Top 5 Essential Liver Cleanse Supplements

Updated on August 18th, 2020
liver supplements

You may have heard of a  gut-friendly eating regimen or a heart-healthy lifestyle. But are you aware of what nutrients you require for liver health? Where the heart has the focus in many medicated diets, the liver is like the protective guard of the body that blocks and makes certain toxins don’t stay in your body.

The liver cleans your blood of waste and toxins like drugs and alcohol and protects you by fighting infections, and transforms the food you eat into nutrients and usable energy, among many things. Poor diet, genetics,  or excessive use of alcohol and drugs can lead to a diseased liver.

About Liver Disease

One kind of liver disorder is cirrhosis, which causes the liver’s scarring that can contribute to liver failure. Another kind of liver condition is fatty liver disease, which can be caused by alcohol abuse or other nonalcoholic factors like type 2 diabetes, obesity,  or hepatitis.

Maintaining a Healthy Liver

No matter what the reason for your liver condition, nutrition plays a crucial role in treatment. Consuming a healthy diet low in salt and sugar and full of antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits is essential to protect the body [1].

Also, limiting drug and alcohol use and maintaining a healthy weight is vital to give the liver a rest during recovery. However, you should remember to use these healthy behaviors as a supplemental treatment to be implemented along with the medicines and procedures prescribed by your medical practitioner.

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What Are Liver Cleanse Supplements?

Since our liver is one of the most crucial and important organs of our body, it is no wonder that supplement manufacturers create and sell liver supplements that promise improved liver health.

Typically, liver supplements are just that, supplements that will improve the health of your liver. Notably, there are various benefits that liver supplements promise including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Protect your liver cells against inflammation
  • Detoxify your liver and kidneys
  • Promote and enhance your liver’s overall health
  • Optimize your liver’s overall function and system
  • Increase the production of bile
  • Support your immune and respiratory systems
  • Help you in losing weight
  • Enhance your metabolism

So, what liver support supplements should we use? We suggest that the best liver supplement contains some of the five natural liver detox supplements listed here. These liver supplements are shown to be very beneficial to your liver, plus, they can benefit you in ways other than just improving liver health.

If you feel like you aren’t taking enough nutrients through your diet alone, certain liver-healthy supplements can help. Here’s a quick look at the liver health supplements.

Best Liver Supplements

1. PureFormulas’ Milk Thistle Supreme – 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum (L.) Gaertn.) has been in everyday medicinal use since the Middle Ages in Europe. Silymarin is a combination of three powerful flavonoids (silydianin, silybin‚, and silychristin). This extract from PureFormulas is standardized to eighty percent silymarin flavonoids.

Since your liver works hard to flush out toxins and other potentially damaging chemicals from your body‚ this herb helps fix overburdened liver cells.

Silymarin activates to attach itself to the outer membrane of liver cells, aiding it in the detoxification processes and offering antioxidant protection for the body [2]. Milk thistle also has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve and promote overall healing.

2. Protocol for Life Balances’ Chlorella 400 mg – 100 Veg Capsules

This supplement from Protocol for Life Balance® contains chlorella extracts with broken cell walls to improve absorption and digestion.

Rich in peptides, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, sugars, and nucleic acids, this supplement can help multiply good bacteria in the intestine. The antioxidant properties of chlorella are believed to assist detoxification and protect against free radicals in the body [3].

This supplement has chlorophyll‚ which works as an antioxidant and can support healthy liver functions and cellular reproduction. Opt for a healthier life when you take Chlorella from Protocol for Life Balance® frequently in your diet.

3. Jarrow Formulas’ French Oak Extract (Robuvit®) 100 mg – 60 Veggie Capsules

It has been proven to support liver function, reduce oxidative stress, help boost energy, minimize fatigue, and improve both mood and physical performance. French Oak trees are seen in the Massif region (Central France).

A research proved that supplementation with Robuvit helped protect and restore hepatic health after one-off alcohol intoxication [4]. Judged from liver enzyme counts, Robuvit protected the liver with remarkably better liver values on gamma-glutamyl transferase and alanine-transferase.

4. Integrative Therapeutics’ Activated Charcoal – 100 Capsules

Charcoal has an ancient history of use throughout the world and is still used to help purify water. Activated Charcoal is regarded as an excellent detoxifier because of its absorbent properties. Activated Charcoal works by collecting toxins along the digestive tract and binding to them, in return, expelling them through waste.

Activated Charcoal helps improve a healthy digestive tract by removing toxins that cause oxidative damage, allergic reactions, and a weak immune system function [5].

5. Thorne’s Phosphatidyl Choline – 60 Gelcaps

These Gelcaps are extremely useful for their primary role in the emulsification of fat deposits within our body; these deposits are typically placed in the blood vessels, gallbladder‚, and liver. This nutritional supplement is a much-required source of choline, which is an element of the acetylcholine (neurotransmitter).

Choline is essential for the optimal metabolism and transport of fats; in the absence of choline, fat deposits within the liver‚ potentially resulting in weakness, fatigue, abdomen pain, nausea, and patchy skin discoloration [6].

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is increasingly becoming more common than ever because of the obesity epidemic. These properties make it the best supplement for fatty liver.

Bottom Line

Liver health is critical to your overall well being. Without a healthy functioning liver, the body can’t filter out the toxins and waste that can harm your body.

It’s essential to make sure that you not only work to manage your weight but also look out for your liver’s wellbeing through your lifestyle behaviors and diet. Most of the supplements mentioned above are all-natural substances that can be easily included in a regular diet.

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