Bug Bites Hurting? Try Witch Hazel for Instant Cure

Witch hazel for bug bites


  • Do you know that witch hazel can be used as a toner?
  • Just as it is effective, Witch Hazel can cause a skin problem too!

Witch Hazel generates from the plant leaves and bark of Hamamelis virginiana. The solvent extracted from the witch hazel plant can reduce bacteria and inflammation in the skin. Witch hazel is a super-popular ingredient used in skincare products for acne-fighting. Bacteria develop in case of excess oil that your skin generates. witch hazel for bug bites

Witch hazel rapidly works on your skin; it contains tannins with antimicrobial properties, which helps in reducing bacterial growth. The anti-inflammatory quality of witch hazel may help reduce the redness of the skin by soothing the area. Witch hazel is added in meditations too. Those medicines are useful for treating teething, itching, irritation, minor pains, and insect bites.

Witch Hazel for Bug Bites

Witch Hazel

It is used to avoid itching and swelling. It also helps in shrinking the bites and redness in the skin. Pure witch hazel oil is the best choice that you can use on insects bite. It can soothe your skin and leave the soothing effects on the affected part of the skin(1).

As you know, witch hazel for bug bites is useful in relieving the pain from the affected region. Let’s check out some excellent uses of witch hazel.

  1. Witch hazel can be used as anti-inflammation as it contains gallic acid and tannins. It also contains antioxidants that help in preventing the inflammation. So it is useful for acne or eczema.
  2. You can use any lotion which contains 10% of witch hazel extract, which is sufficient for your erythema or skin irritation. It reduces the redness of the skin.
  3. The cause of hemorrhoids is inflammation in your veins in rectum and anus, resulting in itchiness and bleeding. Witch hazel helps in slowing down the bleeding and itchiness.
  4. If you apply witch hazel on your scalp before your hair washes, it will help in treating the sensitive scalp and reduce the itchiness and tenderness. It is also beneficial for your dandruff.
  5. Witch hazel act as an astringe, which may be used in the treatment of soreness in throats. It will help you out in decreasing the pain and swelling. It reduces the excess of mucus which is caused by a sore throat(2).

Witch hazel might be used in many other treatments. It is the best antioxidant that helps in many problems regarding your skin.

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How to Use?

Witch Hazel contains a compound that helps in reducing inflammation. You can use this to cure mosquito bites too. Mosquito bites are usually harmless but could lead to severe ailments. It can be swollen, itchy, and sore. Here is the other remedy which can be very useful for mosquito or bug bites.

  1.  Witch hazel is an astringent. It can be easily found in any medical store.
  2. Direct application of Witch Hazel is not harmful, so you can apply it directly to your affected area.
  3. Use a cotton ball to apply a small amount of witch hazel.
  4. Gently swab it once over the mosquito or bug bite.
  5. Leave it for dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Repeat when required.

Applying Witch Hazel over the affected area can give you a soothing effect and relief from pain and itching.

For some common skin issues, witch hazel had been of great use. But, most of the people may get allergic reactions to it. It can increase redness, itching, and irritation. Before using it, apply a little amount of hazel on a small part of your body and leave it for 24 hours under observation. In case of any irritation or itching, you need to consult your doctor.

Witch hazel is a complete pack of treatment for bug or mosquito bites; it can fight against the mucus, swelling, irritation, inflammation, and itchiness. It can solve more than half the problems of the skin. It also reduces sunburn. It has the best effect on scratches and scars, helps in lightening them.

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Witch hazel causes the small blood vessel to constrict and also helps in the closing of pores and tightening the skin. It is also beneficial for bleeding from minor cuts and nose bleeding. Witch hazel is the best addition to at-home medicine. It is safe for you to use for specific skin conditions.

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1. Is Witch Hazel Bad for Skin?

Witch hazel is suitable for all types of skin, whether it is oily or acne. It can be beneficial for the treatment of your minor skin problems. But for long term use, it can be harmful. No matter what your skin type is.

2. Can Witch Hazel Make Acne Worse?

Yes, unfortunately, it can dry out your skin and can adverse acne effects. It can make your acne swollen and can increase the redness on your acne surroundings.

3. How Can I Use Witch Hazel for a Skincare Routine?

Witch hazel can work on your skin as a toner. You just need to wash your face and rinse it with a cleanser, then apply a little amount of hazel with the help of a cotton ball.

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