the use of chemicals. [2]

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2. Skin Problems

Helps to ease the aggravation caused by itchy, dry, or chapped skin, and contributes to clearing psoriasis, acne, athlete’s foot, and eczema. [3]

3. Hair Care

Used for rinsing and washing hair, acidic water reduces dandruff and is suitable for the scalp. 

4. Mouth Care 

Use for brushing teeth to remove plaque or use as a mouthwash to kill germs or as a gargle to help soothe a sore throat. 

5. Antiseptic

Ideal for handwashing also quickens the healing process of minor wounds, cuts, rashes, insect bites,  fungal infections, and athlete’s foot.

6. Sterilization

strong acidic water with a pH under 3.0 kills pathogens on contact and can be used to sterilize kitchen utensils, cutting boards,  and other household surfaces. Acidic water may also be used to clean bathroom sinks and kitchen counters.

7. Anti-Bacterial

wash your vegetables, fruits, and meats to kill bacteria effectively.

8. Plant Care 

Clean acidic water may be used for gardening. Water plants with acidic water to promote growth, reduce fungus, keep unwanted bugs at bay, and extend the life of cut flowers.

What does acidic water do to our bodies?

When you take acidic water, you take in high levels of heavy metals like lead, copper,  and iron. Excess of these in the body’s system may end up in poisoning, which is just the short-term impact.

An acidic body is also more vulnerable to diseases as a low pH weakens the immune system. One may be at a greater risk for infection, cardiovascular problems, cancer, metabolic disorders, and other organ tissues in the long run.

Research conducted in 2018 noted that high acidity in the body (via acidogenic diet) might impair the kidneys’ function and impact the body’s acid-base balance.

Who Has Access to Acidic Water?

Anyone with a running tap possibly has access to acidic water. Acidic water is also found in some of the drinks and food we take. [4]

For instance, sparkling soda is acidic, with its pH levels at around three to four. White bread and sugar can also be acidic.

Acidic bottled waters exist, too! A research done by the JDH (Journal of Dental Hygiene) is one evidence that there are loads of bottled water products available in the market with a low pH.

Water filtration methods can also produce acidic water. Water ionizers produce two outputs: alkaline water and acidic water.

Alkaline water is the water suitable for drinking — devoid of contaminants and pumped with additional hydrogen molecules. Ideally, it should have a pH of 9.5.

On the other hand, acidic water has been filtered for external use on hair, skin, and household purposes. It has a low pH but free of annoying pollutants.

How To Know If You Have Acidic Tap Water?

Here are a few signs to watch out for when dealing with acidic tap water:

  • Smell of chlorine
  • Metallic taste
  • Corrosion in metal pipes
  • Green or blue residue from  copper or iron pipes

The easiest way to test your water is by getting a pH paper testing kit or litmus paper to conduct the test at home. These kits usually have a color scale that will help you determine the water’s pH levels. Or, you may use pH drops from a pH test kit.

Why Should You Care About the Kind of Water You Have Access To?

Like anything you take into your body, water handles an array of functions. This includes helping you stay hydrated, keeping the skin healthy, and helping digestion, among many other functions.

Knowing what is acidic water and what isn’t will go a long way. Being aware of the type of water you are drinking or using will better help you decide how best to approach everyday activities, apart from keeping you and your family safe from sickness brought about by contaminated water.

For instance, you may want to rely on alkaline water to keep you hydrated during your exercise session and to wash the vegetables and fruits for your salad. And then, make use of clean acidic water for your beauty routine — washing makeup off or concocting your skin toner.

Acidic water works well with plants too. Hydroponic gardening is best paired with pH water levels about 5.5 to 6.5 — but make sure you use clean water, one free from chemical waste, bacteria, and virus. Acidic water from a  water ionizer should be filtered through dual filters, removing over 200 contaminants.

Bottom Line

Lastly, acidic water is not intrinsically harmful. It is the contaminants it could pick up that pose a threat. Filtering out those chemical and organic compounds with a reliable water filtration system can help deliver safe cleaning water to your household. 


1. When Is Acidic Water Suitable for Drinking?

The answer is an absolute no. 

2. Where Should You Go to Get Your Tap Water Tested for Alkalinity and Acidity?

If you want detailed results, you have to send your water samples to an authorized laboratory.

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