Maqui Berry – Health Benefits Along with Its Side Effects

Updated on December 24th, 2019
maqui berry

Maqui is the plant that grows in Chile and Argentina along with the dark-purple berries. Are you wondering how eating berries can help you with several health benefits? Well, it is right in the case of Maqui berries, which get used various medicinal and food purposes.

Maqui Berry Nutritional Profile

Based on a Diet of 2000 calories a day.

Carbs 5 Gms
Dietary Fiber 3 Gms
Sugar 1 Gms
Fat 0 Gms
Sodium 1 Mg
Potassium 0 Mg
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 1%
Iron 2%

Generally, people use Maqui berry for weight, dry eye, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, fever, and general health issues. Due to the high antioxidant content present in Maqui berry, you can get potential health benefits by taking the limited dose.

However, it would help if you consumed Maqui berries in an insufficient dose for understanding the practical health benefits.

Maqui Berry Health Benefits

1. Full of antioxidants


Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants help in preventing the effects caused by free radicals. It is because free radicals can cause inflammation, cell damage, and disease due to their instability. Maqui berry extract is loaded with beneficial antioxidants, which helps in stabilizing free radicals.

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2. Help in fighting inflammation

According to the conducted research, Maqui berries(1) have the high potential to overcome the conditions associated with the inflammation.

Along with it, the common diseases like heart problems, arthritis, and lung conditions get properly treated after taking the regular dose of Maqui berry.

3. Protection Against Heart Disease

Undoubtedly, Maqui berries are rich in potent antioxidants that are directly linked to a healthier heart. In addition to it, the extract of Maqui berries helps in lowering LDL cholesterol; thus, encourages the healthy functioning of the heart.

4. Control Blood Sugar level

cure diabetes

Maqui berries help in controlling the levels of blood sugar. The compounds found in the Maqui berry have a positive effect on how the body breaks down, and after that, it uses carbs for energy. It helps in reducing type 2 diabetes, which makes it healthier to eat.

5. Treats Cardiovascular Problems

Oxidation of cholesterol in the blood can lead to several cardiovascular issues like heart attack, hardening of arteries, and heart stroke. The intake of Maqui berry helps in preventing such heart issues by controlling the cholesterol level in the blood.

6. Supports Eye health

Excessive exposure to light can cause damage to the eyes due to which it becomes necessary to take care of eyes properly. The antioxidants(2) present in the Maqui berry juice help in protecting eyes against light-induced damage.

Other uses

  1. Antibacterial properties: Maqui berries are loaded with antibacterial properties. Such a great property of Maqui berries helps in treating bacterial infections effectively. Along with it, the limited intake of Maqui berries helps in providing relief from various inflammatory diseases like arthritis.
  2. Anti-carcinogen effects: Cancer cells get produced by the unstable free radicals which are present in the body. The potent antioxidants present inside the Maqui berries help in preventing the damage to DNA cells. In addition to it, Maqui berry benefits help in fighting against cancers like
  3. Helps in weight loss: Maqui berries are rich in high nutrients plus are low in calories. It helps in making them useful for weight loss. Along with it, Maqui berries help in balancing the sugar levels in the blood by restricting the production of fat cells. Thus, it is beneficial to consume Maqui berry when you are seeking for weight loss.
  4. Improve digestion: Maqui berry health benefits serve as an effective way, which helps in boosting up the metabolism of the body. If you want to make digestion more comfortable, then it is beneficial to consume Maqui berry. Therefore, healthy digestion contributes directly to a healthy body.

Dosage & Side Effects

Though Maqui berries are full of health benefits, still it is better to look at the dosage of such berries. Taking approximately180 mg dose of Maqui berries for up to 3 months is quite safe for the health.

However, pregnant ladies need to avoid the use of Maqui berry. Maqui berries do not cause such severe health issues, but it becomes a reason for the allergies. If you have allergies with the consumption of berries, then they need to avoid the intake of Maqui berries.

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Bottom Line

Maqui berry has become a superfruit in today’s time by providing several potential health benefits. It helps in enhancing the functioning of the heart, along with the lowering of harmful cholesterol levels, which is LDL cholesterol.

Along with it, Maqui berries help in promoting eye health and anti-aging effects. However, it is better to use Maqui berry in a limited dose.


1. Is maqui berry extract safe?

Maqui berries are loaded with antibacterial and antiviral properties. It makes them beneficial for enhancing the functioning of the heart plus good health.

2. What is vitamin best for dry eyes?

According to a conducted research, it has found that extract of Maqui berries help in increasing the tear production due to which it helps in dry eye relief.

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