10 Natural Painkillers Right From Your Kitchen

Updated on February 19th, 2020
Natural Painkillers

Painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen are widely used to get quick relief from mild to moderate aches and pains. The majority of these over-the-counter pain medications are doing more harm than good to your body along with being incompetent at providing long-term relief from chronic pain.

As such, these Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs which give you relief from pain tend to cause severe damage to your body, the digestive system in particular. Long-term use of painkillers can severely damage your liver along with causing several other health issues like duodenal ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux, renal troubles, and more.

Therefore, more and more individuals are now looking for natural alternatives to relieve the symptoms of pain and recondition their body. And most of these natural alternatives are not rare, ultra-expensive, or hard to find – they are right there with you, just a few steps away – in your pantry.

    1. Relieve Earaches with Garlic
    2. Cure Toothaches with Cloves
    3. Cure Chronic Pain with Turmeric
    4. Relax Aching Muscles with Peppermint
    5. Relieve your pain with Chili pepper and more

Natural Painkillers Found in Your Pantry

1. Relieve Earaches with Garlic


Get relief from that horrible earache by keeping two drops of lukewarm garlic oil inside your aching ear for five days at a stretch. Use this oil twice a day for effective relief.

According to a study carried out at the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine, this effortless and readily available treatment can help in treating ear infections quicker as compared to most prescribed medications.

Researchers claim that the active ingredients in garlic, such as germanium(1), sulfur compounds, and selenium are toxic to a wide range of pain-causing bacteria.

To prepare your garlic oil, mildly simmer three crushed garlic cloves in a ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil for around two minutes, then strain and refrigerate the prep for about two weeks.

To get the most favorable results, lukewarm this mixture just before using so that the liquid soothes your ear canal.

2. Cure Toothaches with Cloves

Mildly chewing on a clove proves extremely effective in relieving even the most persistent toothache as well as gum inflammation. The inflammation- and pain-relieving properties of eugenol, a natural compound found in cloves serves as a powerful anesthetic.

3. Cure Chronic Pain with Turmeric

Numerous studies have shown that turmeric, one of the most diverse and popular East Indian spice, can prove three times more effective in relieving pain as compared to aspirin and several other medications.

In addition, it helps in relieving chronic pain for 50% of individuals struggling with fibromyalgia and even arthritis, as per Cornell researchers.

The reason behind this tremendous painkiller effect of turmeric is curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric that has the potential to naturally block cyclooxygenase 2, a harmful enzyme that churns out a series of pain-producing hormones.

Recipe: Sprinkle a ¼ teaspoon of turmeric every day onto any meat, vegetable dish, rice, or poultry before intake.

4. Relax Aching Muscles with Peppermint

peppermint essential oil
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Are you suffering from sore, tight muscles? Persistent knots and sore muscles can keep you down for several weeks, or even months, if left untreated, or treated poorly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you soak the aching muscle in a bucket full of lukewarm water scented with 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil thrice a week.

While the warm water will aid in relaxing your muscles, the peppermint oil will naturally soothe your nerve.

According to some experts, a combination of peppermint and warm water has the potential to treat sore muscles which provides up to 25% more relief as compared to common over-the-counter painkillers.

Besides, drinking peppermint herbal tea may come handy in relieving sore throat and improve the symptoms of stress such as abdominal pain and upset stomach.

Peppermint is rich in menthol that inhibits the nerves that respond to painful stimuli.

5. Relieve your pain with Chili pepper

If you have a flare for spicy food, then here’s some great news for you. Capsaicin(2), the major active compound found in the majority of hot peppers, exhibits tremendous pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Capsaicin interferes and abates pain signals from reaching your brain.

As such, capsaicin proves extremely effective in treating shingles, migraines, headaches, joint pain, and fibromyalgia. In case you can stand up to the taste, add 3 to 4 teaspoons of cayenne pepper to a medium glass of water and gulp it down for instant relief.

6. Treat Digestive Problems with Apple cider vinegar

AVC, an acronym used for Apple cider vinegar, is a versatile and high-potency natural remedy. It proves highly effective in healing and easing throbbing bouts of heartburn.

It works as per the process called alkalizing, wherein it aids your body in breaking down protein and fat more effectively to prevent heartburn.

In case you suffer from heartburn frequently after having a heavy meal, it is recommended that you drink a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar before a meal or sip it gradually after a meal to avoid the symptoms of heartburn.

Read: Benefits of Apple Cider vinegar

7. Cure your Body Ache with White willow bark

White Willow Bark herb

The ancient Greeks used the white willow bark as a natural alternative to aspirin. Salicin, the natural active compound in white willow bark, is highly celebrated for its high-potency pain-relieving properties.

It is said to have the same effect as that of synthetic Aspirin. The white willow bark has the potential to treat different types of pain and aches going from muscle pain, head- and toothaches, to back and joint aches. You can find willow bark in powder form, as capsules, or herbal teas.

8. Help your body function properly with Magnesium-rich foods

Less-conscious eating habits and sedentary lifestyle being followed by most of us today is clear evidence of magnesium deficiency. As such, magnesium plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of our body. It is exceptionally important for keeping your nerves and muscles functioning normally.

Many individuals find relief by increasing the intake of magnesium-rich foods, having Epsom salt baths, or by taking magnesium supplements.

9. Treat Body Pain with Cherries

Typically, cherries are a yummy and fantastic way to relieve several types of bodily pains, including those caused by chronic headaches, arthritis, or gout. Cherries contain an extremely high level of anthocyanins, which are known for their exceptional pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. These small compounds eradicate enzymes that are accountable for throbbing pain and inflammation of the tissues.

Also, researchers at the Michigan State University claim that a bowl of cherries a day may well ease out your bodily aches without any side effects, upset stomach, abdominal ulcers, or something! Their study concluded that anthocyanins possess extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties that are up to 10 times stronger as compared to aspirin and ibuprofen and aspirin.

Pain Relieving Ginger Chai Tea: Recipe

Ginger works great in tea, soups, smoothies, and stir-fry dishes to help alleviate pain. Here’s a pain-relieving ginger tea recipe that you can prepare at home quickly. Some individuals are highly sensitive to ginger and, therefore, it is advised to include ginger to your diet gradually.

Ingredients Required

  • Two cardamom pods, slightly crushed
  • Two cups of water
  • Two teaspoons black tea leaves, dried
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • Two teaspoons honey
  • One-inch ginger, grated and peeled

How to prepare:

  1. Boil the water, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon for 10 minutes.
  2. Now add a few black tea leaves and let it simmer for an additional 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Let it cool and now add almond milk to it while stirring continually.
  4. Now strain, sweeten with honey and relish or serve it.

Bottom Line

Pain, body aches, sore or stiff muscles, or occasional strains are nothing rare. All of us have experienced each of these painful conditions at some point. While there are numerous modern-day painkillers available to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in our muscles, tendons, or tissues, most of these over-the-counter medicines hurt us more than they help.

Doctors do not recommend using painkillers, medically referred to as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, for more than a few weeks. Even, the majority of physicians prescribe Proton Pump Inhibitors, i.e., medicines that aim to reduce the production of acid in your stomach due to long-term consumption of painkillers, to be taken along with NSAIDs that’s because these painkillers tend to irritate the lining of our stomach, leading to the symptoms of heartburn, stomach upset, duodenal ulcers, liver disturbances, etc.

Therefore, it makes sense to tackle your bodily pain with alternative natural remedies that induce no harmful side effects. And what better than home remedies right from your kitchen?

So next time you need a painkiller, consider trying one of the powerful natural painkillers discussed in this post rather than rushing off to your nearest pharmacy. In case the pain persists, it is recommended that you consult a registered medical practitioner to figure out the underlying cause.

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