Thrive Diet: The New & Popular Diet for Weight Loss

Updated on April 30th, 2020
thrive diet

Former professional endurance triathlete Brendan Brazier has introduced the thrive diet. The book of thrive diet contains the rational definition of the eating plan, a hundred recipes, exercise routine, and a 12-week meal plan for the whole diet.

The book also provides shopping information to the enthusiasts and the correct food items that have to be consumed during the diet. According to the developer of this diet, it is not precisely a 12-week meal plan, but a lifestyle that should be followed as a change throughout life.

The diet boosts energy, has significant health benefits, elevates the mood, strengthens immunity, slows aging, lowers cholesterol, and enhances mental strength.

Although the thrive diet plan does not claim to be a weight loss diet, the plan has the side effect of weight loss as it eliminates processed food, sugar, and fat from regular consumption.


This diet is a vegan, entirely plant-based, has the potential to maintain a healthy weight, low blood pressure, and cholesterol. According to several studies, it has been discovered that vegan diets can reduce high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, chronic diseases, helps in the prevention of cancer, and also the chances of death involving cardiovascular diseases. (1)

  • As normal supplements are forbidden in this diet, there are certain thrive diet supplements, which can be specifically useful while following this plan.
  • This thrive weight loss diet is quite effective as you are eliminating all the fat, cholesterol, and sugar from your regular routine.
  • Brazier, the developer of this diet plan, suggests that the thrive diet program should begin with the elimination of excessive salt and sugar, processed food, unhealthy fat, artificial food items, and any kind of food containing processed ingredients. Brazier also mentions in the book that this diet can help reduce anxiety and stress levels significantly.
  • The diet plan suggests that people suffering from any diabetes symptoms or diabetes should refrain from consuming any starchy vegetables or fruits, such as sweet potatoes, corn, and soy. This diet plan also completely eliminates cooked food items except boiled, baked without any oil or dry roasted.
  • The meal plan is devoid of any added fat and cholesterol, which helps in inducing weight loss along with the other benefits.
  • The diet plan is a 21-day vegan program. Each day of the diet should begin with a smoothie made with organic fruits and vegetables, along with that, large green salad or wild rice yam cake. To replace the general snacks, this diet suggests consuming raw energy bars created at home, as processed foods are a complete no-no.
  • A green salad can be consumed at lunch, and afternoon snacks can also be a smoothie. There are thrive diet recipes of almond flaxseed burgers combined with hemp pesto and mixed greens during dinner. Other snacks, such as zucchini chips, can also be consumed during the day.

What Foods Can Be Eaten?

Brazier, the developer of this diet, created this as a vegan plant-based wholefood, specifically raw or cooked at very low temperatures without any added fat so that the food items can retain their natural raw elements.

The plan suggests people should consume nutrient-rich food items, such as beans, leafy greens, seeds, vegetables, hemp, fruits, cold-pressed oils, sea vegetables, brown rice, and apple cider vinegar. Each meal has to have enough fiber, healthy plant-based fat, and high protein.

This diet helps you in absorbing all the natural nutrients, minerals, and vitamins of the foods. If you are planning to follow the thrive diet, then you can find out all the plant-based products and foods online or take the assistance of the 100 recipes in the book by Brazier.

What Foods to Avoid?

The food items that should be avoided and eliminated completely from the diet, including all animal products such as meat (ok, bison, lamb, beef, etc.), dairy products (yoga, milk, kefir, cream, cheese, et cetera.), fish (salmon, tuna, white fish, etc.),

Shellfish and seafood ( Shrimps, calamari, oysters, crab, scallops, etc.), poultry and eggs (Turkey, chicken, etc). Along with these food items, you have to also avoid foods containing high amounts of sugar and also refrain from consuming refined carbohydrates. Eliminate caffeinated food items, such as coffee, from your daily routine.

Risks and Side Effects

Even though the thrive diet is quite beneficial, people who are diverse food consumers can face serious health problems. Especially if you suddenly change your lifestyle and food habits.

You can risk nutrition deficiency, especially the ones found in animal products such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, DHA, iron, and calcium. The thrive diet strictly prohibits any kind of supplement intake, but if you have recently changed your diet plan, then you will need supplements to cope with the requirements of daily recommended nutrients.

Due to these side effects, it is essential that you integrate this diet gradually into your normal lifestyle. If you start taking extreme diet regulations from the beginning, it can be quite harmful to your general health. In the beginning, you will experience gastronomical issues, such as a change in bowel movements and bloating, a slight headache, and irritation.

Begin the diet by adding a few of the food items suggested in the thrive diet. Then you can start changing one of your meals to the thrive approved diet plan. Don’t go full blast into the diet as it can imbalance your lifestyle and cause permanent damage to your gastronomic cycle.

If you suffer from any kidney disease or problems, then refrain from food items containing potassium and phosphorus. Due to these reasons, before indulging yourself in this diet, consult a nutritionist or a dietitian. A professional will be able to give a proper diagnostic of your body requirements and suggest what kind of food items you should include and exclude from the thrive diet.


1. Can a Person Suffering From Permanent Gastronomical Issues Indulge Oneself in This Diet Plan?

If you suffer from any gastronomical issues, it’s better to consult a doctor as this diet is quite extreme.

2. Is Exercise Necessary During the Diet?

This diet supports an active lifestyle where exercise is essential. You can indulge yourself in yoga or light-weight exercises during the day.

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