Natural Ways to Get Dimples Using Home Remedies

Updated on March 13th, 2020
how to get dimples

It might surprise you to know that dimples are a birth defect. As claimed by Brent Moelleken, a plastic surgeon in LA, California, cheek dimples are a muscle abnormality in the cheek that is genetically transmitted during birth.

They are a result of the Zygomaticus major muscle getting shortened and getting attached to the skin, which then gets stretched hard when one smiles or speaks, thereby creating deep dimples on the cheeks.

However, dimples don’t need to occur only through inheritance and not otherwise. There are various natural ways to get mouth dimples that look extremely attractive and youthful.

Dimples are inherited by a single gene. However, some people may get the ‘forefather gene,’ skipping their parents’ genes.

How to Get Dimples Naturally?

Dimples are a beauty statement. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have been seen flaunting their cheek dimples, which has added substance to their style statement. However, not all of them were born with dimples. Let us check out the various methods of developing cheekbone dimples.

Dimples can be obtained naturally through exercise and with the help of make-up. Apart from this, one can undergo dimple creation surgery which includes dimpleplasty and dimple piercing.

Home Remedies for Getting Dimples Naturally

Dimples can be developed naturally through exercises or make-up as well.

1. Performing Dimple Exercises

Facial exercises

Facial exercises are one of the most effortless and natural methods of getting those desired dents on your face as they tend to press the muscles responsible for it.

The Genetic Science Learning Center of Utah claimed that dimples are ‘highly heritable.’ But there are some natural ways with which one can get cheek dimples if undertaken meticulously on a regular basis.

Why Does It Work?

Facial exercises play a pivotal role in getting dimples(1), if not inherited by birth. These exercises put pressure on the Zygomaticus muscle and slowly and steadily create the overlapping of the skin required for the formation of dimples. However, these formations may not be permanent, as in the case of naturally inherited ones.

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How to Use and How Much to Use?

To perform these facial exercises, pucker your lips by pulling your cheeks in and sucking them. Then, pressing the indents on the cheeks, hold them with your index finger and thumb. Next, keep the fingers in place tightly and grin wide.

Repeat this exercise every day for 15 minutes or on alternate days for at least 30 minutes to get the desired results.

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Dimples can appear on other areas of the skin too.

2. Mimicking Natural Dimples with Make-Up

Women Make Up

Make-up can transform a person’s look completely, for the better. Using various make-up ingredients, one can even create dimples which are prominent and noticeable.

Although a minimal amount of research has been carried out on the ‘anatomy of dimples’(2), there are only 20% of people in the world who have been born with this abnormality of the face. But it is possible to artificially create dimples using certain make-up tools and techniques for the face.

Why Does It Work?

It is very simple to fake a dimpled look using make-up. To create artificial dimples on the cheek, grin and observe the position of the creases that form on smiling.

Then spot the point on which you want to have the dimples using an eyebrow pencil. The color variant of the pencil, as compared to the skin, would trace an artificial dimple in no time at all.

How to Use and How Much to Use?

Using a dark brown pencil, make a crescent shape just above your lips. This crescent should not extend over an inch. Having achieved so in the right position, blend it well. Smile to check if the position of your dimples is at the exact point as it should be.

It takes hardly 5 minutes to do this, and you can do so every time you feel like flaunting your look with an appealing dimple on your face.

Dimples may become more prominent or may disappear with age, as our facial muscles contract.

It is quite exciting to have little imperfections that automatically get highlighted, particularly if they are on the face. Dimples are indentations that look incredibly charming and add to that playful and child-like look that imparts appeal, cuteness, and attractiveness to any face.

Where natural dimples stay almost forever, they may fade away a little with age as and when the fat on the face gets depleted, especially in babies. Only 20% of the world’s population inherits this cute deformity while those who yearn for it opt for a surgical procedure to get them, thereby drilling a hole in their pocket. If you are looking for natural and cost-effective ways of getting dimples in your cheeks, then consider trying the remedies mentioned above.

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1. How to get dimples on your cheeks?

You must inherit dimples by birth to get them on your cheeks. However, there are three ways to get them naturally- a) by performing dimple exercises, b) mimicking natural dimples with make-up and c) mimicking natural dimples with dimple piercings.

2. How to deepen dimples?

You can deepen the dimples on your face by performing facial exercises like full-blown smirks for at least 30 minutes every alternate day. Another straightforward method to deepen dimples is to get a dimple piercing.

Unlike nose and ear piercings in which only the skin and cartilage are pierced, dimple piercings involve cutting through the muscles of the cheek to give the impression of deep dimples on the face.

3. Are dimples attractive?

Yes, dimples look extremely attractive as they look prominent and catch the attention of the viewer. If you were born with dimples, you can be certain that they look adorable, especially when you smile.

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