What Makes Moleskin Treat Blisters Effectively

Updated on March 5th, 2020
moleskin for blisters

Blisters are small pockets of fluid, which can be pus, blood, serum, or plasma. Usually located in the upper skin, it seems to be made of clear fluid. A blister can appear to be red or black and is supposed to be infected. If it doesn’t heal in a week, blisters could get worse and must be immediately looked after to avoid infections. You could use moleskin for blisters as it’s a natural and inexpensive way to treat it. Moleskin is made up of cotton fabric. It is thin and woven with a purpose to create a soft and short pile on one side.

What is Moleskin?


Moleskin or Moleskin pads for blisters work well as they are durable and protect from puss-oozes and infections caused due to frictions(1), especially on the feet. Moleskins are commonly used to treat and prevent blisters as they stay in the place, better than bandages do, especially in heels where the bandage usually loses its grip on the skin.

They work better as it adds more cushioning and offers better support. They provide more adhesive hold making them highly effective and more comfortable.

How to Use a Moleskin on a Blister?

While using moleskin for blisters, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Gently clean the area with an antiseptic and dry the area around the blister.
  • Cut the moleskin into pieces, slightly bigger than the blister.
  • Next, fold and stick the adhesive sides together. Cut the moleskin into a half-circle, which should roughly be similar to the size of your blister.
  • Once unfolded, the center of the moleskin must have a hole equal to the size of a blister.
  • Remove the back strip with the adhesive and place this moleskin over the blister. Now, align the hole on the blister.

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  • If the blister sticks out above the moleskin you must cut and make another layer that makes the moleskin slightly thicker.
  • If the blister is big, use a foam backing with the moleskin.
  • You can also put padding around the blister that prevents friction and irritation caused by it. This prevents it from popping as that might put you at risk for infection.
  • If you’ve bought a new pair of shoes, place some moleskin for blisters in areas where they tend to occur. It will prevent any friction on the skin and prevent blisters.
  • You can also wrap the toes in moleskin to avoid rubbing. Moleskin can also be used as a sole for shoes if there is a narrow heel that digs into the skin.

How Much to Use?

  • You can use it every day, depending upon the need and size of the blister.
  • For runners or trainers who might wear new shoes or go for a long run, using moleskin for blisters daily will help to avoid a shoe bite and is of great help.

How to Use to Prevent a Blister?

  • The most important thing about using moleskin for blister is it must never be directly used on a blister. The adhesive at the back of moleskins is strong and can rip off the blister when remove it.
  • An open blister can cause severe infection and lead to problems of vital tissue, amputation, or even death. Thus, always make sure that a roof in moleskin is maintained that protects the blister from popping out. A.
  • Always consult a doctor before starting your treatment, and if you have a staph infection, seek doctor’s help immediately.

What Not to Do

  • Do not put moleskin directly over a blister, as the adhesive on the back can easily rip off the blister (known as the roof) when you remove the same. The roof of the blister protects it from developing an infection.

Bottom Line

Moleskin(2) helps protect existing blisters. It also and prevent new ones from occurring. You can apply it to the inside of your shoes if the shoes tend to rub against your skin in certain places. Ensure you don’t place it directly over a blister, as this can damage the roof of the blister.

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1. Can I use moleskin for blisters to cover at night?

It is best to cover a blister with an ointment and a bandage at night instead of using moleskin for night time. In case the blister pops, the bandage absorbs the fluid, and the lotion helps to reduce infection.

2. Can I pop the blister?

No. It can expose you to the risk of an infection that might require medical intervention.

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