6 Best Vegetables to Help You Lose Weight

Updated on December 11th, 2019
vegetables for weight loss

Eating right, or more importantly eating healthy, can help you lose weight faster without any side effects to your body. But when it comes to eating right, certain foods can be helpful than the others. Most vegetables fall under this category, as they can effectively burn belly fat and contain nutrients that your body needs constantly.

How Can Eating Healthy Help You Lose Weight?

Nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight, and while today’s stressful life contributes to it, processed foods are also one of the main causes of obesity. Eating natural foods provides more nutrients. According to the US Department of Agriculture(1), increasing vegetables in your diet can reduce obesity.

Vegetables contain protein, they are high in soluble fibre, which reduces hunger, and the natural sugars in them help maintain your blood glucose levels. So, if you’re looking for vegetables that burn fat fast, incorporating more vegetables in your diet is a good way to start.

Did You Know?

The chemical reaction between vegetables and olive oil is what makes a Mediterranean diet healthy.

6 Vegetables That Can Help Lose Weight

Here are some of the best vegetables for weight loss and serving suggestions.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli benefits
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When it comes to healthy eating, green vegetables are the first that come to mind. That is because most of these contain high fibre content, including broccoli. The fibre in broccoli is filling, so a bowl of this vegetable will satisfy your hunger without you consuming too many calories. According to Cleveland Clinic, 25 grams of fibre is essential every day, and over 15% of that is in broccoli. The vegetable makes an excellent addition to your salad.

2. Cucumber

This low-calorie, water-based vegetable has less than 15 calories per cup. And its high water content will also hydrate you. Also, it contains fibres, making it a healthy snack, or you could add it to your daily salad. Cucumber also makes great smoothies.

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3. Mushroom


Portobello mushrooms help regulate blood sugar and balance hormones. The fungus also increases energy, so you can increase your workout time. This is essentially the best vegetable for a vegetarian weight loss diet.

4. Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes are generally considered bad for losing weight due to their starch content. But, sweet potatoes are rich in soluble fibre, which is good for suppressing hunger. A baked sweet potato only has 114 calories and can replace one meal.

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5. Carrots

Benefits of Carrots

Packed with nutrients and high in fibre, carrots are a tasty and healthy way to reduce weight. They can be added to your salad, smoothie, or stir-fried to add flavour to any dish.

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6. Celery

Another green vegetable that is very good for weight loss is celery, which is made up of fibre and water. It has only 14 calories per cup, so it makes for a good low-calorie snack with a healthy dip or peanut butter.

A bowl of peas contains more vitamin C than in two apples.

A combination of healthy eating and regular exercise is the most recommended way to lose weight. And eating natural foods like fruits and vegetables has a lot of health benefits, and the primary reason for this is because vegetables don’t have a very high-calorie count.

A study by Harvard School of Public Health diet and lifestyle change(2) found that people who increased the consumption of vegetables in their diet reduced their weight gain by 0.4 pounds every year.

Steamed broccoli can significantly reduce your cholesterol levels.


1. How Many Vegetables Should You Consume for Weight Loss?

The nutrients in vegetables can aid in weight loss, but a diet with only vegetables for weight loss is not healthy. A big bowl of various vegetables every day is recommended to facilitate weight loss.

2. Are All Vegetables Good for Weight Loss?

No, not all vegetables help in losing weight. Potatoes, corn, peas, and other such starchy vegetables are unhealthy and should be avoided since they contain a higher calorie count.

3. What Other Nutrients Can I Get From Vegetables?

Apart from being low in calories, vegetables also contain various other nutrients. Each vegetable has its own nutritional value, but the common nutrients in most vegetables include fibre and vitamins.

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